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    Home / News / UserGuiding 2.0 is Live Now! See What's New

    Hello amazing people, this is Mert from UserGuiding team.

    We have been working on UserGuiding for over a year now. And every new week, I'm happy to look back and enjoy the progress we have been achieving lately.

    Today, we have another milestone and I'm proud to share it with you: A stronger, more customizable UserGuiding.

    As a small team, we love talking to our users. While supporting our users with any help they need, we get lots of feedback about how to make UserGuiding better.

    Since our launch in December'17, we feel very lucky to have worked with amazing people from 1,800+ companies, from 82 different countries. We thank each one of you for trusting UserGuiding on your onboarding efforts. We couldn't have done this much without hundreds of feedback we've got from you! ?

    Let's dive into what's new in our latest and the biggest update:

    Better Customization with Themes

    Customize your guides, hotspots and guiding button texts in one place. Create as many themes you need to and assign them to different guides.

    Select custom fonts & colors and preview your guides to see how your users will see them. Also, create different themes with different languages if your product has multiple language support for people all over from the world.

    UserGuiding 2.0 - more customization with themes

    Create Onboarding Checklists with the Assistant

    Teach your users how to use your product with pre-created onboarding checklists. Customize it as you wish, and create segments to show different assistants to different users.

    UserGuiding 2.0 - onboarding checklists for more success

    See All Steps of Your Guides, at a Glance

    Edit your guides and check all of them together in one place before setting them Active.

    userguiding dashboard guides

    Also, two more great stuff:

    • You can set up a format for input fields now and ask for valid zip codes, email addresses or phone numbers.
    • And, for better personalization, you can create guides with dynamic and personalized texts from your JS context.

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