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9 Free and Paid Alternatives to Google Analytics That Might Be Better For You

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    Home / User Onboarding / 9 Free and Paid Alternatives to Google Analytics That Might Be Better For You

    It doesn't matter if you have a SaaS platform or an e-commerce store; if you have a website, you've probably heard of Google Analytics or even tried it.

    And if you're still using Google Analytics and looking for alternative analytics tools, I got you.

    This article will give you an extensive list of paid analytics tools that might fit your business' and teams' needs better and compare them with Google Analytics.

    So if you are interested in switching, continue reading this article.

    But before I list the alternatives and compare them, let's answer the initial question: What does Google Analytics do?

    What does Google Analytics do?

    Google Analytics is an all-in-one analytics tool for statistics and search engine optimization (SEO). With Google Analytics, you can find out your top sources for user traffic, track purchases, discover user engagement patterns, analyze user behavior analytics, and so on.

    google analytics tool

    In short, Google Analytics collects user data from each visitor through page tags. If you have a website, when you use Google Analytics, it inserts a javascript page tag into the code of every possible web page. With the said tag running in the web browser of each visitor, you'll be automatically collecting data and sending it to one of Google's data collection servers.

    Then with Google Analytics, you can create customizable reports to track data such as the number of users, average session times, page views, goal completions, and more.

     However, because this system can't work without cookies, if a user has disabled cookies, you can't collect data from them with Google Analytics. 

    Let's take a look at Google Analytics' key features.

    Google Analytics Key Features

    Some of the key features of Google Analytics are:

    • Data visualization and monitoring tools
    • Data filtering, manipulation, and funnel analysis
    • Data collection application program interfaces (APIs);
    • Predictive analytics, intelligence, and anomaly detection;
    • Segmentation for analysis of subsets
    • Custom reports for advertising, audience behavior, and user data;
    • Email-based sharing and communication
    • Integration with other Google products such as Google Ads, Google Data Studio, Google Optimize 360, Google Search Ads 360, Google Display & Video 360, Google Ad Manager, and Google Search Console.
    • Digital Analytics
    •  Engagement, retention, churn, conversion metrics
    • Standard Event Tracking

    And all of these features come for Free.

    Amazing, right?

    Since it is free and beginner-friendly, many organizations use Google Analytics; however, at some point, businesses either switch to different analytics tools or use Google Analytics as a subsidiary tool to their leading analytics platforms.

    But if it's free and pretty useful, why do businesses switch to other paid alternatives?

    Why you shouldn't use Google Analytics

    First of all, although it is the first choice for analytics, Goole Analytics does not comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

    And this means you could be breaking the law unknowingly. Oops.

    That is why a lot of businesses are looking into alternatives for Google Analytics.

    Before I list the alternative powerful analytics platforms, you should know that making Google Analytics GDPR compliant is possible. You can: 

    • Simply ask users for permission. It is easy and straightforward. Google specifies what type of consent you'll require
    • Limit your data sharing and make most of your data anonymous which is very tiring. No one has time for that, right?
    •  Use alternative analytics software that is GDPR compliant. Which are many organizations prefer.

    Also, there are other concerns regarding Google Analytics:

    • Relentless changes: Currently, Google Analytics 4 is on the market. Yeah, 4. Google often updates Google Analytics, so you have to re-learn how to use metrics, reports, etc. Exhausting, right? Oh, and sometimes GA deletes your data with no warning. Oops.
    • Needless data: GA receives data from bots and internal users, which can alter your final results. For example, if your marketing team repeatedly views your blog page, you might think that your website is getting more traffic than it does. 
    • Less data: To observe GDPR, you need to ask for users' consent — which means if they decline to be tracked, you won't get any data.
    • Inaccurate data: Actually, Google Analytics doesn't track everything. Reports are mostly filled with approximations, so if you're planning to take a crucial step for your business based on GA data, you shouldn't.

    Since we have an image in our head right now, I can skip to the most important part. Here are ten paid alternatives to Google Analytics:

    1. Matomo (previously Piwik)
    2. Piwik PRO
    3. Adobe Analytics
    4. Fathom
    5. Gosquared
    6. Foxmetrics
    7. Smartlook
    8. Woopra
    9. Oribi
    10. Mixpanel

    Without further ado, let's start.

