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How to Onboard Your New Employees Innovatively?

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    Interactive new employee tours are the latest most popular & successful way to onboard your new recruits. While there are lots of human resources software every day, you should consider some special features to onboard your employees efficiently and successfully.

    Why do you need an innovative employee onboarding software?

    “Why?“ your senior manager might be asking. “We used to read some papers, and it was all good. No need to pay for innovation

    Well, especially in enterprise sales, I’m also talking with such people almost every week. It’s a bit hard to explain how the world has changed, and efficiency is much more important now. Because in today’s world, everyone works hard. And you need more innovation every day to achieve better than your competitors.

    And especially, HR tech should be considered one of the core pillars for long-term success. Because know-how is very important, you don’t want to lose it. And for every new recruit, a better employee onboarding will result in a much more loyal colleague with efficiency while working.

    Here is why using 3-rd party tools might be a good idea.

    What is the best and the most innovative employee onboarding software?

    I’ll explain why UserGuiding is currently the best employee onboarding software to build interactive guides.

    First of all, your new employee doesn’t really read long documents, watch training videos. They want to be guided interactively and learn your software by using it.

    UserGuiding is the easiest way to create interactive employee onboarding tours for your new recruits, for non-technical people. Watch the video below that explains how to prepare a guided tour with two steps under 100 seconds!

    UserGuiding has a special feature that is called “Assistant”, which lets your web app users search for help about whatever they need and get the relevant automated guide on-demand. 

    This feature lets your guides to be reusable and help your users whenever they need help.

    Employee Onboarding - Checklist

    Also segmentation and targeting specific users will boost your conversions. With UserGuiding, you can target people from different location, language, referral URL or retargeting with their guide history on UserGuiding.

    Employee Onboarding - segmentation

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