G2'ers love UserGuiding! Here's how well UserGuiding has performed on the popular product review platform:

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    Home / News / G2'ers love UserGuiding! Here's how well UserGuiding has performed on the popular product review platform:

    G2 is one of the most popular and reliable software product review platforms ever.

    Being on G2 alone is a nhonor for any software product.

    Ranking high with great reviews from satisfied customers and performance-related badges is something else, and we have made it this year!

    I wanted to quickly go over our success on the popular software review platform, thanks to our Sales, Customer Support, and Product teams! You can see it for yourself too: here's UserGuiding's profile page on G2.


    Throughout 2020, we've earned various badges on different categories.

    We were high performers for both Summer and Winter on our category - we're always in season.

    Hot Summer for sure!

    It was a bit frustrating to spend a summer without a long relaxing vacation and cold drinks with straws on top, but the three badges we earned definitely put a smile on our faces.

    UserGuiding summer badges 2020

    Among the Digital Adoption Platform category on G2, UserGuiding was a High Performer during Summer 2020.

    We were always strong advocates of simple products that can be used by anyone regardless of their technical background, and UserGuiding was named the Easiest to Use Digital Adoption Platform among small businesses.

    Also, thanks to our friendly customer support team, we were the Digital Adoption Platform with the Best Support in Summer 2020: shoutout to our CS Manager Suzan, who has written a few pieces for the blog too!


    Winter isn't over yet, but we were provided with a High Performer badge once again that is enough to warm us for the rest!

    UserGuiding G2 Badge Winter 2021

    What kept us in front of the competition

    There are 55 products in the Digital Adoption Software category on G2.

    • UserGuiding ranks 7th on G2 Score,
    • ranks 7th on Customer Satisfaction,
    • and 11th on Popularity.

    G2 considers various aspects when ranking products in a category, there are numerous variables that come into play, in all of which UserGuiding has performed above-average.

    In the Grid® Report for Digital Adoption Platform Category on G2, UserGuiding can be seen performing more than average in points such as:

    • Ease of Use,
    • Quality of Support,
    • Ease of Setup,
    • Audio-visual Walkthroughs,
    • Behavior-responsive Messaging,
    • User Segmentation,
    • Data Analysis.

    The dedication from all our internal teams and our passion to create a beautiful product everyone can enjoy helped us achieve such results!

    User Reviews

    UserGuiding currently has 40+ reviews on G2, which helped us improve our rankings on the platform. Here are a few of them that we enjoyed reading:

    userguiding review 4
    userguiding review 2
    userguiding review 3
    userguiding review 1

    To infinity and beyond!

    Seeing the review of a satisfied user on platforms such as G2 makes us all happy here at UserGuiding.

    Regardless of how well we have improved this year, we will not stop offering the best experience possible to our customers, which might result in even better rankings next year this time. After all, the sky is the limit!

    Big thanks to each one of our customers that improve the lives of millions of end-users every day, and the G2-ers that express their satisfaction through such platforms.

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