5 Lou Assist Alternatives and Competitors to Get Better Results From Your User and Employee Onboarding

If you in any way need an alternative to Lou, this article will help you learn about its possible alternatives and competitors, and why you should choose one over the other. 

In the article, I will talk about my experience with each of the 5 tools, the pricing of the tools, and their reviews from platforms such as Capterra, G2, and Product Hunt.

Now, before directly starting to talk about the Lou Assist alternatives, let’s start by explaining what Lou Assist is. Talking about what Lou Assist can help you see what challenges you may face when using it, and its pricing will give you a better idea about what you are looking for as an alternative.

Let’s get into it!


  • Lou or Lou Assist is a digital adoption platform, that helps early-stage SaaS businesses improve their user onboarding.
  • While Lou doesn’t have the most necessary features and puts extreme limits to their existing quotas, the pricing is below the market average, and that makes the tool a preferable one.
  • Even though the pricing is low, since Lou doesn’t have comprehensive analytics, any kind of feedback collection, a resource center, or advanced segmentation and customization options, it would be best for most companies to consider an alternative.
  • UserGuiding is the best alternative to Lou since even though their pricing is almost the same, UserGuiding provides much more advanced features and a complete set of necessary onboarding materials.
  • Other alternatives to Lou include Appcues, Froged, WalkMe, and Whatfix.

What is Lou Assist?

Lou Assist (Lou) is a SaaS product that aims to help its customers create engaging in-product experiences. 

louassist dashboard
Image from Louassist’s Dashboard

When it comes to creating product tours, checklists, and hotspots, Lou is as good as many other products that are out there. 

It can help you use the above-mentioned elements in a couple of steps. What puts Lou one step ahead of many of its competitors is that creating any of these elements doesn’t require any technical knowledge. 

Their no-code tool enables almost anyone to provide a satisfying customer experience.

However, while the tool is cheaper compared to many of its competitors, its features and services are limited.

Lou Pricing

  • Free version (available with limited features)
  • Startup Plan: $79 (billed annually or $99 monthly)
  • Growth Plan: $199 (billed annually or $239 monthly)
  • Enterprise Plan: $299 (billed annually)

Lou Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons: 

“Lou is very easy to use, with a clear and clean interface and step-by-step guidance for users to perform the necessary actions.”

I would like to see more integrations with other software packages (Slack, Mixpanel, and Intercom) and I would love to see more advanced features like NPS.

Why you need a Lou Alternative

Considering my own experiences with the tool and the reviews online, I can say that there are several reasons why might need an alternative to Lou. 

In comparison to Louassist competitors mentioned in this article, Louassist lacks some key features:

1- NPS (Net Promoter Score)

If you are looking for an all-around customer engagement or an onboarding tool, one of the most significant things is whether they can provide you with NPS surveys or not. 

The simple reason for this is that your NPS tells you about customer satisfaction. In other words, it is the ultimate way of finding out whether you can come up with the needs and expectations of users or not. 

The lack of this feature in Lou is one reason why you need an alternative. 

2- Lack of Resource Center

Another significant feature that every product like Lou and its competitors should have is a resource center

Putting together resources, materials and other updates for users is a lot of work but it is a crucial thing to do, especially for someone looking for a customer engagement or user onboarding tool.

In this regard, if you are looking for a tool like Lou, you need to take this feature into consideration as well.

3- Limited Tool Integrations

As you read in the Lou review above, Lou does not have integrations with some of the most useful tools. The limited tool integrations prevent you from using the tool to its full potential. 

Top Lou Alternatives

Now that you know what Louassist is and the main challenges you may come across when using it; it’s time to talk about its alternatives.

Here are the top 5 alternatives to Lou:

  1. UserGuiding
  2. Appcues
  3. Froged
  4. WalkMe
  5. Whatfix

Now let’s go over each tool and compare them with Lou.

1- UserGuiding vs Lou

UserGuiding is a no-code product walkthrough software that helps you provide better in-app experiences.

With UserGuiding, you can create:

  • Interactive Product Tours,
  • Tooltips and Hotspots,
  • User Onboarding Checklists,
  • Resource Centers,
  • NPS Surveys,
  • And custom user segments.
zakeke product tour created with userguiding
Zakeke’s product tour, created with UserGuiding

Compared to Lou, UserGuiding is an easier and much more capable tool with a similar range of price. 

UserGuiding is an all-around tool because it enables you to:

  • Segment your users with the help of product data and decide the best way to approach the users.
  • Easily create personalized interactive product tours, tooltips, hotspots, checklists through segmentation. 
  • Collect feedback through NPS surveys.
  • Gather all the necessary information and solutions in its Resource Center for users. 
UserGuiding dashboard - lou alternative
UserGuiding is easy to learn and use.

The best feature of UserGuiding is that it provides multiple benefits for all tiers such as EU or USA server hosting option, bulk action selection, easy localization, material tagging for easy access, advanced no-code segmentation, and a lot more coming very soon.

