10 NPS tools that are Worthy of your business

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    Home / Growth / 10 NPS tools that are Worthy of your business

    There is no customer loyalty where there is no customer satisfaction.

    And to know if your customers are satisfied or not, one of the best ways is to - well, news flash - actually check in with them.

    That's where NPS surveys come in.

    And unless you are down to sit down and code a simple survey from scratch each time you need one, I've got the best NPS survey tools listed up for you.

    Let's take a look at:

    ✅ What an NPS tool is,

    ✅ Different types of NPS tools,

    ✅ How to choose one & which features to look for,

    ✅ The best NPS tools you can use

    Don't have the time? Here's the TL;DR:


    👉 An NPS tool is a tool that can help you survey your customers’ satisfaction, put them in classes according to their response rates and satisfaction data, and get in touch with them.

    👉 Different types of NPS tools include:

    1. Assembled NPS tools
    2. Add-On NPS tools
    3. Professional NPS tools

    👉 Some NPS software features to look for include:

    1. Survey Creation
    2. Customer Classification/ Segmentation
    3. Persoanl Data Collection
    4. Survey Automation
    5. Survey Timing
    6. Real-Time Notifications
    7. Integration

    👉 Some of the best NPS tools to check out are:

    1. SurveyMonkey - For all sizes with many integrations
    2. UserGuiding - In-app experiences tool with an advanced survey feature
    3. Delighted - Easy to use with a free version
    4. ProProfs Survey Maker - One of the best survey tools with different solutions
    5. Qualaroo - Enterprise-level NPS tool with different templates
    6. SurveySparrow - Separate NPS tool for specific use or survey tool for wider use
    7. Wootric - Great integrations & design
    8. CheckMarket by Medallia - Great integration options and channels under a more experienced tool
    9. Zonka Feedback - Unique features and reliable NPS tool
    10. Hotjar - Easy-to-use templates meet Hotjar's advanced features

    Let's start right on with some definitions:

    What is an NPS tool?

    An NPS tool, NPS survey tool, or Net Promoter Score tool, is a tool that can help you survey your customers’ satisfaction, put them in classes according to their response rates and satisfaction data, and get in touch with them. As net promoter scores play an important role in determining satisfied customers and customers that require closer attention, an NPS tool is also an important weapon any SaaS business needs to add to its arsenal.

    NPS tools typically work according to a very basic, single question you may be familiar with;

    “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it for you to recommend our product/service/company to a friend or a colleague?”

    So, we can say that an NPS tool's primary tasks are calculating satisfaction and detecting unhappy customers since the essential use of NPS is seeing whether your users would recommend you to others.

    However, a closer look at your NPS surveys can improve many other assets of your company and business as well.

    Take a look at our definitive guide to NPS for more 👈

    Types of NPS Tools

    NPS tools can be any software you use to track your promoters and detractors, and how they affect your business.

    So basically, most tools that let you use an NPS survey and collect feedback from customers can be considered an NPS survey tool.

    And I mean that.

    Your NPS tool can be an email survey software and an Excel sheet with your customers’ survey responses or customer experience software.

    As long as it provides you with your customers' NPS, it counts.

    So then, what do I mean by "types of NPS tools"?

    Let's take a look ⬇️

    Assembled NPS Tools 🛠️

    Small businesses and startups, I know you are familiar with this one.

    👉 An assembled NPS tool, as the name would suggest, is any customer survey platform combined with a manually logged Excel file.

    And, let's be honest, it works quite alright for small businesses with small customer base 🤷

    Sure, it has many downsides:

    It is hard to manage, requires too much time, and the lack of real-time data may create a bad experience.

    But hey, it is cheap.

    Especially for starters, an assembled set of tools is the best set of tools.

    Add-On NPS Tools 🧩

    As your business grows, so does your budget for bigger solutions.

    Especially if you are a mid-market business or have the budget of one, you might have separate CRM tools, support, and even customer feedback software.

    An add-on NPS tool is a simplistic solution that can be added to one of these platforms.

    This means you can optimize a service you bought for another use into working towards your customers’ satisfaction.

    So if you are getting a customer retention solution that will also get you actionable insights from customer satisfaction surveys and NPS surveys with an add-on, that's and add-on NPS tool.

    Here's the catch, though.

