17 Best Product Management Blogs to Follow in 2024

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    Home / Growth / 17 Best Product Management Blogs to Follow in 2024

    Reading project management blogs written by top industry experts is a beautiful way to stay on top of new trends, best practices, tactics, and other product-related news. For one, I enjoy reading blogs. There are many blogs that publish hundreds of articles each year.

    And blogs are an excellent tool for product managers to stay updated and advance their careers.

    However, three are many blogs, and a fast Google search for product management blogs might overwhelm you with numerous results, so I've compiled a list of my favorites to help you out. Don't forget to add them to your bookmarks!

    So without further ado, let's begin.

    1. The Department of Product by Richard Holmes and Jason Leonard

    One of the best product management blogs is the Department of Product. Product management professionals write this blog for product management professionals. 

    The writers are realistic and straightforward, and their teachings use these qualities to create a method that leads to success. This blog has lots of articles, resources, and a wide range of perspectives on this industry that is in a constant state of flux. It also covers specific topics like DevOps and the use of tools such as Slack.

    The best thing about this blog is that it delivers a lot of options if you're looking for certain topics. The articles are well-written, easy to grasp, and full of useful information. If you ask me, How to Build better Internal Tools is a definite article to start with.

    2. Sachin Rekhi by Sachin

    The website calls itself "Musings on product management & entrepreneurship," and the blog has anything you can ask related to product management. Sachin has written over 150 essays and continues to offer his help to those who're in need. He worked in Silicon Valley as a PM and as a founder, so he knows a lot.

    I really enjoy his writings because they are not complicated and include different perspectives, making the essays more interesting. 

    The best part of his blog is that although product management blogs can be tedious and technical, this blog offers fresh content that shows the reality of the industry. Reading his content feels like listening to a knowledgeable friend talk.

    3. Hitenism by Hiten Shah

    Don't let the first impression fool you; although the website looks plain, it's packed with content. Hiten's knowledge regarding SaaS companies comes in handy, and he offers lots of excellent insights into software product development and crowdsourcing tips. 

    In addition, he knows how to make the most efficient products and is an expert at building product communities. 

    The best part of this blog is that it's full of great ideas and content. Read "Create products that people love by validating your idea first" to get inspired. There are lots of articles like this one that are waiting to be discovered.

    4. SVPG Insights Blog

    Marty Cagan, a product management veteran, formed the Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) to share the expertise and experience of some of the computer industry's most seasoned product leaders. Before founding the SVPG, Cagan was in charge of developing and maintaining some of the most well-known tech companies, including Netscape Communications, Hewlett-Packard, and eBay.

    SVPG's Insights blog provides outstanding articles on a variety of product-related issues regularly, in addition to a continuing series of workshops and more significant events. Their topics cover process, data science, and communicating your product strategy.

    Whether you're new to product management or work as a product executive, SVPG's Insights blog is a great resource to bookmark and visit regularly. Product managers at enterprises of all sizes, from startups to larger organizations, will benefit from the articles written by regular authors and guest bloggers.

    The best part of this blog is that it is straightforward to navigate. Categories are listed, so you can choose any category you want to read more about. In addition, this blog has a series on main topics like product strategy and product team objectives. 

    You can check out the overview of the product strategy series then navigate to the other writings from the links listed.

    5. Roman Pichler by Roman

    Another great product management blog is Roman Pichler. The website delivers everything you need: lots of resources, insightful articles, product management information, tips, product roadmaps, articles on user experience, product strategy, and so on. 

    If you are in need of product management resources, Roman is one of the best. The best part of his blog is that you can search for the topic you want to read about, and there is a wealth of content you will find. In addition, the blog makes it super easy to reach information and offers lots of articles. 

    What more can you ask? 

    6. Hacker Noon by various authors

    Hacker Noon is packed full of resources about product management, development, and so much more. There are lots of original articles that focus on everything related to the tech industry. Also, the blog's growing product management community is very supportive and great to work with. You can always learn something new from others.

    The best part of this blog is that its product manager community is great, and they offer so much content.

    For your starting point, give this blog post, Product Management Skills NO ONE Talks About, a read, then follow the flow.

    7. Elezea by Rian van der Merwe

    Elezea is a blog that offers you a bird view of the whole product management process. What does it mean? Well, it means that it is one of the best product design blogs that covers almost everything you can think of!

    Whether it's trends or best practices, Elezea got your back. Including specific topics related to product design, new product launches, and product development, the blog provides easy-to-read content that is entertaining. 

    The best part of this blog is that there are lots of thought pieces on topics such as customer research. If you want to check out this blog, I recommend reading Product Management Is about Building Carrots, Not Sticks as a starting point.

    8. Women in Product by various authors

    For women, by women. One of my favorite blogs, Women in Product, is a product management blog that delivers great content while empowering women. Actually, it is a non-profit organization that intends to help women to get equal grounds to product management and assist them along the way. 

    The best part of this blog is that blog topics are unique. The posts offer women's points of view on various subjects about this traditionally male-dominated field and take a big step to change it.

    You can interact with other women in product management and meet the women that paved the way. 

    9. Product Coalition collated by Jay Stansell

    This website collects various blog posts on product management from the best individuals from the industry and various blogs on the internet. With its numerous insights, it's great for people that don't want to search all day long to find reading material.

