Busting User Onboarding Myths in Customer Success: Efehan Celik's Custify Webinar

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    Home / News / Busting User Onboarding Myths in Customer Success: Efehan Celik's Custify Webinar

    A webinar is a perfect opportunity for industry leaders to share their wisdom and inspire participants.

    And when it's a SaaS webinar, what you can learn is truly fascinating.

    Just like our very own customer success manager Efehan Celik's webinar with Custify that was recently held with Irina Cismas, the head of marketing at Custify, as the moderator!

    Let's take a look at the webinar, what was covered, and my personal takeaways:

    Custify Webinars

    Custify is a customer success solution for SaaS products focusing on analyzing the customer lifecycle, detecting upgrade opportunities, and reducing churn.

    But their main attraction point for us is the webinars they have been holding for a while.

    Custify's webinars have been a good way for SaaS people to connect and learn more about everything customer success from various fields and niches.

    Here's a look at their webinars 👈

    Busting User Onboarding Myths in Customer Success

    Efehan's webinar with Custify, was, of course, in the fashion of Custify's main theme, customer success.

    He talked about customer success and the myths about delivering success during a user onboarding process with plenty of examples.

    Here's the full video:

    Key Takeaways ✍️

    👉 User onboarding itself is a very intertwined concept with customer success, it focuses on delivering customers to success from the very moment they interact with your product,

    👉 Onboarding starts way before users log in; for example on the website, or through an advertisement,

    👉 Many different teams should take different roles in the customer onboarding process and that is what makes a good onboarding process and user journey,

    👉 Onboarding is not merely a process to teach users how to use certain features and functions but it is a process to constantly bring users to success,

    👉 It is okay to use different methods to reach success but making sure there is a definitive, companywide understanding of success is essential

    To Wrap Up

    We loved Efehan's webinar ❤️ Hopefully, you did too.

    Don't forget to check out the full video on YouTube and share your comments and insights with us!

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