Best 17 Blogs Around Customer Success in 2024

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    Home / Growth / Best 17 Blogs Around Customer Success in 2024

    "The customer is not always right but they are always the customer!"

    Shep Hyken

    As Hyken's quote highlights above, no matter what your business is, the key to the success is always through your customers.

    If you don't know him, Shep Hyken is customer service and customer experience expert, and a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

    The equation is simple. If your customers are happy with your product and the experience you offer to them, they will continue being your customer and as they turn into loyal customers, they will play a huge part in advertising your business and increasing your revenue.

    According to Hyken, customers are partners in your mission. This perspective breaks down the barriers between employees and customers and offers a different aspect. And that is when you shift the focus from the company's success to your customers' success, your customers are more than just customers.

    Customer success is especially important for B2B SaaS companies. If you're a key account manager you should follow the trends and adjust to changes fast and efficiently to assure that you offer your customers the best service possible.

    There are many customer success blogs that produce high-quality and profitable content for the ones who want to keep up with the news and improve their businesses to provide a better customer experience to their customer base.

    I prepared an extensive list of best customer success blogs for people who work customer service industry or anyone who is interested in learning more about customer relationship management.

    Here are the best customer success blogs for customer service professionals and customer success managers:

    1. Question Pro Blog
    2. SaasTr Blog
    3. Userguiding Blog
    4. Custify Blog
    5. CCO Council
    6. Gainsight
    7. Hubspot
    8. Sixteen Ventures
    9. For entrepreneurs
    10. Zendesk Blog
    11. Totango Blog
    12. Smartkarrot Blog
    13. Intercom Blog
    14. CXL
    15. Freshworks blog
    16. UserIQ blog
    17.  The Success League Blog

    Let me introduce the first blog without making you wait.

    1) Question Pro Blog

    Question Pro Blog is a customer success platform that focuses on online survey software and data intelligence. The blog offers great solutions on how to gather the most valuable consumer insights, measure customer experience, and manage your workplace and employees with QuestionPro Survey Tools.

    In one of UserGuiding's webinars Ken Peterson – CX of QuestionPRO – talked about customer experience and why companies should consider employee experience as much as customer experience.

    "Customer success is anticipating customer challenges or questions and proactively providing solutions and systems"

    Peterson's speech highlighted that customer success is not intuitive and it requires employees who think about the customer. This is why customer success blogs are important.

    If you want a better relationship with your customers and improve customer experience, your employees should proactively work towards that goal and learn to keep up with customer service trends.

    That's where customer success blogs come to help.

    Question Pro Blog has a simple and understandable layout, helpful and straight-to-the-point articles that will help you find answers quickly.

    Customer Loyalty: What is it and How to Get It is a great article to start off with the basics.

    2) SaasTr

    SaasTr is a valuable resource on everything related to SaaS. At first, SaasTr was a website to share Jason M.Lenkin's quotes and teachings while answering some questions from Quora. However, now the blog is visited by millions and number one spot on the web for SaaS founders, business leaders, customer service leaders, and anyone who wants to learn more about topics such as growth strategies, customer success, and more.

    Saastr was listed under Top 100 Blogs for Entrepreneurs as well. It's overall a great blog for people who think about establishing their own SaaS businesses or generally work in start-ups.

    I recommend their 7 Top Trends in Customer Success to Learn From, and Maybe Emulate article since it was very interesting and informative.

    3) UserGuiding Blog

    UserGuiding is a no-code user onboarding software that helps you to offer a better experience to your users. With numerous features and integrations, UserGuiding ensures that your customer will receive the best experience through your service.

    Since Userguiding is a user onboarding service provider, UG Blog also focuses on user onboarding and user adoption strategies.

    However, that's not all!

    On the UserGuiding blog, you can read countless articles under Growth, Product, and User Onboarding categories, learn helpful methods with how-to pages and keep up with the newest UX design trends and news.

    You can compare different tools and applications, broaden your horizon with countless guides and lists, and learn more about SaaS cornerstones.

    Our content creators publish new articles every week to provide new & informative articles for the readers. 

    A Complete Guide to SaaS Customer Success is a great place to start.

    4) Custify Blog 

    Custify is another great customer success blog for SaaS business owners. They mainly focus on helping readers learn how to manage their customers. Their blog posts cover different topics related to customer success including CS management, customer service, account management, and Customer Success software. 

    Customer success managers will find the articles on churn reduction, onboarding, and improving user retention helpful as well.

    My top pick from the Custify blog is The Outstanding Guide to Customer Success Strategy. It was a very interesting read.

    5) CCo Council

    As you can notice from the blog's name, CCO (The Chief Customer Officer) Council was first established to provide CCOs with the information, resources, and support they need to succeed. However, you don't need to be a CCO to find valuable information on this blog.

     The Council's founder and executive director, Curtis Bingham, is a leader in the industry and someone with a lot of insight to share. You can start by checking out the article called Critical Success Factors for Chief Customer Officers.

    6) Gainsight

    Gainsight blog is one of the best blogs on customer success and customer experience. Authors with customer service experience publish content on customer segmentation, customer service management, customer experience, churn management, customer journey mapping, customer satisfaction, and similar topics. The best thing about the Gainsight blog is that its content is versatile. You can find different types of content including articles, webinars, guides, podcasts, and more.

    My top pick from the Gainsight blog is their Essential Guide to Customer Success Management.

    7) Hubspot

    Do I have to say more? HubSpot is easily the best blog on the internet where you can find lots and lots of high-quality articles on customer success from experts. The blog covers several topics including customer experience, customer retention, and general marketing. If you are in the SaaS business or interested in learning more about Saas-related topics, Hubspot can be your best friend.