    If you have no use for the other features of the software and use it for survey reasons, you may be wasting money and jeopardizing customer satisfaction.

    Still, growing businesses can benefit from these kinds of tools if they need to cut down on expenses.

    Professional NPS Tools 🥷

    A professional NPS tool means you get to benefit from all sorts of survey features.

    And when I say all sorts, I mean:

    👉 Automation,

    👉 Survey scheduling,

    👉 Customer segmentation,

    👉 Real-time notifications,

    And more depending on your needs and how much you are willing to pay.

    But overall, it gives you the opportunity to track your customers’ satisfaction on all levels.


    At the end of the day, any tool is just a tool.

    It is up to the user to create the optimal experience and use the features wisely.

    And talking about features, let's take a look at ⬇️

    NPS Features - Which Ones You Need & How to Pick an NPS Tool?

    There are different types of NPS tools, and naturally, not all have the same features.

    Some features are must-haves for all.

    But others can be overlooked depending on your existing feedback loop, customer segments, the importance of real-time feedback, and of course, your budget.

    So, let's go over some main features most survey tools have and whether YOU need them or not ⬇️

    1- Creating (Different) Surveys

    Surveys are the main buying point of any NPS tool.

    If you cannot create a survey, especially an NPS survey, with an NPS tool you get...

    That ain't no NPS tool, folks 😬

    But most NPS tools come with a wide range of different survey types.

    For example, customer satisfaction surveys, customer effort score surveys, and other qualitative feedback options tend to come as a package deal.

    ✍️  Do YOU need it?


    Even if the NPS tool you are going for does not have different survey types, make sure that the NPS surveys are working smoothly.

    That is the one thing you can compromise on.

    2- Customer Classification/ Segmentation

    An NPS tool helps you create surveys that will determine specific classifications for your customers.

    So, the ability to be able to segment customers is another important feature.

    For example, as you may know from our definitive guide for NPS, these classifications may be:

    👉 Detractors (people who are 0 to 6 likely to promote your product),

    👉 Passives (7-8 likely), or

    👉 Promoters (9-10 likely, people who’ll promote for you)

    This classification gives you data to work on and figure out how to turn detractors and passives into promoters.

    Furthermore, because your customers are divided into different segments, it is easier for you to reach out to them according to their specific needs.

    ✍️ Do YOU need it?

    A customer segmentation that focuses on the main components of the NPS - detractors, passives, and promoters - is a must-have for all.

    If the tool's classification also takes into account the other stages of the customer feedback loop or customer lifecycle, that is also a nice addition.

    But if your main purpose is tracking NPS, it might not be necessary. 

    3- Collecting Personal Data for Each Customer

    Although it sounds invasive at first, collecting the personal data of customers is the best way to find out what each and every one of them needs.

    This data could be any preference they make while using your product, or if you need more direct and upfront data, their survey results.

    The bottom line is, customers, need (and deserve) individual care.

    And an NPS tool must be able to give it to them.

    ✍️ Do YOU need it?

     If your customer relationships and customer behavior data aren't tracked in any other platform, or if your product doesn't require personalized data, this one might be an optional feature for you.

    But if your budget allows it, personal data collection can help make surveys more scalable and thus necessary.

    4- Survey Automation

     Survey automation is another great feature to have for your NPS tool.

    With survey automation, you can make sure the customers are regularly surveyed, as well as make sure they are surveyed at the right time.

    Moreover, it can give perfect results when paired up with personal data collection and timing.

    ✍️ Do YOU need it?

    Since there are multiple types of NPS tools, and even the Excel file you may be using to manually reach out to your customers and calculate NPS may count as an NPS tool; we could say that automation isn’t mandatory.

    Though, it is definitely a need.

    It is, in fact, the sole purpose some smaller companies purchase NPS tools.

    5- Survey Timing

    Timing is as important as automation itself.

    Do you think your company would get better responses to the surveys

    👉 When the surveys are shown randomly, or

    👉 When they are shown after the customer makes a successful purchase?

    I’ll bet on the latter.

    Timing features are important because you can;

    Schedule when the surveys will be sent

    Send a survey again if the previous survey went unnoticed

    Avoid sending too many surveys, which can easily turn a promoter into a detractor

    Figure out the best time to send surveys

    Automate surveys to be sent before or after a specific action

    And more!

