Top 5 EverAfter Alternatives - Which Tool Is Up To Par With EverAfter's AI?

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    Home / Growth / Top 5 EverAfter Alternatives - Which Tool Is Up To Par With EverAfter's AI?

    AI is taking over. Even your customer success operations.

    Not in a bad sense, though. But companies come up with amazing ways to integrate AI into our lives and help us get faster and better.

    EverAfter brings AI into CS operations and reduces the workload of any Customer Success Manager, giving them extra time to focus on the most important aspects of their work.

    To find out if EverAfter is a good fit for you, today I will:

    • Talk about what EverAfter is and how it can benefit customer experiences,
    • Compare it to other collaborative customer onboarding platforms and share user reviews,
    • And answer the most frequently asked questions.

    Let’s get into it:

    What is EverAfter?

    EverAfter is a Customer Success tool that allows you to "scale your customer experience without increasing Customer Success headcount".

    Everafter alternatives - website

    The tool allows you to create a shared base between you and your customer in order to have a complete overview of all projects and steps taken.

    And unlike many other tools, EverAfter has taken fast steps with the popularization of Artificial Intelligence and integrated a GPT chatbot into their product.

    Using the bot, you can generate emails, conversation templates, outlines, and many more.

    The tool also helps you create a checklist-based onboarding journey. This way, all stakeholders can get to the point where they should be in no time.

    While the fully no-code approach makes it easier to figure out the tool, customers report that EverAfter takes quite a bit of time to figure out fully. Since there is a lot to uncover within the tool and a new approach that has its differences from traditional UX designs for CS tools, you should keep the learning time in mind.

    EverAfter Pricing

    Ever After doesn't have public pricing available. In order to get a custom quote, you can book a demo with their sales team.

    EverAfter Reviews

    👍 Pros:

    “EverAfter's platform enables users to quickly set up dynamic and branded customer hubs without the need for developer assistance. This ease of use empowers businesses to create a customized experience for their customers, tailored to their specific needs and preferences.”

    👎 Cons:

    “There may be a steep learning curve when it comes to building and maximizing all of it's features. I would also like to have more integrations with other apps so that we can fully optimize our workflow.”

    Top EverAfter Alternatives

    Here are the top X alternatives to EverAfter:

    1. ChurnZero
    2. Totango
    3. Gainsight CS
    4. Rocketlane
    5. HubSpot Service Hub

    I'll go over each tool, compare it to EverAfter, and talk about which cases they should be preferred in. So, without further ado, let’s start with our first product:

    1- ChurnZero

    ChurnZero was the 11th fastest-growing product in 2020. Out of every other product.

    customer success tools churnzero

    If you are familiar with customer success tools at all, you would know that Gainsight is at the top of the game. However, ChurnZero is the closest runner-up, with a high potential to catch up with similar tools really soon.

    ChurnZero’s best quality is probably how easy it is to use the tool, even with the highly detailed features that function just right. Task automation is among the clients’ favorites, with that feature, companies can easily achieve perfect customer monitoring and teamwork.

    ChurnZero offers a free demo that lets users explore the tool and decide whether it is suitable for their business (and most of the time, it is) and also live support that helps you adjust to the tool and its details easily and quickly.

    Being a tool that rose to the top during the coronavirus pandemic, ChurnZero is aware of the power of technological communication; they frequently hold webinars and send helpful material to clients.

    ChurnZero Pricing

    • ChurnZero requires a custom quotation from the sales team on demand.

    ChurnZero Reviews

    👍 Pros:

    “The team has been great at reaching out and keeping us on task so that we can hit our Q1 launch and provide our Client Success team with this powerful tool. They set the standard on what onboarding and Client Success should look like.”

    👎 Cons:

    “Since ChurnZero is an extremely robust tool, there is a steep learning curve. They do offer useful training resources in CZ University, but I found myself still needing additional assistance as videos can only do so much.”

    2- Totango

    With customers like Google and Zoom, Totango is a promising software that ought to help you keep all your customers happy.

    Gainsight alternatives - totango

    Totango’s customer success tool Spark has a clean and easy look right from the start. It’s easy to use, and the fluid interface is one of the best parts of the software.

    Although most of its features, such as customer segmentation and the ability to integrate with third-party tools, are highly praised, most clients of the product dislike the lack of automation of certain features.

    However, Totango is still a high-rated tool with a free version and a 30-day free trial for the enterprise version, making it an extremely functional and preferable tool for small businesses and startups.

    Totango Pricing

    • Free version available with limited features
    • Free Trial of higher plans available for 30-days
    • Starter Plan: starting at $249/month
    • Enterprise Plan: custom quotation upon request.

