7 Product Design Tips to Make Users Fall in Love

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    It is hard to create a product from scratch, you need to consider UX, UI, make market research, and constantly ask yourself and your potential users "Am I on the right path?".

    You have to satisfy the product owners, keep communicating with the development team, consider your audience, and most importantly; be happy with what you design.

    In this long journey of creating a great product that will deplete you of your energy and time, any help you can get would be appreciated.

    We have compiled 7 useful product design tips for those who want to create outstanding designs. But before that, let's remember what it means to design a product.

    What is Product Design?

    Product design is the process of putting your talent and creativity into addressing a need in the market.

    To design a product, you need to follow the current needs of people and try to find a solution to their problems with your ability to design the necessary product. The final product will make people eventually happy, and the designer will be appreciated for their creativity and their attention to the needs of the users.

    Tips to Design Outstanding Products

    Now the characteristics of a great product differ a lot according to the audience and the purpose it serves.

    However, most outstanding products share a few common qualities that revolve around a few concepts. Here are 7 tips to improve the product design process:

    1. Your Product Should Have Long-Term Effects

    As a successful product designer, it is important to try designing a product that will not be forgotten after a few years.

    Yes, it is advised that you follow up with the current trends and consider them in designing the product, however, it should also be able to address future users creating long-term effectivity.

    If you haven't thought about the future of your product when designing it, it is always cool to come up with a way to upgrade/change your product to increase its lifetime.

    good product design tips time

    2. See the Forest for the Trees

    While designing your product, try not to elaborate it too much.

    We know that as a product designer, you would want your product to lead the competition. You would want it to have many functions, look beautiful, and be equipped with various features. 

    However, think about it thoroughly and you will accept that you cannot have it all!

    At least, not in one product. Save your creativity and enthusiasm for your prospective products and keep the one you are designing simple enough to be understood by all. Avoid confusing features!

    As long as you provide the practicality, keeping it simple is not a terrible idea.

    Simple, better.

    3. Make Sure It’s Practical and Functional

    Can you think of a good product that is not easy to use or just unable to solve your problem?

    A good product should always offer a complete solution to a problem and must be easy to use, easy to adopt.

    When you solve a real-life problem of a user, you inevitably become a part of their life. The next time they experience the same problem, they start using your product again and the cycle goes on.

    For being an indispensable part of a user's life, your product has to be easy to use too.

    Designing comprehensive products that do everything is not a good idea, as we mentioned. As you create a product that is simple, it doesn't require a lot of effort to make it easy to use. If you provide your users with a tool that is easy to use, their journey to their "Aha!" moments will not take long and your product adoption rate will increase.

    4. Design Something New

    When you decide to create your own product, make sure someone hasn't already made it.

    You wouldn't want to add another similar product to the market unless you improve it and address a different part of the need. Why produce something which is already thought and made?

    Plus, why not become a game-changing designer with an original idea?

    However, it is always a good idea to examine the already-designed products to have some insights and learn from their production process. 

    product design tips new products

    5. Pay Attention to Design Process

    Designing a product might be a lot more time and energy consuming than you might even think of. Before you start your design product, make sure you plan your time wisely.

    In most cases, designers consume more than 60% of their energy and time just to complete a small portion of the product to be prepared.

    So be ready to face a challenge! 

    Make sure you have the energy to spend after you complete the initial design so that you can make finish up strong and make it an extraordinary product that will be loved by many.

    6.  Design It According to Market Need

    Before you even start thinking of your product, the first thing you ought to do is to make detailed market research.

    You should examine the market very well and try to find what the market needs are.

    After deciding what the market needs, you can start planning your design. Make sure it will eventually be an answer to some people’s questions or needs. 

    You should also be able to follow up with the updates in the current market and act on feedback to improve.

    7. Make It Look Elegant and Welcoming

    Finally, the look!

    According to research done by Stanford University, %46 of users decide whether a product is reliable or not based on its design.

    Outer beauty might be superficial, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be charming when it’s combined with additional features and a functional product.  

    So while creating your dream product, make it sure that looks charming!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ✏️ What is Product Design?

    Product design refers to the process of creating a product that addresses the need or a problem of an audience.

    ❓ Why is Product Design important?

    When stepping into the market with a new product, it has to be designed well to get ahead in the competition, which makes product design an important field.

    🚀 How can I improve the Product Design process?

    Trying to improve the functionality, practicality, originality, lifetime, and the looks of your product can improve the process of product design.‍

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