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    A few months ago, we came up with the idea of writing a simple and free guide for the Product family. This resource will reveal our secrets to launching products like a pro — 

    Because we want to help you get there too! 

    We have collaborated with the Product School on putting together Product Phases, a definitive guide to the product launch process. Check out our post on Product Hunt.

    For us, sharing is caring, and that’s why we put this guide together. Inside, you'll find the 5 phases of every successful product: 

    • How to find the problem: the itch you want to scratch.
    • How to keep on track with all the different teams and avoid bad planning.
    • The art of building some marketing buzz. 
    • The ultimate launch checklist. If you are thinking "What could go wrong?" We have the case study of No Man's Sky - Uh-oh, how disappointed we were!
    • The importance of a User Onboarding process, and what the future holds.

    Want to discover how to skyrocket your product? Then download our free guide ?

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