10 Growth Hacking Podcasts to Take Your Business to The Next Level

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    Home / Growth / 10 Growth Hacking Podcasts to Take Your Business to The Next Level

    You have a business that you want to grow faster, but you neither have time to read every single article available online nor the budget to get every certified course? 

    Or maybe you just want to make good use of the time that you spend on the bus and learn tips for your business on the go? 

    You should lay back, get yourself a cup of coffee, and listen to a podcast that will both educate and entertain you.

    What exactly is Growth Hacking?

    In the simplest terms, Growth Hacking is utilizing whatever data you have to grow rapidly and vastly and with minimal cost. It is what they do in any big company that came out of nowhere and became a big hit, like Facebook, Uber, or Airbnb. That’s how startups work, and growth hacking is the biggest gun in any startup’s arsenal:

    • The concept of growth hacking has been around for a while now, namely since 2010, when Sean Ellis, founder, and CEO of GrowthHackers coined the term.
    • As entrepreneurship became an actual job thanks to Millennials who are way bolder than Gen X and way saner than Gen Z, the rise of growth hacking was inevitable.
    • When growth hacking is such a big deal, you expect a podcast or two to focus on it, but thankfully we have so many growth hacking podcast options all around the world, each focusing on a brand new and eye-opening side of the concept.
    • Yet, since both the popularity of growth hacking and the number of podcasts drastically increased within the last few years, it might be difficult to decide how you are going to win recognition in the competition.

    Even looking for recommendations on google can be overwhelming.

    Especially if it's about a trending topic such as Growth Hacking.

    I know.

    I was once the one scrolling through recommendations, searching for Growth Hacking Tools, Growth Hacking Books, Growth Hacking Podcasts, and most importantly, ways to engage growth hacking into my business.

    Each podcast has its own strengths, and contributes in a different aspect. Some are more informative while some help you think outside the norms.

    So here I gathered the most popular and the most recommended Growth Hacking Podcasts together for you.

    Top Growth Hacking Podcasts

    #1 - The Growth Hacking

    As you may guess, the main topic of this podcast is Growth Hacking. Not business in general, not marketing strategies.

    The host, Laura Moreno interviews Startup Founders and Growth Hackers, twice every week. The guests both share their incredibly inspiring stories and give pretty actionable advice every episode.

    growth hacking podcasts the growth hacking podcast

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    If you were a cook, wouldn't you want to learn Gordon Ramsay's secret recipes? Well, check this out:

    At the end of every episode, they have a lightning round where Laura Moreno makes the guests confess their secrets.

    The show has an average rating of 4.9 stars on Apple Podcasts, let's see 3 of the most popular episodes:

    Check it out already on Apple Podcasts so that you can start hacking right now!

    #2 - The Growth Show

    The Growth Show might be the one podcast that everyone in the marketing and growth industry recognizes and likes, including me.

    The host of the show is Meghan Keaney Anderson, who is the vice president of marketing at Hubspot.

    With the host being such an expert both in content and marketing, it is not surprising that the show became such a success.

    Growth hacking podcasts the growth show

    This podcast that teaches how to become a success is the success in the industry. They -for sure- have a couple of things in store for us.

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    Simple, its content: instead of constantly talking about what you should and shouldn’t do in your business, the show shares interesting growth stories of people in different industries.

    After all, what could be more inspiring than a real-life story, right?

    If you're already convinced that this is the one, I'll leave the latest 3 episodes here:

    • Welcome to the Mirror World
    • How Minnesota Freedom Fund Scaled Quickly Under International Spotlight
    • How Aequales Is Closing the Gender Gap

    You can find all the other episodes on Hubspot, Apple Podcasts and Spotify

    #3 - Marketing Over Coffee

    First things first, I am obsessed with this podcast.

    If you want to listen to a podcast that feels like a coffee break conversation, this one is ‘’The’’ podcast for you (and me). It is being recorded in a coffee shop and has been the same for 10 years, ever since the podcast started.

    Most people indicated that they’ve learned a lot from the experienced businessmen while some others complain about the chit-chat within the show, which is actually the whole point.

    growth hacking podcasts marketing over coffee

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    On top of the sincere atmosphere that the show has, each episode lasts only 20 minutes so you can listen to it on a break, at the shower, while driving to work, long story short, anytime!

