We Have Planted 6,350 Trees in the Last 3 Years!

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    Home / News / We Have Planted 6,350 Trees in the Last 3 Years!

    Did you know that the ICT industry's contribution to global carbon emissions is around 2-4% and is growing every year?

    Now that might not sound like much but put into context, that means we, the tech industry, are polluting like crazy.

    And though it's still not much, UserGuiding has been on a journey to fight our own battle against climate change as much as we can 😤

    Today is our 3rd year on that road and we can proudly say that:

    As of 2022, we have planted 6,350 trees on behalf of our team members, investors, partners, and customers!🌲

    Why are we planting trees?

    Fighting climate change is a responsibility for us all.

    But it is so much more so for companies rather than individuals, and that's something we are aware of here at UserGuiding.

    Our co-founder and CEO, Osman Koç puts it into words really well:

    So, in Osman's wise words, it is essential we "do our best to make it a more livable place."

    Our supporters and customers are aware of this too:

    userguiding planted 6350 trees in 3 years

    We are glad to have so many people who understand and appreciate our initiative as our followers, supporters, customers, and teammates 🥹

    So, here's to hoping that our supporter and customer base will grow even bigger and we will be able to plant even more trees!

    Let's keep the world green together 🌲💚

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