Mastering Product-Led Growth: Insights from Alican Bektaş at SaaStock 2023

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    Home / News / Mastering Product-Led Growth: Insights from Alican Bektaş at SaaStock 2023

    Reporting from 3 months ago, SaaStock 2023 Dublin fire 🔥

    We are well past the event but our excitement is still alive since Alican Bektaş, our Head of Product, just took Dublin by storm with his talk "Mastering Product Led Adoption: How to Pioneer Value-Centric Growth in SaaS." Spoiler alert: it was one big treasure trove of insights 🌟

    But hey, why do we care? ⬇️

    saastock 2023 dublin userguiding team

    What’s the Buzz About SaaStock?

    SaaStock is one of the biggest communities in SaaS, and its filled with people with one goal in mind: SaaS growth.

    And this year, SaaStock 2023 in Dublin was nothing short of a SaaS carnival. Over 6000 participants, buzzing with ideas and innovations that will shape SaaS. And, of course, our own Alican was one of the keynote speakers, so you know it was good 😌

    The Core of Alican's Talk

    In true UserGuiding style, Alican's presentation was a deep dive into the concept of Product Led Growth (PLG).

    And of course, with some great insights and case studies, he took the crowd on a journey through the intricacies of the PLG flywheel, the PLG trifecta, and how it all translates into value and growth from a user activation point of view if you consider a few key points like...

    saastock dublin 2023 mert alican bektas

    Alican's Key Nuggets of Wisdom ✨

    👉 The PLG flywheel can get complicated and hard to apply. When that's the case, we can turn to simpler concepts - remember: simple is the new sophisticated.

    👉 The product-led trifecta and especially product-led adoption is key for better activation rates, and better activation rates are crucial for exponential product-led growth. It's all a self-feeding cycle.

    👉 When we are talking about activation, two key factors are game changers: time to value (TTV) and product-qualified leads (PQLs). When you start lowering the TTV for your PQLs, the value starts to visualize, and scalable PLG is within your grasp.

    👉 At the end of the day, PLG is data-driven growth; without data to justify decisions, set user action patterns, and create a data-informed onboarding flow for PQLs with appropriate TTV, product-led growth is not scalable.

    To Wrap Up

    And there you have it!

    Alican's talk at SaaStock 2023 wasn't just informative; it was a masterclass in PLG in SaaS. We're super excited to share his insights, probably as much as he was when delivering his speech 🫣

    Stay tuned for more SaaS adventures, and remember, in the world of software, it's not just about building it but about making it work for the user. Shout out to the SaaStock community for giving us the platform to spread the message ❤️

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