    ✍️ Do YOU need it?

     Like automation, survey timing is not entirely necessary.

    But it is a need if you want to make sure you are not wasting time or resources.

    And as I listed above, it has many pros to it.

    So if you can afford it without bending your budget too much, definitely go for it.

    6- Real-Time Notifications

    It should go without saying that real-time notifications are really important when it comes to NPS tools.

    However, most of the time, this feature is overlooked.

    Though a well-functioning notifications feature isn’t as much an outstanding feature as segmentation or survey creation, it is the spine of the tool.

    Even when everything is automated and real-time data is available at all times, if you’re not notified of changes on a regular basis, it is hard to maintain control over the software.

    ✍️ Do YOU need it?

    Notifications in real-time is a good requirement for most businesses, especially those with a customer base made up of big contract customers.

    You may even want to use an NPS tool that can send notifications to your phone or one that can work with other apps and software to do so.

    Looking into an option with regular reports in digestible form is also advised 🙌

    7- Integrability with other software

    Especially when your company is on the bigger side of the spectrum, things may get complicated.

    In fact, it is the same even when you have a smaller company.

    There are many services that can optimize your workflow; however, the data may get lost between tools and software.

    That’s why you should consider using an NPS tool that can adjust itself to operate perfectly with all the other software you might be using.

    Even though the other tools are relatively simpler ones.

    ✍️ Do YOU need it?

     If the tools you use regularly aren't too many and if you use them as the main operator of your tech stack, integration with those can be crucial for you.

    You might want to look into integrations with big tools you might be using, like Slack, Mixpanel, HubSpot, and others.

    Now that we've gone through how you can choose an NPS tool, let's dive into our best picks ⬇️

    NPS Tools You Need to Check Out

    Now, as we went through it - extensively - above, there are different NPS tools that can work different tasks best for different products and businesses.

    That's why we tried to bring together as many of the most acclaimed ones together.

    So, let's take a look:

    1- SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey is for everyone.

    SurveyMonkey might be one of the most popular tools when it comes to survey tools.

    Or when it comes to customer service tools in general.

    So naturally, it is a go-to tool for many companies, including startups, thanks to its always free starter version, and bigger companies, thanks to its wide catalog of survey and question types.

    When it comes to SurveyMonkey's NPS survey feature, one can say it is easy and functional.

    It is truly good enough to answer the needs of most companies.

    But since the NPS survey is not a specialized key feature, SurveyMonkey might be a mediocre solution for those looking for a dedicated tool for NPS.

    nps survey tool surveymonkey
    Surveymonkey NPS tool


    SurveyMonkey offers a free version where users have access to some limited features. But if you are looking to buy for your team, it offers 3 plans:

    • Team Advantage: $25/user/month billed annually
    • Team Premier: $75/user/month billed annually
    • Enterprise: Custom Quote

    2- UserGuiding

    UserGuiding is not just for NPS; it is for making sure the NPS of your business is high.

    Now here's the thing:

    UserGuiding isn’t primarily an NPS tool.

    It is a no-code tool for better in-app experiences, which of course, includes in-app surveys and NPS.

    And that, folks, is basically getting the best of both worlds.

    nps survey tools userguiding
    With new survey features, UserGuiding is one of the best NPS tools that you can use

    UserGuiding is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy on the pocket.

    It comes with a set of features that can fully support the essential features of a good NPS tool, while also setting the ground for enhancing your NPS, like:

    ✅ Interactive guides, product tours, walkthroughs,

    ✅ User checklists,

    ✅ In-app messages, tooltips, hotspots,

    ✅ Resource centers,

    ✅ In-app, customizable surveys & NPS surveys

    And more, powered with a built-in analytics platform, customization, localization, segmentation, and targeting.


    UserGuiding offers a 14-day free trial and 3 pricing plans:

    Basic Plan: $89/month (billed annually) for up to 2,500 MAU

    Professional Plan: $389/month (billed annually) for up to 20,000 MAU

    Corporate Plan: $689+/month (billed annually) for custom MAUs

    3- Delighted

    Delighted takes pride in its ease of use.

    As well as many big companies they work with such as Uber, Cisco, Slack, and Target.

    With Delighted, you get access to primary features such as survey management and customer segmentation, but also additional features such as a real-time dashboard and sentiment analysis.