UserGuiding Pricing

  • 14-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Basic Plan: $89/month when billed annually for up to 2500 MAU
  • Professional Plan: $389/month when billed annually for up to 20000 MAU with unlimited guides
  • Custom Quotation Available for Larger Companies

UserGuiding Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

“Awesome usability. You do not need any technical assistance to create any onboarding flow or use any feature end-to-end whatsoever. Awesome customer support. Continuously adding new features and releases to improve the customer experience.”

“It was a bit hard for us to start with because of our custom targeting needs, but the support team helped us along the way.”

UserGuiding vs Lou

Starting Price:$89/MonthFree – $79/Month
G2 Rating:4.7 ⭐️4.6 ⭐️
Interactive Walkthroughs
Onboarding Checklists
Announcement Modals/Banners
NPS SurveysLimited
In-Product Surveys
In-App Resource Center
Avg. Deployment Time15 Minutes1-2 hours (Without Customization)
User Segmentation
User Analytics
Multi-Language Support
User Tracking
Knowledge Base Integration
Learning Curve🙂 Smooth🙂 Smooth

UserGuiding also offers free migration services for your in-app content created using other software to minimize your switching costs.

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2- Appcues vs Lou

Louassist Alternative Appcues' dashboarrd
Louassist Alternative / Competitor Appcues’ Dashboard

Appcues is one of the first to introduce 3rd party no-code SaaS onboarding tools.

Appcues enables you to embed your own codes into the tool in order to make it appear different, or insert personalized buttons. This is great if you want to have some flexibility in your product.

However, this requires coding knowledge to be able to fully customize the tool.

Compared to Lou and UserGuiding, Appcues is much more expensive.

Appcues Pricing

If you want to use Appcues with Product Tours add-on:

14-day free trial (no credit card required)
Essentials Plan: $249/month when billed annually for up to 2500 MAU
Growth Plan: $879/month when billed annually for up to 2500 MAU
Custom Quotation Available for Enterprises

Appcues Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

“Very happy with my experience. The team we worked with was great and very informative/helpful.”

“It’s limited to relatively basic exports. This is particularly annoying when it comes to surveys done through Appcues.”

3- Froged vs Lou

froged tool
Louassist Alternative / Competitor Froged

Froged promises to elevate customer success by offering a variety of features that track customer actions and list them as statistics for you.

Here is what you can create with Froged:

  • In-App messages
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Customer Behavior Tracking
  • Integrated Knowledge Base
  • Customer Communication Tools
  • Frequent Customer Interactions
  • Customer Metrics
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Email Campaign Performance

If you are interested in Lou because of its similar Froged above-mentioned features, then Froged would be a good alternative to Lou. 

However, if you want an all-around product that combines the above-mentioned features with better interactive product tours, checklists, hotspots, and resource centers, then UserGuiding is a much better choice.

Froged Pricing

Starter Plan: Free forever with 1 seat and limited features
Grow Plan: €57.50 per month if paid annually
Scale Plan: €207.50 per month if paid annually
Enterprise Plan: starting from €890 per month if paid annually

Froged Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

“This is an impressive tool to communicate with current and prospective clients (through a beautiful chat widget) and to keep track of their behaviour within your website.”

“In order to get the most out of the tool, you need a developer to integrate it with your own saas platform. There is nothing wrong with this but would prefer an easier way.”

4- WalkMe vs Lou

walkme competitors
Louassist Alternative / Competitor WalkMe

If you are an enterprise with a high budget for a perfect onboarding process, WalkMe is a better choice compared to the other onboarding tools on the list.

The cloud-based user onboarding tool is mainly used by big enterprises. It solves your customer success and employee training problems in the best way possible. However, if you are not an enterprise, WalkMe would not be the best choice for you. It requires a bit of technical knowledge, and might not be affordable for your business.

WalkMe Pricing

WalkMe has custom pricing and their prices are higher than average.

WalkMe Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

“The features are amazing and really helpful to users on your website once implemented.”

“Sometimes things that were built will randomly stop working. This is typical with most software but can be annoying.”

5- Whatfix vs Lou

whatfix alternatives and competitors
Louassist Alternative / Competitor Whatfix

Whatfix is an in-app guidance tool that you can use to onboard new users and retain the existing ones.

It is a similar tool to WalkMe when it comes to being preferred by enterprises. However, compared to WalkMe, Whatfix falls behind in providing systematic quality analysis. 

Overall, with its strong focus on employee onboarding and training, Whatfix helps your team adopt various technologies and tools. However, compared to Lou and UserGuiding, WalkMe and Whatfix require technical knowledge.

Whatfix Pricing

Whatfix has custom pricing. Still, their prices are known to be above the market average.

Whatfix Reviews

👍 Pros:

👎 Cons:

“Intuitive interface – awesome support – Super easy & quick integration.”

“Looking forward to their analytics features.”

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