Top 10 YouTube Channels for Product Managers in 2024

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    Home / Product / Top 10 YouTube Channels for Product Managers in 2024

    The field of Product management changes rapidly, requiring new skill sets for PMs to succeed in a business environment where new technology trends arise every day.

    To keep in step with these changes, PMs need to improve themselves more than ever. Considering most of the PMs are making their careers in Product Management with the expertise of one specific area like software development, business management, or marketing, product managers need to educate themselves about the other areas related to their business real quick.

    To help PMs keep in touch with the latest product trends and news, we curated the top product management channels on YouTube for product managers.

    Let's dive into them!

    #1: Product School San Francisco


    They have published the entirety of their "Virtual Product Summit" event on their channel.

    Product School is one of the most prominent product platforms available today, committed to pushing the product community forward.

    Mainly providing certificates in Product Management to professionals worldwide, Product School organizes summits and meet-ups with the collaboration of PMs from GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft). Here's Product School's official channel on YouTube, where product people can get valuable insights into product management and train their product-thinking.

    #2: Mind the Product

    Mind the Product is one of the biggest product communities worldwide, organizing annual meetups and conferences over a decade now.

    Here on their channel, you can find countless episodes from the greatest Product Minds in the industry examining into many essential aspects of Product Management.

    #3: Atlassian

    Atlassian is a priceless resource for Product teams running in Agile principles, especially using Atlassian's Jira for their Scrum sessions.

    Here on the YouTube channel of Atlassian, you will find countless information on how to optimize your software development cycles on Jira and develop successful products and features. In addition, The Agile Coach series from Atlassian is a must-watch for PMs that'd like to hone their agile management skills.

    #4: Dan Olsen

    Dan Olsen, the author of the Lean Product Playbook, does weekly interviews with the best product minds from the industry, such as Marty Cagan of Inspired and Nir Eyal of Hooked.

    For PMs that would like to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in product management and learn from the makers of the most effective product frameworks for success, Dan Olsen's YouTube channel is the place to be.

    Did you know that Dan Olsen also has a place in our most successful product managers to follow list?

    #5: Productized

    You will find many snippets and long-form videos from Productized's annual gathering, talks, and workshops in areas such as Product Management and Product Design.

    For PMs that would like to hear from the top speakers, industry thought leaders and experts, Productized is offering great insight into related product areas.

    #6: Exponent

    Exponent is a valuable community for those who'd like to get into the tech industry and land their dream careers in product management, product marketing management or software engineering.

    On their channel, you will learn how you can make your transition from related fields into product management and succeed as a PM.

    #7: Product Gym

    Product Gym is an exclusive community for aspiring PMs looking for networking and coaching support in product management.

    If you'd like to accelerate your career and receive assistance from one of the best product communities, you can find a good deal of videos that are to the point of your career-related questions.

    #8: Kevolve Product Management 

    Product Management requires a wide variety of skills ranging from market intelligence and lifecycle management to strategy and new product management. ,

    Kevolve Product Management aspires to cover all these areas in his YouTube channel to help PMs find excellence in product management.

    #9: Product

    ProductPlan is a product road-mapping tool helping PMs visualize, plan and communicate better their product strategies.

    In line with their tool, they're also creating great videos covering subjects related to software development, sprint planning and prioritization methods, and so on.

    #10: Product Crunch

    Product Crunch is a platform for PMs, designers, and engineers interested in Product Design. Hosting the most prominent designers in the industry, Product Crunch provides valuable insights into Product Design.

    #11: Women in Product

    Women In Product, by their own definition, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women in product management and advocating for equal representation. They have communities in 21 different regions of the world, and they have been hosting the annual Women In Product Conference.

    In their Youtube channel, they share talks from famous women in product, who share their experiences on being a woman in product and insights for building better teams and products.

    #12: The Product Angle

    The Product Angle is a resource center for actionable tools, strategies, and resources on product and managing product teams.

    On the Youtube channel, you can find talks with different product people and founders about building the most functional products and various resources that can help you elevate your career as a PM.

    #13: Roman Pichler

    Roman Pichler is an experienced product manager who's been recently uploading to Youtube. It is certain that if he keeps posting, his channel will be full of valuable insights from the industry.

    #14: The Product Folks

    The Product Folks is "India's largest community of Product Enthusiasts". It is a volunteer initiative by India's numerous PMs, and on their Youtube channel, they share talks with seasoned product leads.

    #15: Product Collective

    Product Collective is the go-to community "for people who build, launch and scale world-class software products.".

    On their Youtube channel, they share the recordings of talks from the Product Conference, which I believe are very insightful and inspirational.

    Bonus: UserGuiding

    UserGuiding helps companies improve product adoption by great-looking product walkthroughs without writing a single line of code.

    On the YouTube channel of UserGuiding, you will find great insights into user-onboarding and increasing conversion rates utilizing walkthroughs.

    But that's not it!

    You'll also see how easy it is to create an onboarding flow for your users while understanding the difference a good user onboarding brings to the table.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    😎 Who is a Product Manager?

    A Product Manager is someone who is job is to manage every aspect of the product from development to customer service, ensuring the product’s success.


    ❓Why is Product Management important?

    As Product Managers ensure the internal teams of a company are aligned under the same vision, they maximize the chances of a product’s success.


    đŸ“ș How can I learn Product Management?

    You can educate yourself on product management by watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, reading books, attending events and courses, and following blogs and famous PMs.


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