    With many apps and software available for integration, such as Slack and Salesforce, Delighted works in real-time.

    It’s not only easy to use but also easy to set up.

    My favorite feature is the option to send surveys that can be answered on email, without external links.

    Another strong suit of Delighted is its customer support.

    Testimonials show that Delighted is quick to respond to any question with highly informative directions, leaving the customers, – delighted.

    And if you aren't already convinced, Delighted has been acquired by Qualtrics, one of the biggest tools in the survey market.

    nps survey tools delighted
    Delighted NPS tool


    Delighted offers a free version where users can choose to use one survey type on one channel with a monthly limit of 1000. The other plans are:

    Premium: $224/month, billed yearly, 10,000 surveys sent

    Premium Plus: $449/month, billed yearly, 20,000 surveys sent

    Enterprise: directed to Qualtrics CustomerXM with a custom quote

    4- ProProfs Survey Maker

    Best survey maker when it comes to advanced reporting and analytics.

    ProProfs Survey Maker comes with versatile survey templates which can be easily customized based on your requirements.

    👉 You can add your own images, and logos, and change font and colors with its easy drag-and-drop feature.

    👉 When it comes to framing the right NPS questions, you can choose from a range of customizable NPS survey templates.

    👉 With the advanced reporting and analytics feature, you can segment your customers into detractors, passives, and promoters.

    👉 Moreover, the easy-to-understand pie and bar charts indicate who took the surveys, when they took them, the nature of their responses, and a lot more.

    nps survey tools proprofs
    ProProfs NPS tool


    ProProfs offer a 15-day free trial, and 3 pricing plans:

    Essentials: $19/month (billed annually)

    Premium: $49/month (billed annually)

    Business: $99/month (billed annually)

    5- Qualaroo

    Qualaroo is a one-stop solution for all your survey needs.

    Qualaroo isn’t just an NPS survey tool.

    It is an enterprise-level survey management system used by some of the biggest companies out there, like eBay, Udemy, Shopify, LinkedIn, and more.

    You can create and analyze surveys for multiple channels like websites, apps, mobile, and email.

    👉 You can create and deploy surveys such as NPS, CSAT, CES, exit-intent, etc., in minutes using the pre-built templates.

    👉 Design truly personalized surveys with features like question branching, advanced audience targeting, multi-lingual support, and design customization options.

    👉 Qualaroo’s in-depth reporting section automatically segregates the NPS feedback into promoters, detractors, and passives, saving you time and effort.

    You can also keep track of the NPS scores in real time with charts. It also employs an AI-based sentiment analysis engine and word cloud generator to make data mining easier.

    One last thing:

    ProProfs has acquired Qualaroo, so you know it is good.

    qualaroo nps survey tools
    Qualaroo NPS tool


    Qualaroo offers a 15-day free trial, and 3 custom plans:

    • Essentials: $69/month billed annually
    • Premium: $149/month billed annually
    • Enterprise: $299+/month billed annually

    6- SurveySparrow

    SurveySparrow is another NPS tool.

    You know how boring it can get to fill out a survey.

    With SurveySparrow you can create surveys that will look like a chatting experience to your customer, which I think is a genius idea.

    👉 It works on mobile just as well as desktop, which is a critical pro since most of us prefer the flexibility of our phones most of the time now.

    It’s easy to use both for the customer and for you.

    👉 SurveySparrow is also one of the few tools that offer survey software and NPS software separately.

    If you are looking to only use an NPS survey software without any other built-in survey templates, it is the NPS tool to go for.

    surveysparrow nps survey tools
    Survey Sparrow NPS tool


    Currently, SurveySparrow does not share its detailed pricing publicly and instead offers custom pricing upon talking to sales.

    7- Wootric

    Wootric is one of those reliable NPS and CSAT tools that has it all.

    It is easy to use, it has a solution focused on NPS only, and its customer support is much appreciated.

    HSBC, Zoom, HubSpot, and Glassdoor are among the companies that prefer Wootric.

    👉 It can also integrate with Intercom, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, and many more in a second.

    👉 Wootric learns and works in an autonomous manner so that you don’t do the manual work.

    👉 NPS analysis and survey feedback are among the strong points of Wootric.