    Totango Reviews

    👍 Pros:

    “Totango is constantly releasing new features and functionality that help us better serve our enterprise customers. We’ve been able to measure customer health, track KPI’s and prioritize our efforts.”

    👎 Cons:

    “The reports module is not too rich and most of the data (scorecards and reports) are only shared internally in the system for users who are logged in to Totango. It would be great to have more possibilities to share data externally.”

    3- Gainsight CS

    Gainsight is a robust customer success and product adoption tool for companies that need a complete tool to analyze and guide customers.

    gainsight alternatives - gainsight dashboard

    Gainsight, as a digital product, is not a single tool itself, it is a company that provides various applications for different use cases.

    The 3 tools that Gainsight provides are:

    1. Gainsight CS for customer success,
    2. Gainsight PX for product experience,
    3. Gainsight inSided for customer communities.

    Gainsight CS is Gainsight’s customer success platform which allows you to project customer journeys and get actionable insights from your customer base about your overall health score.

    gainsight alternatives - gaincisgt cs

    Unlike many other customer success software products, Gainsight CS focuses on real-time data and analytics features, along with surveying and feedback features.

    User ratings and customer reviews on various websites show that the tool’s connection to Salesforce separates it from all others.

    Still, the tool is very hard to use, and some features don’t deliver the promised value.

    Gainsight CS Reviews

    👍 Pros:

    “The most helpful components of Gainsight are the centralization of customer data into the C360, the flexible reporting/dashboarding, and the sophisticated Journey Orchestration capabilities.”

    👎 Cons:

    “Gainsight can be very complex to configure, it requires integrations with a number of data sources in order to be regarded as the “source of the truth” for CSMs. From a Journey Orchestrator standpoint, the UI/UX is not intuitive and takes quite some time to ramp up.”

    4- Rocketlane

    Rocketlane is a Collaborative Customer Onboarding Platform that provides a customer portal for you and your clients to be on the same page.

    rocketlane gif dashboard

    The best thing about Rocketlane, and what makes it stand out from competitors, is the fact that you can create unlimited projects, and you will have to pay by the user rather than the number of projects.

    The tool gives you a 360-degree view of your project, where each stakeholder stands, and what progress has been made.

    According to Rocketlane, it enables you to:

    1. Hold your customer accountable,
    2. Deliver a consistent experience,
    3. Bring all your project activities into one space,
    4. Give crystal clear visibility across teams,
    5. Get insights that help you improve consistently,
    6. And increase the productivity and throughput of your team.

    Rocketlane Pricing

    • Essentials Package: $19/member/month on annual payment, minimum 5 team members
    • Standard Package: $49/member/month on annual payment, minimum 5 team members
    • Premium Package: $69/member/month on annual payment, minimum 5 team members
    • Enterprise Package: Starting from $99/member/month on annual payment, a minimum of 5 team members

    Rocketlane Reviews

    👍 Pros:

    “I love how customizable the Rocketlane features are. Rocketlane has made managing collaborative projects with my clients so much easier. — Even as a team of one.”

    👎 Cons:

    “The inability to have a subproject the way we need it. Its a very unique situation where we launch a brand and then that brand has multiple locations that launch over weeks or months depending upon the client.”

    5- HubSpot Service Hub

    Having been founded in 2006, HubSpot has been a leading company in the industry for a long time.

    customer success tools hubspot

    With other successful tools such as Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and HubSpot CRM (which is free) HubSpot proves its prevalent success in the SaaS field. As its name suggests, HubSpot Service Hub is focused on service and not necessarily 100% customer success.

    Although, for now, it lacks some features that would be needed for big companies, it has great potential and a lot of workspaces for smaller businesses. Its top feature is the live chat tool, which lets you customize a chat tool for your customers. Another advantage is that HubSpot Service Hub integrates with HubSpot CRM, a necessary tool for customer success.

    HubSpot Service Hub Pricing

    • Professional: $500 a month (up to 5 users)
    • Enterprise: $1,200 a month (up to 10 users)

    Bonus: HubSpot goes off up to 90% for startups.

    HubSpot Service Hub Reviews

    👍 Pros:

    “The support, ticketing and Knowledge Base features the Service Hub offers for Customer Success Teams such as ours is absolutely amazing for a quick and time bound workflow and team like ours!”

    👎 Cons:

    “Setting up the Customer Portal is too complex. I’ve been through the documentation and details. Love the concept, need to spend some more time setting it up.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should use EverAfter?

    Teams that need collaboration and project management tools, such as product teams and freelancers, should use EverAfter.

    How much does EverAfter cost?

    Ever After doesn't have a public pricing available. In order to get a custom quote, you can book a demo with their sales team.

    What are the top alternatives to EverAfter?

    The top alternatives to EverAfter are ChurnZero, Totango, Gainsight CS, Rocketlane, and HubSpot Service Hub.

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