37 B2B Statistics and Trends in 2024

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    Home / Growth / 37 B2B Statistics and Trends in 2024

    There's a lot to catch up on within the B2B world lately. This current situation requires business leaders to take B2B trends and statistics into consideration.

    With the constantly changing needs and expectations of the 21st century, companies that are able to adjust to these changes and needs, are usually the ones who achieve their estimated growth rates.

    And that's why, you too, should be aware of the crucial roles you have as growth people; closely examine B2B stats and follow the trends to identify these changing needs so that you can offer a relevant service in the light of what you've learned. 

    Today, we're going to be looking at some of the most informative B2B statistics to understand what's going on in this beautifully complex world of its own. 

    Let's go. ✍🏼

    General B2B SaaS Statistics

    Let's quickly take a look at what's up with the general B2B statistics before moving on to further subtitles on the matter.

    1- A big group of B2B buyers -73%- participated in doing research and making the last decision are millennials and more than half of them are sole B2B Decision-Makers. (HBR)

    2- When it comes to meeting the requirements of millennials who are B2B buyers, B2B vendors are falling behind. For instance, 21% of millennials analyze rankings and reports as part of their decision-making process. (TrustRadius)

    3- According to research, 76% of B2B businesses have developed a formal marketing plan. It's also surprising that almost 25% of the rest don't have a formal marketing plan. (WebFX)

    4- A large number of B2B customers, 90% of them to be exact, start their B2B buying journey with an online search. (Dialogtech)

    5- B2B buyers are more than halfway (57%) through the decision process when they finally get in touch with a potential vendor. (WebFX)

    6- In the B2B world, 56% of B2B companies incorporate digital marketing. (WebFX)

    7- 44% of B2B SaaS companies adopt sales-negotiated pricing instead of fixed pricing at 34% and variable pricing at 24%. (Maxio)

    SEO in B2B Statistics 

    SEO has always been essential for the survival of B2B organizations. Let's take a look at some B2B SEO statistics to see if that has changed or not. 

    8- It was reported that 64% of marketers actively spend time working on search engine optimization. (HubSpot)

    9- SEO is proven to be above Organic Social Media, as it drives 1,000% more website traffic -organic search- than regular social media content. (HubSpot)

    10- In recent studies of B2B buyers, 49% said they use Google’s search engine to find a new item or product. (HubSpot)

    11- According to a recent poll, 70% of participants stated that SEO generates more sales than PPC. (HubSpot)

    12- Among the most important changes are the changes made to SEO and search algorithms, according to 62% of B2B marketers in 2023. (CMI)

    13- 53% of businesses plan on increasing the budget they have for SEO. (Searchmetrics)

    B2B Marketing Statistics - B2B Content Marketing Statistics

    I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that creating a solid content marketing strategy that's good enough to attract potential customers and end up making you increase your B2B revenue is, let's say, the nightmare of many B2B content marketers. But it sure pays off. 

    Here are some B2B marketing stats that I hope will motivate you as B2B marketers to step up your content marketing game and get THAT increase in revenue!

    14- Before contacting a salesperson, an average of 41% of B2B buyers always read at least 3 pieces of content - articles, blog posts, etc. (DemandGenReport)

    15- In a recent study conducted by CMI, it was stated that 70% of participants said the pandemic significantly impacted their content marketing strategy and the process of their content creation, both in the short and long term. (CMI)

    16- Since the pandemic started, 33% of B2B buyers stated that they spend more time looking for products on mobile devices and social platforms than before. (TrustRadius)

    17- Many B2B firms (77%) have an effective strategy for their content marketing that they strongly rely on. (HubSpot State of Marketing Report)

    18- Almost 70% of B2B buyers stated that they find and digest content directly from a vendor's website. (99 Firms)

    19- 45% of B2B content marketers wait for their content marketing budget to increase in 2024. (CMI)

    B2B Website Design Statistics

    There's no doubt that a proper website design can help you achieve many things. Nowadays, however, it's more important than ever. A good web design can help you guide your internet users' actions and direct them to where you want them to look.

