What is a Website Product? + 7 Web Product Examples

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    Home / Growth / What is a Website Product? + 7 Web Product Examples

    Today's article will cover everything about website products, it will not only show you how to easily create one but also study some of the well-known examples of digital product options to make you gain a better understanding of the topic.

    Before we dive in, let's begin by making a proper definition, yes?


    What is a Web Product?

    what is a web product

    Web Products, also referred to as web-based or website products are cloud and software products such as Google, Netflix, UserGuiding, Medium, Quora, etc. Web products have been providing valuable services in different areas, for millions of users worldwide. They vary a lot in terms of function and complexity, so it's important to understand what each can offer you.

    Here are 7 product examples to show you some of the most popular web-based products.

    7 Web Product Examples and Ideas

    1- Netflix

    netflix website product

    Netflix is probably one of the first platforms that come to mind when one hears of the words ''web products.'' Ever since it was founded in 1997, it has progressively grown into such a massive service and become an important routine in people's lives.

    Teenagers are ''Netflix and chilling'', moms and dads are binge-watching Downtown Abbey, long-distance couples are ''Netflix and Partying'' and so on. The point is, it's successful, it's practical, and it's everywhere. 

    The platform currently has more than 100 million subscribers around the world.

    What does it have to offer that people love so much?

    Having a big catalog of various options ranging from TV shows & movies to documentaries and reality shows, the platform offers you the ability to choose between entertainment services in addition to showing personal suggestions based on what you previously liked or disliked.

    In terms of function, Netflix's aim is to provide entertainment. And while achieving this, we can see that it does a great job keeping it simple yet effective.

    2- Google

    google website product

    I'm sure it feels like Google has been around since forever, right?

    Can you imagine a life without it?

    I can't. 

    That's how successful a web product Google is. Yes, it's a search engine -the top one-, but there's of course much more to it.

    Google uses a proprietary algorithm that's created to provide search results from the most relevant and reliable sources of data in order to offer accurate information.

    It has become so dominant that people literally started using the name ''Google'' as a verb.

    You don't know the meaning of something? Google it before you ask me!

    Though the Google corporation has come up with many tools, products, and services beyond the search engine over time, Google as a search bar still remains one of the most successful web products itself.

    3- Medium

    medium website product

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are now presenting our next successful website product: Medium.

    Medium is an open platform especially ideal for content sharing, discovering dynamic thinking, and starting writing from the scratch.

    The highly ranked website allows you to write what you care about and what you know, either from knowledge or first-hand experience. It really is a great way to share your priceless content in an SEO-friendly environment as it focuses primarily on ranking well in search results.

    With Medium, it's also easy for other users to respond to your work, which means your audience can comment on your creation, praise it, share it, highlight it, or try to make it better by suggesting an opinion.

    Individually, or as a brand, you can easily sign up for a Medium account for free and get that beautiful content up and running!

    4- Product Hunt

    Let me tell you, Product Hunt is one of the best website products out there. It's totally killing it.

    Founded by Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt is an American website that creates a discovery flow through which you can share and explore new products.

    It's updated daily and includes a comment section and a voting system where users can express opinions and decide which technology products, games, or books will rise to the top of each day's voting list.

    After submitting and upvoting interesting products, the community members can have conversations about them and create a friendly network.

    For you specifically as an entrepreneur,  Product Hunt offers an excellent way to get your product out there in front of an audience full of all kinds of tech lovers. The site will help you find potential customers, get product reviews, increase website traffic, learn about product categories, build a public image, and so on. 

    On his blog,, the brain behind this web-based product shares his knowledge on startup trends, product designs, and growth. It's definitely worth a shot for further info. 

    5- Google Analytics

    Google Analytics website product

    Next is Google Analytics, of course. 

    If you have a small business, Google Analytics and its easy-to-use structure in addition to advanced features like data collection, reporting, visualization, monitoring, and integration is going to be a game-changer for you. 

    What will Google Analytics help you achieve exactly?

    Put simply, Google Analytics is a free tracking tool provided by Google, and it enables you to understand and learn from how your visitors are using your website and which content is receiving views/shares.

    It lets you track online traffic, understand user behavior, find your target audience, see data reports, and make customizations.  

    It makes you see the exact number of visitors, find out their geographic locations, from which device they are visiting you, and so on.

    Imagine what you can do with all this data! It can help you improve the blogs that get top views and make them appeal to potential customers. 

    So, once you use it right, Google Analytics is one of the best products that you can benefit from.

    6- UserGuiding

    UserGuiding website product

    Another great example of successful web products is UserGuiding.

    UserGuiding is a free user onboarding platform and it's here to help you create the best user onboarding process for your product. No coding skills are required.

    UserGuiding comes in at the point where you have come to a milestone having developed your website with the help of the methods we are about to suggest to you, and it helps you take the next step: onboarding your new users.

    To get a better insight, make sure you read the platform's customer stories on how GhostwriterAI effectively onboard new users with UserGuiding and how HR Assistant uses UserGuiding to make user onboarding fun in different languages.

    Userguiding has helped 2000+ companies worldwide and made the lives of many business owners easier. It's high time you became one of them!

    7- Shopify

    Shopify website product

    Shopify is one of the highest-ranked E-commerce platforms today. It helps beginners and small business owners get their online store up and running. 

