54 Inbound Marketing Statistics and Trends 2024

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    Home / Growth / 54 Inbound Marketing Statistics and Trends 2024

    The sales world will become 100% digital this decade.

    That's why Inbound Marketing is getting more effective and profitable each passing day.

    So, this is your call to start abandoning your outbound practices and catch up with the most effective inbound tactics to have higher conversion rates this year - the year that digitalization takes over.

    That's why I gathered over 50 inbound practices along with statistics to give you a better insight.

    Let's dig right into it ⬇️

    General Inbound Marketing Statistics

    1- Content marketing can save you up to 62% more and bring three times more leads compared to traditional marketing.

    2- Inbound Marketing costs $14 less than traditional marketing for each newly acquired customer.

    3- Inbound leads acquired after five months of consistent inbound marketing are 80% less expensive than outbound leads.

    4- The top Search Engine Optimization tool for marketers was Google Analytics in 2020.

    5- More than 70% of search engine users are only interested in organic search results.

    Inbound Marketing Success Statistics

    6- A properly planned inbound strategy is ten times more effective than outbound strategies in terms of lead conversions.

    7- 32% of participants of a research indicated that they will invest more in inbound marketing by cutting from the outbound channels budget.

    8- Companies that automate their lead nurturing cycle see a 10% increase in revenue within 6 to 9 months. (Gartner

    9- Less than one-fifth of marketers actually believe that outbound marketing generates qualified leads.

    10- The most effective inbound marketing strategy worldwide was content marketing, with a preferred rate of over 20%.

    B2B Inbound Marketing Statistics

    11- B2B buyers make around 12 searches before checking a specific website.

    12- Marketers from B2B companies focus on three specific content types the most: Blog Articles, eBooks, and whitepapers.

    13- In a research, 88% of the participants mentioned at least one analytics tool (such as web analytics or dashboards) as their main technology in marketing activities.

    14- The use of content creation, collaboration, and workflow tools as marketing tools in B2B rose from 45% to 58%.

    SaaS Inbound Marketing Statistics

    15- 68% of online and SaaS buyers spend time reading the content by brands that they are interested in.

    16- By 2025, 80% of the SaaS and B2B software sales are expected to be made digitally.

    17- 90% of surveyed start-up founders indicated that SEO and content marketing is the main element of creating brand awareness and high-quality leads for their business.

    18- 85% of the biggest SaaS businesses own an active blog.

    19- 18% of the best SaaS businesses also have podcasts of their own that they use for marketing efforts.

    Inbound Marketing Statistics by Marketing Strategy

    Content and Social Media Marketing:

    20- 80% of business decision-makers prefer getting information about a company from a series of articles rather than search ads.

    21- The percentage of marketers that actively use a content marketing strategy is 82%.

    22- Almost half of the companies (48%) that use a content marketing technique give priority to blog content creation

    23- Almost 40% of marketers agree that content marketing is the most important marketing trend.

    24- 24% of inbound marketers stated they would invest more in content marketing in the following years.

    25- In research for content marketing statistics, 86% of participants stated they use business blogging, while 67% use emails, and only 45% use infographics.

    Email Marketing:

    26- According to Statista, global email users amounted to 3.9 billion users in 2019.

    27- This number is expected to grow to 4.73 billion global users by 2026.

    28- In 2022, each day, 333.2 billion emails were sent out and received.

    29- The number of daily emails was predicted to increase to over 392.5 billion by 2026.

    30- Email marketing has a measurable ROI, and for every $1 that is invested in email marketing, returns an average of $42.

    31- Personalized subject headers generate 50% times higher open rates in email marketing.

    32- Almost one of every two customers would like to receive emails about promotions from their preferred brands each week.

    33- More than 1/5 of marketers stated that the design of their marketing emails plays a great role in engagement rates.

    34- Having a mobile-optimized site and mobile-friendly emails is the second of the most effective strategies


    35- The percentage of companies that have a blog and report a positive ROI for inbound marketing is 79%.

    36- 57% of marketers who post monthly on their blog acquired a customer through it, while this number rises to 82% for marketers who blog daily.

    37- Long-form blogs (+2k words) generate nine times more leads to customers than short form.

    38- Blogs cover 1/4 of all the websites on the internet.

    39- An average blog post in 2023 was as long as 1,416 words.

    40- More than three-quarters of internet users regularly read at least one company blog.

    41- The ideal reading time for a blog post content is 7 minutes.

    42- Two-thirds of B2B marketers prefer outsourcing their blog content.

    Video marketing:

    43- The most preferred form of media for a content strategy is video content, preferred over blogs and infographics.

    44- 85% of businesses include video marketing as a tool in their strategy.

    45- Among marketers that use video, 92% state that it's an important element of their inbound marketing tactics.

    46- 88% of video marketers say that video increased their inbound marketing ROI.

    47- Video was expected to be the top investment for B2B companies in 2022.

    48- 87% of marketers that include videos in their strategy confirmed that video helped increase their website traffic.

    49- 80% of video marketers reported that video marketing directly increased their sales.

    50- Video has been the #1 format marketers used in their marketing strategy in 2021.

    Lead Generation:

    51- 76% of companies reported using inbound marketing automation in 2021.

    52- 44% of marketers say, "Better measure the ROI of our demand generation initiatives" is their top priority for 2021.

    53- 53% of marketers indicated that email marketing had been their most effective channel for early-stage lead generation.

    54- 28% of marketers say using additional account-level fields helps improve their lead scoring.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How effective is inbound marketing?

    Inbound marketing can save you up to 62% more money while tripling your leads. Also, the use of content creation, collaboration, and workflow tools as marketing tools in B2B rose from 45% to 58%.

    What percentage of users click on search engine ads?

    More than 70% of search engine users are only interested in organic search results, and 80% of business executives prefer getting information about a company organically rather than search engine ads.

    Why should blogging be a key focus?

    77% of internet users regularly read at least one company blog, and 79% of companies that have a blog report a positive ROI.

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