11 Ways to WOW Customers - the 2024 Guide

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    Home / Growth / 11 Ways to WOW Customers - the 2024 Guide

    Step right up and prepare for an extraordinary customer experience extravaganza!

    In this article, we're unveiling 11 captivating ways to WOW your customers.

    From small surprises that'll make them go "Aha!" to amazing experiences that'll leave them grinning ear to ear, we've got the secrets to create moments that'll have your customers saying, "Wow, they really know how to treat me right!"

    So, grab your popcorn and get ready to be amazed as we reveal the enchanting ways to leave a lasting impression on your valued customers. We'll be talking about:


    ✅ Seamless Customer Journeys

    ✅ Exceptional Customer Service Experience

    ✅ Augmented Reality

    ✅ Gamification

    ✅ Social Media

    ✅ Sustainability

    ✅ Human Connection

    ✅ Workshops and more!

    Let's dive in and create some customer delight!

    11 Ways to WOW Customers 

    1- Personalization.

    Personalization is basically the essence of WOWing a customer effectively.

    Given the fact that it successfully demonstrates how your business values and understands the customer and sees them as individuals with particular needs and requirements. 

    By offering a personalized experience, you can build a much stronger and deeper customer interaction.

    And that paves the way to increased loyalty and satisfaction. 

    The fresh and innovative approach to personalization can take various forms, such as simply addressing the customer by their first name, and suggesting products or services to them that are based on their buying histories and preferences.

    Another example would be sending out personalized emails that offer specific customers discounts or coupons for their favorite products, encouraging them, even more, to keep coming back for more. 

    👉🏼 The easiest and first way to do this is by collecting as much customer data as possible - names, locations, purchase histories, and more, to be able to personalize all channels of communication and provide suggestions that are based only on individuals. 

    👉🏼 With the help of AI, it is also possible for you to collect even more detailed data focused on your customer bases, such as their personal interests, behavior, and specific preferences. You can then use this data to provide a more customized WOW experience. 

    Here's a recent example from Netflix:

    how to wow customers netlifx personalization

    Netflix has been using AI algorithms to provide individualized content recommendations for quite some time now.

    They do this for each user based on their watch history, ratings, and search activities, allowing them to quickly browse and find something they like. 

    2- Offer Seamless Experiences. 

    Seamless experiences are what make WOW moments, WOW moments.

    They are absolutely essential in impressing a customer since they help you offer hassle-free, entertaining, and effective services to them.

    By always prioritizing seamless experiences, your business can eliminate barriers and any possible problem that customers might have to go through and make it seamless for them to engage in your brand.  

    The logic is quite simple.

    A smoothly-running experience can make your customers feel appreciated, valued, and understood.

    It can also help create a bond that consists of mutual trust. 

    Seamless experiences can also be provided in many ways, such as easy-to-use interfaces, unexpected perks, instant gratification, efficient customer support, valuable feedback, and more.

    Here's an example from Amazon. 

    how to wow customers amazon seamless experience

    Amazon's Prime Now service offers same-day shipping for dozens of products, including groceries, clothing, electronics, and household items, making it easier than ever for customers to buy whatever they need. 

    3- All hands on deck - Provide Great Customer Support.

    Customer support plays a vital role in keeping customers happy and satisfied.

    It is an essential aspect of any type of business.

    Regardless of the size of the problem a customer is facing, they all want to feel like their worries, thoughts, and ideas are being heard and evaluated.

    There are many reasons why customer support really makes a difference:

    ✅ It helps build long-lasting trust and loyalty

    Whenever you provide a customer with a positive experience, they become instantly more likely to rely on your company and stick with it.

    ✅ It improves the overall customer experience

    By offering exceptional customer support, you can improve the overall CX you provide.

    This can include being extra friendly, taking the time to understand your customers better, being helpful, and being responsive. 

    ✅ It skyrockets customer satisfaction

    When customers feel that their problems are being addressed, they become more willing to engage in your services and share their positive feedback as a result. 

    ✅ It allows you to monitor and identify the areas that need enhancement

    Customer support always leads to invaluable feedback from customers, which helps you identify the particular areas where more improvement can be made to enhance the overall product experience

    👉🏼 There are many effective ways to provide exceptional customer support.

    Make sure to respond to customer problems quickly through numerous ways such as emails, live chat, or phone.

    You can also use AI chatbots to offer 24/7 support to your clients and provide customized solutions. 

    👉🏼 Another impactful technique would be to use voice assistants such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, thanks to which businesses can integrate the technology of voice to provide seamless CX and WOW to their customers.