    Top Google Analytics Alternatives

    1) Matomo

    Matomo (previously Piwik) is a free web analytics platform that provides detailed data on your visitors, including user profiles. 

    Matomo as an alternative to Google Analytics

    For example, with Matomo, you can find out the language your visitors speak, the pages they visit, the files they download, keywords they typed to find your website, and which research engine they used.

    It is open-source software that you can be download and install on your web server easily. It is beginner-friendly and easy to use.

    Matomo also provides a paid Cloud solution that is hosted on their servers for organizations that can't host the software on their own.

    Key Features of Matomo:

    • Cloud Hosting Option
    • Simple analytics
    • Website Actions
    • Integration with Bing, Yahoo, and Google Search Consoles
    • A/B testing
    • Ecommerce reporting

    Matomo gets the upper hand with:

    • Log Analytics
    • Intranet and Form Analytics
    • GDPR Manager
    • Session recording
    • Media Analytics
    • SEO Keyword Ranking
    • On-Premise self-Hosting option

    Matomo Pricing

    On-Premise hosting plan is FREE.

    Cloud plan: 19€/month + (additional 5000 hits for 1.9€/month)

    2) Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

    Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is an alternative tool for businesses that value their privacy. If you have privacy concerns, Piwik PRO is the best powerful analytics platform for you. 

    Piwik PRO as an alternative to Google Analytics

    It's ideal for organizations that work with sensitive customer data like government or finance. If you're looking for an analytics tool that abides by data protection laws, Piwik Pro Analytics Suite is the best analytics solution for you.

    With Piwik PRO, you can analyze the complete user journeys across desktop, mobile, apps, and even intranet post-sign-in spaces. Unfortunately, only a few tools provide monitoring of these secured areas, and they make sure to operate under stringent security regulations. 

    Don't be discouraged! Piwik Pro offers product training and lends a hand whenever you need it if you're a beginner.

    Piwik Pro Key Features:

    • Calculated metrics
    • User Flow reports
    • Custom reports
    • Drag and drop editor for ease of use
    • Integrated tag manager

    Piwik Pro gets the upper hand with:

    • Advanced customer funnels 
    • Meta sites
    • Raw data access
    • Integrated consent manager
    • Native integration with customer data platform
    • Dedicated account manager and support team

    Piwik Pro Pricing

    Piwik Pro Core: Free. (doesn't offer all the features listed above)

    Piwik Pro Enterprise: Custom Priced. (comes with SSO, SLA, your own branding, and public cloud options in 4 countries)

    3) Adobe Analytics

    Adobe Analytics is a powerful web analytics platform that provides marketing analytics, attribution, and predictive analytics and lets its users analyze and improve their user journey.

    Adobe Analytics as an alternative to Google Analytics

    With Adobe Analytics, you can compare different metrics, create and manage customer segments, and export data in multiple ways. As a result, it offers a deeper understanding of personalized experiences, content monetization, and campaign return on investments.

    Adobe Analytics is an advanced analytics tool that comes packed with advanced features and many optimization options. Also, Adobe Analytics works better with Adobe products. If you are already using other Adobe products and volunteer to spend time on engineering for a detailed predictive analysis, Adobe Analytics is an excellent option for you.

    Adobe Analytics Key Features:

    • Multichannel Data collection: Mobile, online, offline, and third-party data.
    • Custom variables: Traffic variables (page views, visits, unique visitors, and time spent), Event Variables, Conversion Tracking 
    • Unique processing rules: visitor segmentation, powerful data segmentation, real-time analytics
    • Offline data integration: integrate data from a CRM system or any other source.
    • Tag management: Open APIs, component-based publishing.
    • Data warehouse: extended storage, data reprocessing, and reporting capabilities for customer data.

    Adobe Analytics gets the upper hand:

    • Adobe Analytics collects data from various channels; meanwhile, GA collects data from a limited number of sources and sometimes doesn't collect at all because they don't get visitors' consent for cookies.
    • Adobe Analytics interactive dashboard is for power analysts and marketers. GA dashboard and reports are not customizable as Adobes.
    • Adobe Analytics offers better predictive analytics with its enhanced algorithm and built-in statistics.
    • A better cloud experience.
    • Customer journey analytics and cross-device analytics

    Adobe Analytics Pricing:

    Custom priced.