    Here's more of what a great website design can help you get:

    20- More than 63% of millennials stated that they prefer live chats over interacting with brands in an old-school fashion. (Magellan)

    21- A big majority, 90%, of B2B buyers research between 2 to 7 different websites before making a purchase decision. (Dialogtech)

    22-  $2.6 billion is the number of lost revenue due to slow-loading websites in 2022. (WebFX)

    23- 94% of first impressions have a lot to do with a website’s design. (WebFX)

    24- 83% of potential buyers expect a website to load in under 3 seconds. (WebFX)

    22- 75% of website credibility is proven to come from design. (Source)

    25- In 2022, it's stated that 73% of companies used web design to eliminate their competitors. (Adobe)

    26- 42% of users leave websites if they come across poor functionality or issues with usability. (MarketSplash)

    B2B Sales Statistics  

    As the new normal progressively set in, the field ''sales'' has probably become one of the most impacted areas of any work field, let alone B2B. 

    Let's try to understand how the B2B sales process is doing today with the help of these stats:

    27- Recently, video conferencing has become the most effective channel for buyers involved in B2B business decisions. Most of the time, online video meetings are preferred over audio or phone by 3 out of 4 B2B buyers. (McKinsey)

    28- More interestingly, it's stated that very few sales teams are still conducting in-person meetings. They are surprisingly few -16% of B2B sales departments in the UK- and they have face-to-face meetings with their buyers. (McKinsey)

    29- It was estimated that 73% of millennials would be taking part in the B2B sales processes in 2022. And since it is well known that millennials look for personal connections instead of settling for fancy marketing efforts, traditional B2B sales funnels were estimated to fail in 2022.

    30- According to a Salesforce report, 68% of business B2B buyers require brands to understand their personal needs and wants before making a buying decision. (Salesforce)

    31- 46% of B2B sales representatives make use of social media. (Demand Gen Report)

    B2B E-Commerce Statistics

    This year is expected to bring many E-Commerce milestones, maybe even sooner than you think. That's why I gathered some of the most interesting stats about the matter; let's check them out.

    32- It was estimated that B2B E-Commerce site sales would reach nearly $1.77 trillion in 2022, reaching a 12% increase compared to 2021. (BigCommerce)

    33- It's estimated globally that E-Commerce sales will reach $5 trillion in 2022 and $6 trillion by 2024. (BigCommerce)

    34- In 2022, it's estimated that B2B buyers conduct approximately 12 online searches before making any purchasing decisions from a particular brand. As a result, 55% of B2B marketing budgets are used more carefully and shaped around digital channels that enable the vendor to create a more personal B2B buying process. 

    35- In addition to all the changes in E-Commerce, many businesses are also taking AI into consideration in order to gain a competitive advantage through chatbots and search marketing. In 2022, it was expected that 25% of business owners would use AR, and another 70% would give it a try.

    36- According to B2B eCommerce statistics, 80% of B2B business purchases are impacted by a client's customer experience, with just 20% of B2B buying decisions related to price or specific product. 

    37- As of 2024, 64% of B2B buyers are expected to be Millennials and Gen Z’ers. (DigitalCommerce360)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is SEO important in B2B?

    Yes, it is. SEO is crucial when it comes to B2B businesses’ overall success. In recent studies of B2B buyers, 49% of the participants stated that they use Google’s search engine to find a new product they’re looking for.

    Should I care about my website design while dealing with B2B sales?

    Yes, you definitely should. It was stated that 75% of website credibility is proven to come from design, meaning that your average social media user -or an average person- will confront your web design and online content first, then have a first impression of your service, and then decide whether to buy from you or not.

    Is B2B video marketing still relevant?

    Well, of course, it is. Video marketing is a part of an effective content marketing strategy. Without video marketing and video marketers, this whole process would be missing out on a huge opportunity to attract thousands of active users, mobile users, monthly users, loyal customers, basically everything!

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