    Basically, if you want to get out of the compressing aura that the pressure of growth puts upon you, you should check this podcast out.

    For you who might want to take a glance at it, here are the latest 3 episodes:

    You can find the rest of the show both on the Marketing over Coffee website, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

    #4 - SaaS Growth Whisperers

    So, most of us are familiar with common biases about growth marketing like ''you need to learn how to code, we're in the 21st century'' or ''you have to study something related to MSI to survive'' etc. Well, John Ozuysal proved all of those wrong.

    In his show, John talks to the most successful entrepreneurs such as Jeff Solomon, Toby Allen, and Nirman Dave. All his guests are people who focus on no-code businesses and therefore take the SaaS game to a whole new level.

    Growth Hacking Podcasts SaaS Growth Whisperers

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    John himself is someone who is still in the growth market and a relatively new name in the startup world, so he knows what is challenging nowadays and focuses on them, which makes it way easier to relate.

    I am someone with zero technical background, I am only good at excel thanks to investment banking. When I entered the world of startups, I was fascinated with growth marketing, and I always wondered can someone with no technical background become good at growth marketing?

    John Ozuysal
    Growth Manager at UserGuiding

    The. Most useful podcast. For starters. I have proof, just check the latest episodes out:

    You can find this game-changing podcast on UserGuiding, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts

    #5 - Seth Godin's Startup School

    Seth Godin's startup school is literally a 15-episode-long school that teaches the basics and key points to how to build a successful startup.

    I know this is not the most up-to-date podcast since it was launched in 2012. But, if it's still commonly mentioned throughout the internet, there is a solid reason behind that.

    Seth Godin is an educator, writer, speaker, and the founder of Akimbo, which is a platform that provides various workshops, mostly business-related topics.

    growth hacking podcasts seth godin

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    Instead of giving speeches about startups and businesses, he really is good at highlighting the fundamentals for success.

    He knows what it is like to be a starter and his podcast can definitely help you be more confident and resistant during your journey.

    Since this podcast is more like a speed-course, I will leave the first 3 episodes below:

    You can find the whole podcast in Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

    #6 - The Marketing toolbox

    So far, you have learned what you should do. What about how you should do them?

    Since 2015, Growth Marketing Toolbox focuses on the tools that help growth marketers and growth hackers do their magic.

    Host Nicholas Scalice goes over different tools his guests develop and market, joined by a new marketer, startup founder, or marketing technologist every week.

    growth hacking podcasts growth marketing toolbox

    To top it all, each episode lasts around 30 minutes. Great news if you suffer from having the attention span of a goldfish like me. 

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    Let's hear it from Jessica Burnham:

    Nicholas provides tactics that are the perfect blend of sophisticated and straightforward. His deep knowledge of the industry, combined with his many years of experience make him a Swiss Army Knife for implementing landing pages in any vertical.

    Jess Burnham
    Community Manager at Unbounce

    Here we have another seminal podcast that is already a couple hundred episodes long, so I'll leave the latest 3 for you:

    Here's the official website, I know you want to check it out ;)

    #7 - Online Marketing Made Easy

    To be honest, I hate to be surprised when I see a successful female entrepreneur.

    But Amy Porterfield is actually a huge, inspiring, encouraging female role model that deserves an extra mention.

    Not only to me, not only to females, to everyone.

    In her website, she has categorized her podcast episodes under 3 different main topics: ''Start Strong'', ''Scale Fast'', and ''Sell More'' so that you don't have to search within all 371 episodes she has so far to get to the part of your interest.

    Growth hacking podcasts online marketing made easy

    As for her content, before her intro, she gives a sneak-peak of the content of the episode. Thus, you don't have to spend extra time to make sure that you're at the right episode and to set the bar for the tone of the topic.

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    She does it all.

    She does interviews, she does mini execution plans, she does ''behind the scenes'' for her most successful launches.

    In addition to her podcast, she provides cheat sheets and articles related to the topic so that you can choose between the method that appeals to you the most.

    I leave the latest 3 episodes here, just in case you haven't checked out her official website already:

    In addition to following her podcast at her official website, you can also leave your e-mail for her to send you her new episodes and keep you up-to-date.

    You can also find her on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

    #8 - Everyone Hates Marketers

    Do they? Maybe. But do they need marketers? Absolutely.