    4) Fathom Analytics

    Fathom Analytics is an advanced web analytics tool that offers simple user analytics; it is easy to install and use and doesn't require GDPR, CCPA, or PECR notices.

    Fathom Analytics as an alternative to Google Analytics

    The platform calls itself "a Google Analytics alternative that's privacy-focused and cookie-free," which is true. Fathom Analytics' privacy policy promises 100% privacy and security for your data. It doesn't share your website data with advertising companies or third parties or share or monetize it.

    Fathom Analytics Key Features:

    • Budgeting/Forecasting
    • Consolidation/Roll-Up
    • Data Import and Export
    • Data Visualization
    • Visual Analytics
    • Income & Balance Sheet
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Performance Metrics
    • Profit/Loss Statement
    • Profitability Analysis
    • Scorecards
    • Strategic Planning

    Fathom Analytics gets the upper hand:

    • Fathom Analytics won't use data for anything or sell your data. However, Google Analytics data could be used in civil cases.
    • Fathom Analytics is GDPR compliant and doesn't violate any privacy laws.
    • Fathom Analytics script is only 1.6KB, and GA's script is 45.7GB. So your website will take longer to load if you're using GA.
    • With Fathom Analytics, you can pass through ad-blockers. On the other hand, GA is easily blocked by those.

    Fathom Pricing

    • $14/mo (Up to 100,000 monthly page views)
    • $24/mo (Up to 200,000 monthly page views)
    • $44/mo (Up to 500,000 monthly page views)

    5) Gosquared Analytics

    Gosquared Analytics is a real-time analytics tool that helps organizations to improve their web traffic and convert more. 

    Gosquared Analytics as an alternative to Google Analytics

    With Gosquared Analytics, you can track website visitors, campaign data points, most common events among your visitors in real-time. As a result, it makes it easier to segment your audience and make data-driven decisions.

    Gosquared Analytics Key Features:

    • Campaign Management
    • Customizable Branding
    • Email Marketing
    • Goal Setting / Tracking
    • Interaction Tracking
    • Internal Chat Integration
    • Lead Management & Qualification
    • Mobile Access
    • Multiple Site Management
    • Offline Form
    • Pageview Tracking
    • Proactive Chat

    Gosquared Analytics gets the upper hand with:

    • Unlimited team sharing.
    • Supported on Mac.
    • Multiple site management.
    • In-person and live online training.
    • UTM campaign tracking.
    • Goal Setting and tracking
    • GDPR compliant.
    • Strong privacy controls.
    • Unlimited data retention.
    • More features according to your pricing plan.

    Gosquared Pricing:

    • Starter Plan: $9/mo
    • Standard Plan:$24/mo
    • Pro Plan: $49/mo
    • Scale Plan: $99/mo

    6) Foxmetrics

    FoxMetrics is a secure business intelligence tool to analyze your web, mobile, and first-party data. With Foxmetrics, you can take a look at your customers' journey and scale while protecting your data ownership.

    Foxmetrics as an alternative to Google Analytics

    Restaurant owners can track customer behaviors and make data-driven decisions according to data. With its customer loyalty program, you can improve customer experiences and optimize retention. 

    Foxmetrics has a user-friendly interface and API integration which is easy to use.

    Foxmetrics Key Features:

    • Custom reporting
    • Marketing campaigns
    • Mobile & Web tracking
    • Built dashboards
    • Online and offline data ingesting from any source

    Fox Metrics Features gets the upper hand with:

    • Ecommerce management
    • QA testing
    • Conversion tracking
    • Customer Support Team

    Foxmetrics Pricing:

    • Core plan: Free. (100k Actions/Month)
    • Growth: $299 (1M Actions/Per Month)
    • Enterprise: Custom priced.

    7) Smartlook

    Smartlook is a user behavior tool that records visitors' actions on websites, mobile apps, and games.

    Smartlook as an alternative to Google Analytics

    With Smartlook's suite of tools combining advanced features, you can filter recordings to focus on specific events and track a particular behavior, making Smartlook an excellent tool for visitor analytics.