    In addition to the increasing popularity of voice assistants, businesses can now integrate voice commerce to provide service beyond imagination.

    Customers can place orders or make reservations using their voice, making their ordering process quicker and more comfortable. 

    An example would be Domino's Pizza and its use of voice assistant to allow customers to order their pizzas using their own voices through devices like Amazon's Alexa. 

    how to wow users dominos customer support

    Hey Alexa, make sure to make mine with extra cheese and basil.🥰

    4- Use Augmented Reality.

    Augmented reality, A.K.A. AR, is a type of technology that superimposes digital data in the real world via the use of electronic devices, smart glasses, or other AR-enabled tools.

    It has the potential to step up the way most businesses operate and communicates with their customers and can therefore play a vital role in WOWing your customers. 

    ✅ It boosts the customer experience

    AR can offer your customers a much more captivating and engaging product experience by implementing a new dimension to the existing world.

    It can be used to demonstrate products, offer interactive manuals, or even allow customers to try on products virtually. 

    ✅  It helps offer customized experiences

    AR can be used to build personalized journeys for your customers, letting them interact with your services in a way that is specialized for them, based on their preferences. 

    ✅ As a result, it increases engagement and provides room for interactivity

    AR can be used to create interactivity from scratch, by forming engaging experiences for clients, motivating them to spend more time understanding and appreciating the products. 

    ✅ It provides a competitive headstart

    Businesses that use AR frequently to create WOW moments for their customers can seriously gain an advantage over those that don't.

    AR can help you stand out from competitors and create a unique approach that gets attention. 

    A great example would be the IKEA's Place application which lets customers virtually place furniture in their homes and see if they like it before spending their money on it. 

    how to wow users ikea augmented reality

    5- Use Gamification. 

    Gamification is the use of game design elements in non-game contexts to create engagement and motivation for users.

    In a business sense, gamification is primarily used to drive customer engagement, thus increasing loyalty and creating a more in-depth experience that drives value. 

    👉🏼 Gamification significantly helps businesses to increase customer engagement by making the entire experience more interactive, encouraging, and entertaining. Simply by building a game-like journey, businesses allow customers to spend more time experiencing the product and understanding it thoroughly.

    👉🏼By gamifying your product journey, you can encourage your customers to participate in numerous activities and offer rewards as a motivating result. This way, they become more likely to willingly take part in surveys, feedback forms, and other informing activities from which your business can benefit. 

    Some great examples include My Starbucks Idea from Starbucks and the fitness app designed by Fitbit.

    how to wow customers gamification starbucks

    My Starbucks Idea is a platform that gamifies the received customer feedback by letting users submit and vote on brilliant ideas for brand-new products, improvements, or services. Participants can earn badges, rewards, and discount coupons for their contributions. 

    how to wow customers fitbit gamification

    Fitbit successfully gamifies its approach to fitness by tracking steps, distance, and the calories burned by users.

    Users can compete with their friends, earn badges in return, and participate in many challenges, such as step competitions or virtual races, encouraging themselves to achieve more each day. 

    6- Use Social Media.

    Social media offers an excellent environment for businesses to connect with their customers and create remarkable experiences that can WOW them.

    It has especially become such an essential part of any business's marketing and customer engagement strategy that it would be an absolutely foolish move to exclude it in my article. 

    👉🏼 Social media builds one hell of a brand awareness:

    It provides an ideal platform in which businesses can showcase their products and what else they have to offer to a broader audience.

    By sharing engaging content, you can, too, build brand awareness and increase your product's visibility, which can lead to increased customer engagement and repeated purchases. 

    👉🏼 It also provides an open platform for customers to share their experiences with your product and opinions about your services.

    By motivating your customers to share more, you can create a sense of community and advocacy that can allow you to WOW your potential prospects. 

    👉🏼 Lastly, you can take it further and respond to customer comments and messages and share user-generated content to show them how much you appreciate their involvement. 

    One great example is the brilliant social media campaign launched by Airbnb, which is called ''Night At''.

    This campaign gives customers an opportunity to spend a night in unique and fancy locations such as a Victorian castle or a luxurious hotel.

    Customers are invited to create a short video in which they talk about the reason why they prefered to stay at the location, and the winners are selected based on their creativity and enthusiasm. 

    The campaign became a big hit on social media and created a massive WOW factor for both the winners and providers. 

    how to wow customers airbnb social media

    Airbnb obviously used social media to promote the campaign, creating and sharing hashtags and working with influencers to reach a bigger audience.

