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We used UserGuiding to promote our first Webinar - You can do this too

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    Home / How to / We used UserGuiding to promote our first Webinar - You can do this too

    Hey there. I don't know if you are like me. But I've always liked online meetings, events, and gatherings more than physical ones. This might be slightly related to my being an introvert... But that's not our topic here. Let's talk about how I can offer you an easy way to promote your webinars.

    So on the 2nd of September, our Success Manager, Suzan, hosted a webinar for the first time in her life. I think it went pretty well. Especially for the first time.

    I remember my first live streaming while playing Heroes of the Storm. Well, unlike me, she didn't forget that people were watching her and opened WhatsApp Web to chat with her significant other...

    Any way.

    We've promoted this webinar on three channels:

    • Post on social media & send an email - duh
    • A modal for our visitors on websites.
    • And the onboarding checklist inside our dashboard.

    We've used our product, UserGuiding, to promote our webinar. Here they are:

    Modal on our blog:

    how to promote webinar userguiding

    The onboarding checklist in the dashboard:

    how to promote webinars checklist

    How to Design a Webinar Announcement with UserGuiding?

    This is how I built the modal:

    As a non-technical marketing person, it took me 5 minutes to design the modal with UserGuiding.

    (of course, our amazing designer did a great job with the visual too)

    design webinar announcement
    design webinar announcement

    After designing it, I've thought about an important question:

    When should I trigger this modal for our website visitors?

    OK, I know. Not many marketers are asking this question. That's why something pops up every time you visit a website.

    But triggering is really important. You are trying to catch someone's attention while they are already on your platform. To make it count, you should segment people and trigger the right content for them at the right time.

    So - I've set the trigger for this modal with integration UserGuiding and Google Tag Manager. Now, it'll only trigger once our readers (such as you) scrolled page 75%.

    tag manager trigger for modal

    And the checklist:

    So, because the webinar's content was about "Basic Implementation" of UserGuiding, I needed to target our users that haven't reached the "Aha!" moment yet. So inside UserGuiding panel, I've created this segment to target the right people:

    • Users that have installed our Chrome extension.
    • Users that haven't built an onboarding experience with it.
    • And users that haven't embedded the JavaScript code to their website yet.

    So it appeared on these users' checklist while the non-qualified users didn't have this one on their checklist.

    So How Many People Joined the Webinar?

    If you have read other articles on our blog, you might have seen that we are personal & transparent. We always share correct numbers. On IndieHackers, you can see our MRR as well.

    So I'll be open and share correct numbers with screenshots as well. Let's go.

    how to promote webinars zoom

    So we used Zoom as the webinar tool as we are already using it for product demos.


    • 166 people visited the landing page for the webinar,
    • 23 people signed up for the webinar,
    • 18 people actually joined it,
    • 5 people asked questions,
    • And 2 of them embedded our JS code just after the webinar.

    We didn't spend any extra money to promote it. I believe this is a good start.

    PS: If you are a webinar master, I'd be happy to get your feedback about all these. Connect me on LinkedIn or Twitter, please :)

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