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    I'm very happy that no-code trend is booming. Because a few years back, everyone in the business departments of the companies had this idea to learn coding to work for effectively and achieving more.

    No need for that, thanks to no-code. (Uh oh, that's a no-no for coding)

    Just a side note: no-code development platforms (such as Thunkable, Bubble, etc) are growing very swiftly as well. You can build micro SaaS products over the weekend with them. But today we are talking about the growth marketing tools that needs no involvement from developers yet empowers business team with many possibilities.

    So while growing UserGuiding for the last 2 years, we've used lots of no-code tools to help us try new ideas constantly. And letting our product team do what they do best: Obsess over building a better UserGuiding everyday. Not connecting our email accounts, changing text on landing pages, exporting data from backend. Just building. And making UserGuiding the most non-technical friendly tool.

    And I've previously talked about our growth journey in my SaaS marketing article. So without going into much details, here are the quick list of tools we've used so far:

    Zapier, Hubspot, Intercom, UserGuiding (yep, we use our own product every day), Segment, Woopra, FullStory, Ahrefs, InVideo, Albacross, Unbounce, Notion, Miro and of course, Wordpress.

    We really wonder about your no-code tech stack for growth marketing.

    Can you fill this survey and share your thoughts on this? We'll create a detailed report about it.

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