    Hosted by Louis Grenier, Everyone Hates Marketers takes pride in the fact that it is a podcast that is BS-free and focused on actionable strategies that might actually work for you.

    With episodes of around 40 to 50 minutes, it is still airing every week.

    Let's be honest: none of us actually like to listen to hours of repetitive content that sounds like a copy of what everyone else says, right?

    growth hacking podcasts everyone hates marketers

    Here you have the podcast that goes straight into the meet of the topic in a bold and memorable way.

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    This podcast will teach you how to grow fast by treating people how you would like to be treated

    And as a writer, the titles of each episode couldn’t satisfy me more.

    You definitely should see what I'm talking about for yourself. Here are the latest 3 episodes:

    Just go ahead and choose between all the episodes yourself at the official website, Apple podcasts and Spotify.

    #9 - The Growth TL;DR

    I have listed some podcasts that teach what to do, some teach what not to do, and most of them share stories.

    ''What is left?'' you may ask, well, what if I tell you that there might still be a missing piece. What about questions that no one else asked?

    Jeff Bezos once complained that everyone asked what's gonna change in the next 10 years, but no one asked what's not going to change in that time.

    Growth Hacking Podcasts The growth TLDR

    Apparently, Kieran Flanagan and Scott Tousley heard him.

    Not only did they improve, but they also started sharing their questions and answers with everyone else via this podcast.

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    Among all the businessmen and businesswomen, this podcast has guests from companies that everyone around the world.

    When you think of revolutionary transportation, you think of Uber and Lyft.

    When you think of online entertainment, you think of Netflix.

    When you think of communication, you think of Slack.

    And here are 3 of the episodes where the guests are CEOs, Growth managers and VPs of such companies:

    You can find the rest of the episodes on Kirean Flanagan's official website, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

    #10 - Perpetual Traffic

    Those who know DigitalMarketer might guess why this podcast got into such a small list.

    Almost all the content they cover in each episode are the keystones to successfully launch and maintain a SaaS business.

    But I have to be honest, the podcast does contain a lot of infomercials before they get to the main topic, so, you have to be 5 to 10 minutes patient to get to the juice (or skip those parts manually).

    growth hacking podcasts perpetual traffic

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    If you want to incorporate social media into your growth, this podcast will be your bedside book. Ralph Burns is the CEO of Tier11, an advertisement company, specializing in Facebook. Along with the hosts, the podcast shares stories from DigitalMarketer itself, increasing the credibility, and their on-point questions never cease to amaze me.

    The headlines of the episodes also deserve an honorable mention, such as:

    Spotify and Apple podcasts are two other options to find the whole list of episodes.

    Bonus Recommendation

    # - Growth Experts

    Dennis Brown has some very important things to say to those who don't even know where to start.

    Growth Experts is another podcast that I had to mention. The overall content is not only about Growth Hacking, but also about little things that matter a lot when it comes to starting a business.

    Covering a wide range of topics from blogging to making videos, interviews, and LinkedIn tips, this podcast would be a perfect fit for everyone.

    growth hacking podcasts growth experts

    As for the unique element of the podcast:

    If you are tired of finding out that some people are not experts, just popular, Dennis Brown won't let you down!

    Unlike most “experts”, I have built 3 multi million dollar companies in my life. I know how to build successful businesses!

    Dennis Brown
    Dennis Brown, LinkedIn Marketing & Social Selling Consultant, Trainer & Speaker

    To make it easier for you to find, I leave his latest 3 episodes here:

    And in case you want to listen to him on different platforms, you can find him on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

    Are these the only possible choices?

    No, of course not.

    There are many more podcasts that you may like more than those that I listed, but, even if you don't trust my word: almost everyone on Google and Quora agrees on the worthiness of these.

    So they probably deserve a shot.

    If you still want to know about other options, you might as well take a look at our related article ‘’13 Best Podcasts About Startups and Growth’’


    Neither growth Hacking nor starting a business is a quick thing to do in a couple days.

    It's a process.

    It requires time to experience, learn, adapt, and execute.

    But getting help and boosting things up isn't wrong, on the contrary, listening to a Growth Hacking podcast during your spare time might be the easiest and one of the most efficient things to do!

    You can start with the podcasts listed in this article to have a head start in terms of reliability and effectiveness.

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