    Since Hubspot publishes a lot of content so you can find anything you need and everything related to customer success. If you don't want to read more than one blog and save time, HubSpot might be the best pick for you. Also, you can benefit from the "Search the Blog" feature.

    Before skipping to the next article, here's my favorite customer success piece Hubspot: Customer Success vs. Customer Support vs. Customer Service: What's the Difference?

    8) Sixteen Ventures

    You've probably heard of Sixteen Ventures. Created by Lincoln Murphy, Sixteen Ventures is one of the best blogs on customer success and customer-centric growth. Murphy is a successful customer success consultant, keynote speaker, and author. He regularly publishes content on customer engagement, customer success, customer experience, and truly everything customer-centric. If you are looking for a source that covers basics and advanced customer success, Sixteen Ventures is the blog you need to check out.

    If you are interested, check this article out: Success Potential: Real Customer Success Starts Here

    9) For Entrepreneurs

    This is a blog that's #2 on Forbes's list of 100 best websites for entrepreneurs. What more should I say? For Entrepreneurs by David Skok is a great place for entrepreneurs that wants to read some of the best articles on customer success. The blog has a customer success category where Skok has published some of the best articles that are entertaining and full of information.

    Managing Customer Success to Reduce Churn is one of the best articles on the blog in my opinion.

    10) Zendesk

    Zendesk is a customer experience blog that has content on customer success and customer engagement. The blog is full of actionable long articles that are full of information. Although the articles on the blog are long, they are easy to read. 

    The blog's main focus is on customer services but you can find content on customer engagement and customer success too.

    How about starting with this article Customer success for the win-win?

    11) ChurnZero blog

    As you can notice from its name, ChurnZero is a customer service blog that mainly focuses on customer retention. Their authors have published lots of quality articles related to customer success and churn management. Like Zendesk, the ChurnZero blog comes with long articles that offer actionable solutions for customer service teams. 

    My top pick from the blog is The Customer Success Manager's Guide to Fighting Customer Churn.

    12) Smartkarrot Blog

    If you are looking for an all-in-one blog like Hubspot, Smartkarrot Blog is here for you. The customer success platform covers all aspects of CSM customer experience, product adoption, customer engagement, and much more.

    The blog delivers articles on various topics related to customer success regularly and you will gain vast knowledge. Since SmartKarrot is one of the best platforms to optimize and scale customer success from onboarding to advocacy, their articles will provide you with experienced views and help you to provide exceptional customer experiences.

    My top pick from SmartKarrot Blog is The Importance of Cross-Departmental Collaboration for Customer Success.

    13) Intercom Blog

    Intercom has an excellent blog that doesn't necessarily focus on customer success. The blog has various categories such as sales, marketing, growth, support, and more. Still, you'll find a lot of entertaining data-driven articles on the blog. In addition to interesting articles, Intercom also has podcasts that are worth listening to. 

    From customer onboarding to retention, you can find articles on any related topics that will be helpful for any customer service agent to level up their customer service game.

    How to balance customer success and revenue in sales was an interesting read for me.

    14. CXL

    CXL, previously ConversionXL, is one of the best blogs on customer success. Their authors publish long data-driven articles with lots of examples, case studies, data, images, and actionable techniques. If you love an extensive article with solid data, you will love CXL. 

    CXL mainly focuses on conversion but since conversion optimization is part of customer success, I believe you'll find their articles interesting and handy. Also, CXL has articles that cover topics including customer success, retention, churn management, and customer acquisition.

    Check out The Science of Increasing Customer Loyalty if you're interested.

    15) Freshworks Blog (formerly Natero)

    Freshworks blog is another blog that has in-depth and actionable articles on customer success. The content focuses on customer success specifically on customer success intelligence, customer success analytics, customer success operations, customer onboarding, and customer success management. 

    If you're looking for a simple source that will offer you different perspectives Natero Blog is a great place to start reading articles. What is Customer Success Enablement? is a great place to start.

    16. UserIQ Blog

    UserIQ blog has a wide range of articles listed under different categories including ​​health scoring, onboarding, adoption, technology, trends, management, strategy, careers, leadership, news, and announcements categories.

    Their website is full of articles on customer centricity, customer success management, customer engagement, customer growth, churn management, and more. If you are a fan of straight-to-point and easy-to-read posts, this is the blog you should give a try.

    My top pick from the UserIQ blog is 4 Things Customer Success Leaders do Differently.

    17) The Success League Blog

    Last but not least, ​​The Success League is a blog that works with executives who aim to build a top-performing Customer Success team. The experts have a lot of advice to provide on how to plan, scale and train customer success teams. If you're looking for a blog written by experienced individuals who are the best at what they're doing, you should check out The Success League Blog.

    I really enjoyed Customer Success is a Team Sport on their website, so if you feel intrigued, why not check it out?

    Customer success is the success of your business and the satisfaction of your customers. Take action to turn the upset customer into a happy customer and watch the acceleration in your business growth. With the right business model and approach to customer service, you can provide the best experience to your customers and get the best business outcomes.

    These 32 sales blogs will surely help you and your team members close more deals and gain new skills. Just start by checking one blog post right away! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the role of customer success?

    Customer success plays a key role in the growth and success of a business in the long term. A good relationship with customers can take your company to the next level.

    What is good customer success?

    Successful customer relationships depend on your customer success manager's performance. A good CSM should be able to communicate with customers and help when they face challenges in their customer journey. 

    How is customer success achieved?

    When a customer receives the value they expect from your product or service, it means that you achieved customer satisfaction. Customer success has two sides; it focuses on the relationship between the customer and the company and aims for beneficial outcomes for both parties. 

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