    Smartlook comes with a multi-user workspace and REST API, which can offer insights even for large enterprises. Besides its web analytics function, Smartlook can record games and offer Wireframe mode to focus on specific user interface elements.

    Smartlook key features:

    • Heat Maps
    • Session Replays
    • Monitoring
    • Data Segmentation
    • API / Integrations
    • Performance and Reliability
    • User, Role, and Access Management

    Smartlook gets the upper hand with:

    • Behavioral analytics
      • Click Tracking
      • Mouse Movement
      • Frustration Tracking
    • User identification

    Smartlook Pricing:

    • There is a free version.
    • Startup: $39/mo
    • Business: $95/mo
    • Ultimate: Custom priced.

    8) Oribi

    Oribi is an all-in-one marketing analytics tool that aims to replace Google Analytics. It provides insights and trends all in one report with powerful features and helps companies make data-driven decisions.

    By default, all links and events are being tracked, and you can set up goals without adding any code and receive insights on how to drive more conversions.

    Oribi Key Features: 

    • Actionable data
    • Insights & Data
    • Event tracking
    • Funnels
    • Marketing Channel Analysis
    • Visitor Journey Analytics
    • Extensive Reports

    Oribi gets the upper hand with:

    • Automatic tracking. You don't need a developer to work with Oribi.
    • Actionable insights. You don't need to be an expert to make data-driven decisions.
    • Individual visitor data
    • Event Correlations
    • 24/7 Support

    Oribi Pricing:

    • Business Website plan starts at $630 per month. (billed annually)
    • Ecommerce Shop plan starts at $540 per month. (billed annually)
    • Marketing Agency plan is custom priced.

    9) Mixpanel

    Mixpanel is a product analytics tool that numerous organizations over the world prefer. With Mixpanel, you can view how people engage with your product, track customer conversion and retention, and improve your products along with your users' experience.

    Mixpanel as an alternative to Google Analytics

    Mixpanel involves manual event tracking, so tracking user behavior would be tricky if you're a beginner. Still, the tool comes with excellent segmentation capabilities, it is super customizable, and you can speed up your decision-making process with its powerful visualizations and countless features.

    Mixpanel Key Features:

    • A/B Testing
    • Customer Engagement
    • Retention features
    • Visual coding
    • Mobile Surveys
    • Notifications, bookmarks, annotations
    • Event tracking
    • Comprehensible Data Analytics

    Mixpanel gets the upper hand with:

    • Mixpanel tracks user behavior of your product and website at the same time. There is no data lost in this process, and this feature provides a great view of users' journeys.
    • Setting up funnels with Mixpanel is easier.
    • You can test the data you collect with Mixpanel, with Mixpanel's product experiments, and tweak messaging. However, you need a secondary tool to do experiments with the data GA provides.

    Mixpanel Pricing:

    • The Starter Plan is Free.
    • The Growth Plan starts at $799 per year.
    • The Enterprise Plan is custom priced.


    There are many alternatives for Google Analytics, and you should choose the most fitting one for your business. To summarise my article, I can say that:

    • If you want a free alternative to Google Analytics, Matomo is the tool for you.
    • However, if you think that you can pay to have better service, Piwik PRO is a better choice.
    • If you want many features, enjoy working with statistics and data, Adobe Analytics would be the best choice. If you can't afford it, Mixpanel has a wide range of features as well.
    • Gosquared and Oribi are affordable tools for small and medium-sized businesses. If you want to focus on user behavior, you could also try Kissmetrics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a better alternative to Google Analytics?

    Yes, there are free and paid alternatives to Google Analytics. However, it all depends on your business' needs.

    Is Google Analytics obsolete?

    Not necessarily. Google Analytics keeps updating itself. However, there are better alternatives on the market.

    Why is Mixpanel better than Google Analytics?

    Mixpanel is an advanced product analytics tool with many features. It is based on event tracking and offers numerous integrations. However, its benefits for your business would depend on your business' needs.

    Is Matomo better than Google Analytics?

    Matomo is a free alternative to Google Analytics that is GDPR compliant, and it has more features.

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