Best 14 EOR Services of 2024 for your Business to Manage Remote Employees In An Instant

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    Home / Growth / Best 14 EOR Services of 2024 for your Business to Manage Remote Employees In An Instant


    👉 Using an EOR prevents businesses from getting bogged down in administrative tasks related to HR and employment.

    👉 An employer of record (EOR) can help your business expand its operations in a new country or region by acting as the legal employer for your employees.

    👉 An EOR is a cost-effective way of avoiding costly legal issues and compliance problems while streamlining new employees' hiring and onboarding process.

    Using an employer of record (EOR) can help businesses expand their operations in a new country or region by acting as the legal employer for their employees.

    This relieves companies of the administrative burden of managing HR and payroll in a foreign country, allowing them to focus on core business operations. EORs can be valuable partners for businesses looking to expand their global presence while minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency.

    In this post, we will look at the best EOR services for your business. Without further ado, let's get started!

    What is an employer of record?

    An employer of record (EOR) is a third-party organization that assumes the entire responsibility for your business and becomes the legal employer of your workforce. EOR helps you with HR-related tasks like onboarding, payroll, and managing remote, international employees so you can focus on more important day-to-day tasks.

    What are the advantages of EOR software?

    Using an Employer of Record (EOR) software can simplify your business in many ways. But most importantly, if you want to hire global talents as full-time employees, it helps you manage the legal regulations of foreign countries where you don't have a legal entity. In other words, an EOR software ensures that you avoid compliance risks and control the payroll process efficiently when hiring international talent.

    Best 14 EOR Services for your Business to Manage Remote Employees In An Instant

    1- Papaya Global - Best Digital Solution Offering Both EOR and Payroll Services in 150+ countries

    best eor services papaya global

    Papaya Global is an all-in-one technology platform for payments, payroll, onboarding, and more. You don't have to worry about subscribing to different services for your HR and finance teams. Papaya Global combines all the features you'll need for global hiring, from checking employment laws to paying independent contractors in the international market.

    With Papaya Global, you can maintain your business operations across 160+ countries

    Papaya Global Core Features

    We picked up Papaya Global because it provides innovative employee solutions for global remote workers in one platform. Payroll, employer of record (EOR), and independent contractor solutions are just a few clicks away.

    In addition, you can build a roadmap for your business by using Papaya Global's analytics reports while ensuring all your data is safe and laid out in a compliant employment contract. Employee benefits, payments, and equity are monitored in one engine, which you can integrate with your existing HR and finance partners. 

    The self-guided tour also walks you through the essentials of the platform so you can automate and manage tasks quickly.

    Papaya Global Pricing

    • Full-Service Payroll: $12/month per employee
    • Payroll Platform Licence: $3/month per employee
    • Data and Insights Platform License: $150/month per location
    • Payments-as-a-Service: $3/month per employee
    • Employer of Record: $650/month per employee
    • Contractor Management: $2/month per contractor
    • Global Expertise Services: $190/month per employee

    2- Remofirst - Best EOR Solution Offering Visa and Work Permit Assistance in 160+ Countries

    best eor services remofirst

    If having access to 24/7 customer support is your priority, you'll love Remofirst! Remofirst is an employer of record company that helps you pay your international employees in their local currency, onboard them with legal compliance, manage the payroll process, and stay on top of visa and work permit documents!

    Remofirst Core Features

    Remofirst makes international employment simple. If you want to work with a talented remote team, Remofirst handles the paperwork for hiring, managing, and paying these full-time employees or contractors worldwide.

    With Remofirst, you will pass compliance audits easily and improve your benefits administration (including health insurance, equity plans, and time-off management). In case you need any help during the hiring, onboarding, or employment process, their customer team is available 24/7.

    You can automate payment processing, upload and store your contracts, and create invoices with a few clicks.

    Remofirst Pricing

    • Employer of Record: $199/month per person.
    • Contractors: $19/month per person

    3- Multiplier - Best EOR Solution for Local Tax and Payroll Compliance

    best eor services multiplier

    If your focus is on a quick hiring process and employee onboarding, we recommend Multiplier. Multiplier is an employer-of-record company that accelerates the hiring and onboarding processes for international workers and contractors so you can expand your business with an international workforce.

    Multiplier Core Features

    Multiplier's core benefit is having local legal entities across 150+ countries. Hence, payroll, onboarding, and benefits management is easier and more comprehensive than other employer of record services, ensuring that you follow local tax and payroll compliance.

    If you already vet a global talent, the hiring process can be completed in less than 24 hours, so you can focus on achieving other onboarding tasks. It also helps with crafting multilingual contracts.

    Multiplier Pricing

    • Hire Employees: Starting from $400/month.
    • Pay Freelancers: $40/month.

    4- Deel - Best Digital Solution Offering International Payment Management for Global Hires

    best eor services deel

    Deel is another great employer of record software where you can manage and control international payments, local legal compliance documents, tax documents, and more in one place! And the best part is that you don't need to establish a local entity to outsource an international workforce!