    The best part of this blog is that its research focuses on providing the best for the reader. Product Coalition delivers the best posts of the blogs, so you can just select one article and start reading. You can easily access articles written in-depth with no detours.

    10. Product Talk by various authors

    Product Talk states that its main goal is to help readers to make better product decisions. Their team members consist of product leaders and authors who write about leadership and decision-making best practices for product people, as well as more challenges in product management and how to overcome them.

    The best part of this blog is that it focuses on leadership and decision-making. This fact makes it a valuable resource for product managers and executives looking to improve their skills. 

    Don't know where to start? Doing Discovery Well: How to Measure and Guide Your Team by Teresa Torres is a good starting point for product managers who are in need of leadership and product discovery advice. 

    11. Product Lessons by Linda Zhang

    This blog mainly shares real-life examples and stories to help product management teams improve their skills and advance in their careers. Each piece can be read in under 5 minutes and promises actionable steps for readers. For example, Linda Zhang was previously promoted to Group PM in 2 years and turned down a Senior PM offer from Instagram to pursue solo entrepreneurship.

    The best part of this blog is that it's one of the blogs with a wealth of content categorized greatly. The blog is easy to navigate through, and articles like How to develop your talent stack are fascinating reads that can help you broaden your vision and work on your skills.

    12. Amplitude Blog

    Amplitude's founders, Spenser Skates, Curtis Liu, and Jeffrey Wang, created Amplitude to help teams create better products. The philosophy of Amplitude is that product analytics is something everyone should learn to some extent. And their blog follows this vision by offering everyone quality content that will guide them to use analytics to build better products, from product managers to engineers and designers.

    The best part of Amplitude's blog is that it often features guest posts by experts in the field, including Hiten Shah, Brian Balfour, John Cutler, and others. So if you want to improve your product analytics skills, you should give it a try.

    13. UserGuiding Blog

    UserGuiding is a well-known user onboarding tool in the product management space. Many product folks find its easily-navigable design and numerous features great. Just like the tool, the blog focuses on product metrics and customer feedback since they are crucial to product professionals working on software products.

    The best part of the blog is that UserGuiding publishes great content regularly offers insights from their experts and guest writers. Many of the articles focus on their own product how it can provide solutions to the problems of customers. Still, UserGuiding also publishes tons of great general content for product managers, for example, articles on launching new products and how product and UX teams collaborate most effectively.

    14. Ken Norton's Blog

    Ken Norton is a well-known product leadership coach, speaker, and writer. He worked for more than 14 years at Google. Currently, he is an executive coach to product leaders. In addition to coaching hundreds of product managers, Ken regularly publishes articles on product management topics.

    Do you wonder what a product manager should do in their first 30 days at a new company? Ken wrote about that. Do you know how to work most effectively with engineers? Check out his blog. 

    The best part of Ken's blog is that it doesn't only focus on planning, prioritization, and strategy but also gives career advice about product management, tips, and insights into the life of a product manager. 

    15. First Round's The Review

    The First Round Review is full of resources for product managers. From Articles to podcasts and e-books, you can find content in any form you prefer. Their blog posts mainly focus on the reality of building a startup and the hardships you might face along the way. The blog claims that technology entrepreneurs can learn from their online publications and build better companies. 

    The best part of this blog is that it offers a great amount of quality content for anyone working in startups, including founders, marketers, investors, and of course, product managers. Startup experts write articles for startup folks, so if you think you can benefit from first-hand experience, you should check their posts. The blog covers topics like networking, fundraising, empathy on product teams, developing a solid PR plan, and so on.

    16. Inside Intercom

    Intercom's blog is a fantastic resource for product managers or anyone interested in the field. The authors of Intercom have been producing quality articles for years, and their content is categorized in various categories such as Customer Support, Design, Sales and Marketing, Product Management, and Startups.

    The best thing about Intercom's blog is that there are a lot of product management-focused articles which are unique. If you visit the website, you can see that the latest articles aimed at product managers include topics like strategic vision, A/B user testing, the problems of scaling an application, and guides for prioritization methods.

    17. The Black Box of Product Management by Brandon Chu

    The blog proclaims that it's "shining light on the PM discipline" and offers an excellent combo of personal and technical content. It provides easy-to-read and entertaining articles for product managers. 

    Brandon writes about the philosophical aspect of product management and gives great actionable advice for creating and managing good product teams. His articles show how a manager should handle product development. He also writes about skills every PM should work on, such as prioritization and decision-making.

    The best part of this blog is that it's chock-full of stories about success and failure. For example, if you want to see the black and white world of a product manager, give A Bad Product Decision a read. It offers great insight into the imperfect work life. I find it very beneficial for any product manager who has never faced issues dealing with product owners, ownership, or defining roles.

    These 17 blogs will help you to learn more about product management and broaden your vision. So go ahead, check the ones you find interesting, and don't forget to add your favorites to your bookmarks!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the role of product management?

    Product management works closely with the customer experience and helps product teams to design the most efficient product for both parties- customers and the businesses.

    How do you become a product manager?

    Learn the basics of product management and the product management process. Study hard and develop your projects to apply what you've learned. Finally, create a portfolio of projects to show everyone your best works.

    Do product managers need to code?

    No, product managers don't have to code. However, a basic understanding of the concept might be beneficial for product managers since it's a well-approved skill in the tech industry.

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