8 Product Management Certifications That Will Get You The Job

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    Home / Product / 8 Product Management Certifications That Will Get You The Job

    Whatever you do in today's world, if you do it standing -or sitting, you get my point- with a rock-solid certification in your hands, you instantly place yourself in a position where you get to choose how you run things. 

    Today's article is all about getting those interested in Product Management to that position in the most effective and fastest way possible.  

    If you're, too, interested in getting certified in project management and finally ready to dive deep into it but not quite sure about what certification is the right fit for you, you are in the right place! 

    I will be highlighting 8 of the most efficient PM certifications you can earn and how you can use them to make yourself a qualified product professional in demand. 

    So, let's roll future product managers!

    1- Product School

    Product School Product Management Certifications

    To take the first step to becoming a PM known for its world-class qualifications, this training program is here to provide you with all the key knowledge and technical skills you need.

    The content first includes educational tips and training specifically about focusing on possible opportunities and potential prospects, then goes deeper and trains the audience to develop and release software products. 

    Key Takeaways

    With this program, you can mainly focus on developing and sustaining digital products while learning common product management issues and how to deal with them, with the help of experienced tutors who have created names for themselves as popular and experienced product managers. 


    Product School offers lots of scheduling options. You can select a 2-month part-time product management certification course on weeknights or weekends or an intensive 5-day, full-time course with a total of 32.5 hours of training.


    The pricing starts from $4,499

    2- Product Strategy by Northwestern Kellogg

    Product Strategy course by Kellogg

    This online product strategy course offered by Northwestern University is primarily created with the purpose of helping students learn about each and every step of the product life cycle.

    Being one of the most respected business schools in the US, The Kellogg School of Management provides aspiring PMs the golden opportunity to learn from worldly-popular professionals. 

    It's not all theoretical, though. Learners also get their hands dirty with applied learning opportunities and real-world product management experience. Students who manage to complete the program often enjoy the valuable skills and the job offers they bring along.

    Key Takeaways

    This program is especially great for business leaders and managers that are already involved in the product life cycle. However, it also does a magnificent job teaching new students the skillset they need to be successful in product management. 


    2 months online, 4-6 hours per week. 



    3-  Brand and Product Manager Certification offered by Coursera

    Brand and Product Management

    This product management training program offered by Coursera is quite a popular one specifically made for new field members. Focusing mainly on product implementation and brand administration, this training helps learners solve issues and questions related to the subject.

    Learners become able to carry out relevant and consistent analysis that goes on even after coming up with the product itself, thanks to the program's main focus on the throughout and brand-related aspects of the field. 

    Key Takeaways

    With this training, students become capable of learning how to create activity plans and determine product styles and numerous formats. Furthermore, the program comes with tests that take place after each course, providing the certificate of completion and thus motivating the learner to go further. 


    This program is 100% online, so you can start instantly and learn on your own schedule.  


    You can enroll for free; financial aid is also available when needed.  

    4- Software Product Management

    Software Product Management course by University of Alberta

    The Software Product Management Course by the University of Alberta is great for aspiring software product managers since it prepares them for each possible challenge they'll face in the position.

    It's also stated earlier that 60% of the participants that managed to earn their certification at the end started their new product management careers, and 27% earned an increase in their payment or a promotion!

    Key Takeaways

    Learners who choose to stick with this program will be able to understand primary client needs and software requirements while encountering a detailed introduction to software product management, all the software processes, and great practices.


    24 weeks


    For pricing information, you need to contact them via their website, but it's known that financial aid is available.

    5- Product Management Program by Berkeley Executive Education

    Product Management course by Berkeley

    This is a product management certification program that combines all the basic and intensive product management subjects in a single course that provides just the right amount of information and knowledge to the learners. It mainly focuses on educating the learner about specific customer needs and user experiences and teaches them how to turn this knowledge into a motivational drive for team performance.

    Key Takeaways

    Participants of this program will be able to come up with the core skills that they can use to secure the business' profits as well as all the social product management skills required to interact healthily with fellow workers and prospects.


    Six weeks of online courses before the detailed in-person week (about two hours per week for this)



    6-  One Week Technical Product Manager by PM HQ

    The One Week Technical Product Manager was designed and created by Dhaval Bhatt, a rewarded technical product manager who came up with this idea of a sophisticated program for aspiring technical product managers, product teams, or anybody willing to gain an effective technical skillset.

    Key Takeaways

    This program is great for those willing to acquire all the practical skills needed to develop new projects, secure products, maintain data privacy, and manage case studies.

    The course also talks a lot about how to answer common technical PM interview questions to make sure learners kill it there too!


    One week



    7- Product Development and Management Association’s (PDMA) New Product Development Certification

    Product Development and Management Association’s New Product Development Certification

    Being an internationally respected and recognized certificate program, the New Product Development (NPD) Professional Certification is created and developed by the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA).

    What makes this one quite special is the fact that it is an internationally recognized organization -also non-profit- full of academic and professional knowledge ready to go out there and help newcomers in their product management journeys.

    Key Takeaways

    To maintain this certification, participants must refresh what they've learned every three years to ensure their knowledge doesn't go out of date or become irrelevant.

    Furthermore, the program allows learners to complete their training at workshops, conferences, online, or any other personal preference, making it incredibly flexible and easy. 





    8- Product Management Certification by Udemy

    Product Management Certification by Udemy

    The last one on my list is a relatively shorter certification program offered by Udemy. In this one, the content mainly focuses on teaching the detailed aspects of a product launch and how to deal with it efficiently.

    The course provides all the essential and basic knowledge, including usability testing, product mapping, market planning, product market analysis, and further information about simple software products.

    Key Takeaways

    Though this certification program does not offer a very intensive look into the field, it still provides an efficient guide that manages to teach how to develop basic products - within a short period of time as well!


    Approximately 4 and a half an hour 


    $11.99 c

    Final Words

    If you’re looking for a product management certification that will get you the job or just eager to learn more about how good product management knowledge can help you enhance your performance and benefit your overall business, you have just read the right list for you.

    With this certifications list, you'll be able to learn the key differentiators among numerous training programs and finally decide which one to stick with according to your needs. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1- What is the best certification for product management?

    For aspiring product managers, there are numerous certification programs that respond to different needs and requirements. Here are some of them:Product School, Product Management Program by Berkeley Executive Education, PDMA's New Product Development Certification, Product Management Certification by Udemy, Software Product Management by the University of Alberta.

    2- What credentials do you need to be a product manager?

    Generally, for a decent career in product management, businesses require a computer science, business, or engineering degree, in addition to a solid background in marketing, public relations, statistics, and, naturally, management.

    3- Can I become a product manager without MBA?

    You do not need an MBA to have a place in the product management game; however, an advanced degree can help you get recognition from big business leaders and high-profile companies.

    4- Are product manager certifications worth it?

    Similarly, a product management certification isn't strictly required to become a successful product manager; however, more qualifications, knowledge, and experience in product management never hurt; thus, it's highly recommended. 

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