    It's wildly loved and used due to being user-friendly and requiring no coding knowledge or prior experience in the field. Creating an online store has never been quicker or easier!

    It has hundreds of excellent features, apps, and marketing tools to help people create their very own online selling stores. It also gives users access to a massive community of fellow sellers and developers.

    What makes it special?

    • It's very easy and quick to set up.
    • No tech knowledge is required.
    • It's reliable and secure.
    • Customer support is always reachable.
    • It's open for customization.
    • It's feature-rich and offers a lot of apps.
    • It provides SEO and marketing tools.

    With Shopify, you can not only create an effective store but also customize your design as you wish and add as many feature extensions as you like. It's worth it, folks.

    How to Easily Create a Web Product - 3 methods ranked from hardest to easiest

    how to create a Web Product

    Finally, let's now learn how to create a web-based product fast and easily for your customers with the given 3 methods.

    Method 1: In-house Development

    In-house development also referred to as insourcing basically means employing designers, developers, any kind of experts without getting any sort of external assessment. It's just you hand-picking your team members in person and assigning them the tasks they're responsible for.

    Why is this important?

    In-house development gives you full control, it puts you in charge, enables you to communicate directly. With the help of it, you get to build a team that consists of loyal, devoted people that you can rely on.


    In-house development works very smoothly. Think of it as a process. Yes, this might mean it takes time and can be challenging but as long as you maintain a stable mindset and pay attention to your team, it should work out fine.

    But remember, at the end of the day, whether it's successful or not is entirely up to you.

    It's clear that building your own team from scratch means going through all the processes of interviews, onboarding, and recruiting as well as paying extra attention to necessary positions that need to be filled and spending quite some time finding the suitable candidate for them.

    This may take more of your time, but definitely makes your hiring process more thorough and thus, the person you finally end up choosing will be very likely to be the best fit.

    In conclusion, if you are looking forward to building a great digital web product, then in-house development is definitely one of the best methods to go with. Not saying it's the easiest, tho.

    Method 2: Working with a Development Agency

    Working with a development agency is another method you can try that can help you create a web product pretty fast and easily. As mentioned above, if you're preferring in-house, that means the clock is always ticking for you. In order to speed things up a bit and prefer something slightly easier to handle, agencies are there for the rescue.

    They will help you get started within a couple of days with an already existing team -which normally takes months to gather- that's great at providing what you need; a product designer that will come up with a clean design, developers, and a product manager.

    Here are some of the most popular development agencies for potential customers out there:

    • IndiaNIC
    • ELEKS
    • Netguru
    • The Software House
    • Capital Numbers
    • MentorMate
    • Airdev
    • BairesDev
    • 7EDGE

    You can easily find a development agency that's best for you simply by asking around and/or checking with other product owners or exploring customer reviews.

    Method 3: Using the power of No-code

    It's a new era. It's a new world. And here, the future is no-code.

    Today, many companies or web developers are embracing no-code development, a technique/method that helps you create software without the need for coding.

    No-code development comes in handy when you wish to speed up your marketing game, improve productivity and save a large amount of money.

    Here are 4 examples of tools for you to start using the power of no-code!

    1. Bubble

    Bubble was created by Bubble Group and it serves as a visual programming language and is a no-code development that enables people without enough technical skills to get to create web apps without having to learn how to code.

    2. Zapier

    Based in the United States, Zapier is a useful no-code- tool that helps people achieve tasks simultaneously between connected apps. When something happens in one of your apps, with the help of Zapier you can enable another app to perform an action. The primary goal of Zapier is to save time for its potential customers.

    3. Airtable

    Using spreadsheets can be tough. Airtable is here to help you out.

    Airtable is a tool that provides you with its spreadsheet and database hybrid and doesn't require you to code. It's wildly loved and used mostly thanks to it being easy-to-use and visually appealing. It's mostly used for project management in that it offers a great workspace for teams and makes the experience as enjoyable as possible.

    4. UserGuiding

    UserGuiding is a code-free user onboarding software made for web products and it's here to help you create your own with the power of no-code!

    It provides many helpful tools such as interactive guides, feature highlights, onboarding checklists, NPS surveys, and much more. Here's a complete list of UserGuiding's features that don't ask for coding in return:

    • Interactive Tours
    • Instructive Guides
    • Personalized experiences
    • Onboarding Checklists
    • Feature Highlights
    • In-depth Analytics Tool
    • NPS Surveys
    • In-App Messaging

    Now that you've learned that web products vary a lot in terms of function and complexity; and provided with various examples, you can try and learn from our methods along your process of building a web product.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a website a product?

    A website may or may not be a product.

    A website can be a blog, a part of social media, a portfolio, a brochure, news, or a magazine. This may not count as products as long as they don't offer anything.

    However, a website can be a tv or video streaming service, e-commerce, basically anything that sells help, service. This makes it more suitable the product categorization.

    How do I start my own online store?

    To start your own online store from the scratch, there are certain steps that you can follow to facilitate your process.

    To help you do that, you can use Shopify. Shopify creates an easy environment to add the products you wish to sell, decide on themes and make customizations for your online store. After that, you need to configure your tax settings and set up payment methods.

    How do I develop a web app?

    To develop a web app, you need to have adequate research on the market to be able to build your idea upon solid ground. Later on, you can begin by deciding on your product's aim and functionality; complete your product design, and choose your firepower. After building and testing it, you can finally get your web application out there.

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