A Skill-Booster For Teams: Product-Led Academy

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    Ready to elevate your team's product expertise? Product-Led Academy equips your team with the skills to build and launch products customers love.

    🎉 And 10% of the training is on us. Be our guest.

    Product-led growth has been a hot topic in SaaS for the last decade.

    And though growth among SaaS companies is now slower, research by Openview shows that product-led companies have been and still are at the top of the YoY charts.

    product led growth yoy statistics

    So, if you're looking to make the shift to PLG, this is a great time.

    But how will you proceed with it?

    That's where ProductLed Academy comes into play.

    What is ProductLed Academy?

    ProductLed Academy is an educational platform designed to set the course straight for GTM teams looking to go PLG.

    The platform is a ProductLed product powered by the expertise of Wes Bush, the CEO of ProductLed. With its numerous successful graduates, ProductLed Academy proves its value; the key benefits include:

    • Weekly coaching calls with Wes Bush himself,
    • A structured program designed by ProductLed for companies implementing PLG and
    • Exclusive access to an elite community of PLG leaders, including Ramli John, Eugene Seagal, Pedro Cortes, and more

    ProductLed Academy's offer is simple. Having helped 324+ SaaS companies generate over one billion dollars in self-serve revenue, it offers a clear path forward.

    But much like how PLG isn't for everyone, ProductLed Academy might not be the right fit for you.

    How do you know that for sure? Here's how to make the call:

    Do you need this training?

    While ProductLed Academy is a powerful resource, it does not guarantee the same level of success for all.

    It is the right fit for you if:

    • You are struggling to reach satisfactory free-to-paid conversion rates,
    • Your users cannot reach value without handholding from your team,
    • Your pricing confuses potential customers more than it convinces them

    You could also benefit from the platform if you're practicing product-led methods with some success.

    However, the outcome might not be as notable for you, especially on a tight budget. If not, even just the weekly calls with Wes Bush himself would always be a good investment.

    In any case, the platform has great guidance when applying. If you are not a good match, you will be informed.

    9 Components of the ProductLed System That You Will Learn

    ProductLed Academy introduces the ProductLed System, which is designed specifically for GTM teams struggling with unifying their PLG efforts.

    The system is made up of 3 phases and 9 components.

    At each step, Academy members get to visit and revise a specific component of their product and business:

    • Offer - what your product really offers,
    • Experience - what the experience of using your product is like,
    • Pricing - your pricing strategy for what you offer,
    • Data - how to manage it effectively in the long run for scalability,
    • Process - how to run business processes efficiently,
    • Team - how to align your team to work better towards PLG,
    • Vision - how to set up a lasting vision going forward,
    • User - what your users expect and how to deliver,
    • Model - how to set up a business model that will bring you success
    productled academy productled system

    ‎Within this flywheel, there are 3 phases:

    The first phase is all about setting the groundwork. First, you plan a strategy that highlights the strengths of your business while pinpointing your ideal user.

    The second phase builds up on that base and defines the experience for your users. It's all about the transition from manual to effortless, in ProductLed's words.

    Lastly, the third phase is all about perfecting the strategy you have built. It might look complex at the start, but by the end of this phase, both your product and its strategy will look simple.

    Key Outcomes of Product-Led Academy

    Upon coming to the end of phase 3, you achieve 3 key outcomes:

    👉 You have a working PLG strategy that is built with the help of experts,

    👉 You have a product that is no longer "manual" but "effortless"

    👉 You have an organization that can truly work within the PLG framework

    Now, though there would be way more challenges and failures, you can get there on your own and become a well-functioning PLG business.

    But why waste the time and energy when you can get the help you need?

    Why Choose ProductLed Academy?

    There are many reasons to work with ProductLed Academy, the first of them being their simple but effective approach to going PLG.

    But the key reasons are still obvious:

    1- You are in good hands

    Wes Bush and the ProductLed team proudly boast 324+ SaaS companies they led to success and $1 billion in revenue earned with self-serve.

    It is easy enough to trust an industry leader to deliver your business to success.

    It is even easier to trust an industry leader who has paid his dues.

    But if you still need some more evidences, see their Trustpilot ratings: 4.7 is quite a high one.

    ProductLed has a well-deserved 4.7 on Trustpilot

    2- Your business as a whole is transformed

    The ProductLed System is as simple as it is effective, but more importantly, it focuses on the whole thing.

    ProductLed Academy oversees everything from your GTM strategy and product experience to how users are acquired and your teams are aligned.

    3- Weekly coaching & feedback from industry leaders

    With industry expert Wes Bush coaching weekly and feedback from other experts in the SaaS space, the coaching is nothing short of elite.

    And why does Wes Bush's coaching matter so much?

    It is important to make sure the teacher has mastered the lesson himself, and Wes Bush sure did.

    Beyond his success in generating over $1 billion for companies he's worked with as the CEO of ProductLed, Wes Bush is also the author of a bestseller book, Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells Itself.

    Among the other mentors and PLG experts are Product-Led Onboarding author Ramli John, product growth leader Eugene Segal, and many more.

    productled academy experts mentors

    ‎We are not the only ones who believe in ProductLed Academy's impact on SaaS businesses.

    The graduates are pretty vocal about the learning program's results:

    productled academy testimonials

    ‎The short answer to the question "Why ProductLed Academy?" is pretty convincing, too. With ProductLed Academy, you can:

    • Double your self-serve revenue with a lean team,
    • Increase profitability through an optimized PLG strategy,
    • Become the market leader by implementing a proven system

    The only question left to answer is...

    How to Get Started with ProductLed Academy

    You can easily access the application for ProductLed Academy.

    After going through a 3-minute application form to see if it's a fit, you are all set.

    But don't just take my word for it; visit ProductLed Academy today!

    Wrapping Up

    ProductLed Academy is a major step to becoming a product-led business and setting the base for scalable success in the long run.

    With the wisdom of Wes Bush and a supportive community of industry leaders, success is within reach.

    Good luck in advance 🍀

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