We've raised $1.1M seed funding! 🎉🍾

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    Maybe you heard us, maybe you surfed with us or guided your users through the waves with us. (Maybe not yet)

    In any case, I want to thank you for visiting our blog. And you know what? I'm very happy while I'm writing this.

    Because we've just raised $1.1M seed funding. And as first-time founders, this is an incredible achievement for us! 🤩🍻

    What does UserGuiding do?

    So if you are in our blog for the first time, let me quickly explain what we are building:

    UserGuiding helps web applications show their value propositions by helping them improve user onboarding experience. Having embraced a no-code approach supported with innovative features, we aim to empower product teams with the best digital adoption solution to offer better experiences to their customers and increase product adoption.

    What will we do with this investment?

    We took work to our homes on the 16th of March, and since then, we've adopted remote work. Now, we are in love with it! We don't plan to gather in an office for a while longer.

    Adopting a fully remote work has allowed to hire the best talent from all over the world. We'll start hiring to accelerate our global expansion and enhance product development capabilities (after all, we deeply believe in Product-Led Growth).

    Osman Koc, our CEO summarizes our vision with this statement below:

    The no-code revolution has already begun. GPT-3 wowed us with the possibilities it unlocked, Airtable helped us be 10x productive, and Webflow helped us build amazing websites.

    We will not write a line of code for jobs that require long, complicated coding in ten years or less. At that point, we aim to be the leading ‘no-code’ platform for user onboarding.

    We will strive to be the platform where people can make all the changes they require on web applications through a straightforward interface and, more importantly, without writing any code.

    We strongly believe that using our solution your web applications will be as agile as if they were built with WordPress or Wix.

    Special thanks to our investors

    This funding round was led by Collective Spark, with participation from Galata Business Angels, Angel Effect, and a group of prominent angel investors from Turkey and Europe. Our second round of funding came 11 months after the pre-seed round, which was also led by Collective Spark.

    Thank you for believing in and supporting us!

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