    And it worked.

    Big time. 

    7- Support Sustainability.

    Sustainability is becoming an increasingly significant aspect for customers when making purchasing decisions. 

    Creating WOW moments for customers with the help of sustainable practices can help your company stand out and build a positive impact on the environment, thus creating a strong impression from the start. 

    👉🏼 By implementing sustainable practices into your daily business operations, you can easily display your commitment to the environment and the community we all belong.

    Customers are highly likely to work with businesses that give responsible and socially aware vibes, so make sure you take notes on that. 

    👉🏼Similarly, many customers today are passionate about sustainability and they want to support and buy from businesses that have this common interest with them.

    By prioritizing sustainability, you can definitely attract and keep customers who think the same way as you do. 

    👉🏼Lastly, sustainable business practices can enhance your reputation and definitely contribute to where you stand in the marketplace.

    Your clients are more likely to spread the word about you if you support sustainability.

    An example of a good sustainability practice would be Patagonia, a sustainable outdoor clothing brand that donates 1% of its sales to environmental purposes and motivate customers to fix and recycle their pieces of clothing when necessary. 

    how to wow customers patagonia sustainability


    8- Human Connection.

    In today's digital age, customers are constantly being bombarded with messages and information, and many of them do crave a rather personal touch.

    Here are some reasons why emotional connections are vital to your business's overall growth. 

    ✅ It helps build trust

    By creating a personal connection with your customers, you can easily build trust and create a strong harmony.

    This way, customers become more likely to work with you and talk positively about you. 

    ✅ It can improve the CX and definitely make it more memorable

    By engaging with your clients on a deep, personal level, you can build a positive emotional response that will stick with them for a long time, even after their interaction with your service. 

    ✅ Improves communication, thus increasing customer loyalty

    Customers who are able to feel connected to your business are proven to be more likely to be loyal and constant customers.

    By encouraging personal relationships, you can help create a sense of rapport, loyalty, and success. 

    An example of the great use of human connection in the workspace would be Zappos, an online shoe retailer, known for its excellent customer service.

    Thanks to the help of representatives who achieve to go beyond to make sure customer satisfaction are there and consistent, Zappos manages the unimaginable. 

    how to wow customers zappos human connection

    9- Go above and beyond. 

    Going above and beyond really depends on what your limits are.

    You should always aim for bigger, better, and more impactful improvements in how you work with people.

    You can start by adding a simple hand-written thank you note to a customer's purchase and show them how much you appreciate their contribution and doing business with them. 

    There is not ''one right thing'' to do, but rather a bunch of things and methods you can implement along the way.

    In addition to all the aforementioned ways to WOW your customers, you can always take the extra mile to step up your game and make great improvements. 

    how to wow customers go above and beyond

    10- Host events or workshops. 

    Another way to keep WOWing your customers can be hosting events or workshops for them.

    You can engage your customers by hosting events that align with your brand values, which will help the customer understand your services better. 

    For instance, if you have a business that sells yoga equipment, you could host a health and wellness seminar, or a yoga workshop, making people realize the very first reason why they should be involved in yoga, and thus purchase its required tools. 

    how to wow customers hold workshops and events

    11- Show that you care. 

    Last but not least, always show that you care.

    And how you will do this is quite simple - through thoughtful follow-ups. 

    Ensure that your teams stay in touch with happy customers after a purchase to make sure their satisfaction is ongoing and that they are giving positive feedback in light of their experience with you.

    You can send follow-up emails, or surveys, provide the customer with exclusive details and promotions, or offer consistent support and resources. 

    Final Word

    By implementing these detailed and innovative ways to be able to WOW your customers, you can effortlessly create exceptional experiences that form long-term loyalty and positive impressions.

    Remember to use numerous techniques along the way, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

    This way, you can guarantee great success in the long run. See you there! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is meant by ''WOW the Customer''?

    "WOW the Customer" refers to exceeding customer expectations by delivering exceptional experiences that leave a lasting positive impression. It involves going above and beyond in providing excellent service, personalized attention, and solving customer problems in unexpected and delightful ways. 

    What is a good example of a WOW moment?

    A good example of WOW moments can be the personalization of emails, the opportunity to attend events or workshops, the idea of sustainability, the great use of gamification and augmented reality, and exceptional customer support. 

    Do you need to WOW customers to grow?

    Creating WOW moments for your customers can be an effective way to stand out from competitors and create positive word-of-mouth marketing that leads to repeat business. Which, ultimately, can help drive growth over time. 

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