    And as is the tradition among the best survey tools, it has been acquired by InMoment, making it a nuclear, agile solution for NPS while also being highly integrable with a good customer experience tool such as InMoment.

    wootric nps survey tool
    Wootric NPS tool


    Wootric offers custom pricing for its 3 pricing plans, Professional, Growth, and Voice of the Customer.

    8- CheckMarket by Medallia

    CheckMarket has the power of best-in-class survey software, with none of the wasted spend.

    At least, that's what they say on their website 🤷

    But I'd be ready to vouch for it since CheckMarket was previously, which was acquired by Medallia, another former survey solution now operating as a CX software.

    It is complicated, but it is good.

    Otherwise, PayPal, IKEA, IBM, and Sony wouldn't care for it.

    👉 CheckMarket allows users to create different surveys with an intuitive survey builder for different use cases, including customer journeys and employee experience.

    👉 It offers different distribution channels like surveys via email, social media, web, SMS surveys, and even Slack surveys.

    👉 CheckMarket also offers powerful reports with real-time dashboards in different sharable formats and automated notifications.

    👉 And yet another strength of the tool is, of course, its integrations, some f the most important ones being Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Zapier, and social media.

    nps survey tool checkmarket by medallia
    CheckMarket NPS tool


    CheckMarket has 3 custom pricing plans:

    • Forever Free: Free Version with 200 responses monthly
    • Professional: $75/month with 1000 responses monthly
    • Advanced: $150/month with flexible responses monthly

    9- Zonka Feedback

    Zonka Feedback is an underdog, but it's been gaining momentum.

    Today, they are a G2 high performer in the experience management software grid, and among their customers are Apple, American Express, Nikon, AirArabia, and SAP.

    And I can definitely say that it is a good tool for not only NPS but also customer experiences with its key features.

    But for users who want to focus on NPS, it still is simple enough.

    👉 Zonka offers most essential features for NPS surveys, including automation, analytics, and intuitive survey builders.

    👉 Among the integrations Zonka Feedback offers are Zapier, Zendesk, Intercom, MailChimp, Slack, and more.

    👉 One of Zonka Feedback's unique features is its offline surveys, which come as a separate plan but is still an important plus.

    zonka feedback nps survey tool
    Zonka Feedback NPS tool


    Zonka Feedback offers a 7-day free trial, which then can be followed by:

    • Starter: $49/month (Billed Annually) with 2,500 Email or SMS Sends
    • Professional: $99/month (Billed Annually) with 10,000 Email or SMS Sends
    • Growth: $199/month (Billed Annually) with 50,000 Email or SMS Sends
    • Enterprise: Custom plan with custom Email or SMS Sends

    10- Hotjar

    Hotjar is not the tool you thought you needed for NPS, but it is, and it is more.

    Hotjar is possibly one of the most popular tools used in user and customer experience, and it is no wonder it is also a trusted tool in NPS and surveys.

    👉 The Hotjar surveys solution helps users create on-site surveys and even though it is not as multi-channel as some other more dedicated tools, it brings its own perks that comes from being Hotjar 🤷

    👉 Another strong suit of the solution is that its surveys are quite easy to build with its drag-and-drop editor, which allows users to come up with NPS surveys in a few minutes.

    👉 Along with Hotjar NPS survey templates, users get to use other templates as well, such as pricing plan feedback surveys, product-market fit surveys, exit-intent surveys, and more.

    nps survey tool hotjar
    Hotjar NPS tool


    • Basic: Free with up to 20 monthly responses
    • Plus: €48/month (billed annually) for up to 250 monthly responses
    • Business: From €64/month (billed annually) for 500+ monthly responses
    • Scale: Custom quote

    Wrapping Up...

    There are many tools under the name of NPS tools, or tools that can mimic what an NPS tool can do.

    But still, it may not be the right tool for you if its features are the ones you need.

    Of course, not every single feature has to be an important one for your specific need and business.

    But especially for smaller businesses, a close look at them helps.

    In this article, I tried to curate some of the very best tools for NPS as well as customer engagement.

    Because unless you look into CX synchronously, you can't stop customer churn.

    That means no one to ask for an NPS survey 😬

    So hopefully, the NPS tool you were looking for was on our list, and hopefully, you go with one that can prove to do more for you.

    Like a certain tool I listed above & below 🫣⬇️

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