UserGuiding's User Details Page & Activity Feed Will Maximize The Benefit Of Your Analytics

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    Home / News / UserGuiding's User Details Page & Activity Feed Will Maximize The Benefit Of Your Analytics

    In User Onboarding, it is almost impossible to know whether your efforts are paying off or not. How do your users follow the steps? What do they do after they finish it? What had they been doing before they decided to start the tour or sign up for your tool?

    Are you really providing the best onboarding experience possible? How do you know what your users think of it?

    In short, unless you have the back-end data to see what and when your customers/employees do certain things, you might never know that the reason they leave is the onboarding.

    As UserGuiding, we value your end-users and your efforts. That's why we launched our latest breakthrough in user onboarding:

    User Details Page & Activity Feed (Beta)

    new feature from userguiding - user details page and activity feed
    Take a look at what the feature looks like in UserGuiding.

    "What does this feature do?" you might ask. Let's start with the benefits:

    Get Better Insights On Your Pace And Your Own Accord

    The general benefits of this feature include:

    • Understanding and explaining user behavior through analyzing patterns,
    • Accurately interpreting the in-app activity of your users,
    • Ensuring maximum efficiency in minimum time,
    • Being able to access valuable data and insights without having to wait for end users,

    But the more specific benefits can be separated as such:

    1- For User Engagement

    In certain use cases, when you need specific detail about what a specific user did/didn't/couldn't do, this feature is a lifesaver.

    Let's take a look at an example:

    • The “Aha!” moment of your tool could be different than what you presumed during staging. In order to see how your users get to point A from their first interaction, you have to see the steps they are taking.
    • If there are a lot of users coming to the “Aha!” moment from point A, you have to investigate the best path that leads to it.
    • To differentiate good flows from bad flows, you should have data on what users mostly do after point A or after the “Aha!” moment, and take action on it.

    2- For Employee Engagement

    The benefits of having a User Details Page & Activity feed for employee training are a bit more different than it is for user engagement.

    By collecting real-time data from employees, you can provide personalized help to each onboarding employee and speed up their process.

    Let's say that one employee is following a different path than others, you can easily investigate the reasons and the efficiency to improve the onboarding and/or help them immediately to prevent further delay.

    Or you can detect unusual activity if you set up custom attributes and take immediate action on it.

    How Does The New User Details Page & Activity Feed Feature Work?

    The best part about our new feature is the fact that there is no setup to do!

    new feature from userguiding - activity feed and user details page
    This is an example of what the feature looks like in UserGuiding.

    You can track users' engagement with the onboarding material, then you don't have to do a single thing. UserGuiding will do all the tracking for you and give you insights about which tour each user completed, which users completed the checklist, and which ones didn't even begin.

    But that's not all. You can also set up custom attributes through an API and get insights about your users' actions apart from UserGuiding material interactions, including page views.

    Viewing all the attributes you set up on one page will allow you to speed up your data collection and comparison process.

    And don’t worry, what you track and what you don't is completely in your hands, and it is 100% secure.

    Also, only UserGuiding admin users are able to see and edit the activity feed data.

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