    Deel Core Features

    Deel's customer support team is one of the best. You can reach out to them 24/7. Another great tool that Deel offers is a hiring calculator, so you can estimate how much creating an international team will cost your business and use this estimate to compare the costs in different countries.

    You can also manage PTO, expenses, and visa requirements in one place. Deel also minimizes incorrect data reporting, so you are always on top of your tasks.

    Deel Pricing

    • Employer of Record (EOR): Starting at $599/month
    • Contractors: Starting at $49/month
    • Global Payroll: Consult the sales team for detailed pricing
    • Deel HR: Free
    • Immigration: Contact the sales team for detailed pricing

    5- Oyster HR - Best Digital Solution to Calculate Benefits and Payments in 120+ Currencies

    best eor services oyster hr

    Oyster HR is one of the forerunners in Employer of Records platforms. Oyster HR aids in talent engagement across the globe, helps hire talented employees, runs instant payments internationally without setting up a legal business entity, and handles all employment issues from a single automated platform.

    Oyster HR Core Features

    One of the best features of Oyster HR is its simplified and automated hiring process. You don't need to wait months, gather documents, and run around to meet compliance deadlines for hiring international talent. In a matter of clicks, you can start working with talented employees across the globe!

    Let's say that you started working with a contractor, and they have been doing a stellar job, so you want to hire them full-time. Oyster HR is here to help! Oyster HR assesses risks and compliantly converts talented employees to full-time in a single platform to avoid misclassification and co-employment risk.

    You can also run global payroll across 120+ countries in local currencies, process salaries and make instant payments, and handle benefits calculations and bonuses from one dashboard.

    You can try Oyster HR for free!

    Oyster HR Pricing

    • Contractor: Starts at $29/month per contractor
    • Employee: Starts at $499/month per employee if billed annually
    • Scale: Contact Oyster HR for custom pricing

    6- BambooHR - Best Digital Solution Offering Both HR and EOR Services in One Platform

    best eor services bamboo hr

    BambooHR is a complete HR software for payroll services, competitive benefits packages, hiring remote teams across the globe, and more. You can simplify your workflow by automating repetitive administrative tasks, managing employment relationships by expanding your access to talent beyond local borders and taking your business forward. 

    BambooHR Core Features

    The reason why we picked BambooHR is its extensive reporting system. You can use BambooHR as a one-stop shop for data management with pre-built reports, create an actionable list of items to improve your customer and employee relationships as a business owner and dive deeper into its analytics.

    BambooHR also allows you to quickly find, hire, and complete the onboarding process for international employees. You can track applicants and optimize onboarding tasks to create a thorough candidate experience and ensure they have a great first day.

    BambooHR Pricing

    • Unfortunately, BambooHR does not offer transparent pricing on its website. You have to get a pricing quote to make a decision between "Essentials" and "Advantage" plans.

    7- Rippling - Best Digital Solution to Manage Employee Benefits

    best eor services rippling

    Rippling is a Human Resources service provider. You can easily manage your HR, IT, and Finance teams and streamline business and administrative tasks like payroll, benefits, expenses, corporate apps, and more.

    Rippling Core Features

    One of the best advantages of Rippling is that you can keep all your data in one place, so you don't have to lose time transferring data or subscribing to different platforms to keep your data secure.

    You can also use Rippling as an Employer of Record company as it handles onboarding, employee changes, offboarding, payroll for employees, and learning management for employee training sessions.

    Rippling Pricing

    Rippling does not offer pre-packaged solutions but instead assists in identifying the necessary solutions for your business and provides a personalized quote. Their plans start at a minimum of $8 per month per user.

    8- Paychex - Best EOR Solution to Manage Employee Retirement Process

    best eor services paychex

    Paychex is one of the best Employer of Record service providers that fits all business sizes. Whether you're self-employed or have over 1,000 employees, Paychex's advanced custom solutions help with payroll management, tracking employee attendance, and even retirement.

    Paychex Core Features

    Paychex helps you set up online payroll software so you don't have to worry about carrying all your employee records, tax documents, etc., with you. With a few clicks, you can file your payroll taxes. Their US-based customer support team is also available 24/7.

    You can also use Paychex to track how much time your employees actually spend working so you can maximize their potential and productivity by giving them the necessary tools and training for professional development. This feature can be used with any device: web, app, facial identification, interactive voice response system, and more!

    Paychex Pricing

    • You need to contact Paychex to get custom pricing that fits your needs and number of employees.

    9- Gusto - Best Digital Solution to Streamline Talent Management

    best eor services gusto

    Gusto offers automated and fast HR and payroll solutions for companies that want to compete in a global market. Whether self-employed or working with client companies and contractors, Gusto identifies your business needs and offers competitive custom packages.

    Gusto Core Features

    Gusto is the perfect software platform to attract a global talent pool with different requirements and needs. With Gusto, you can improve your talent management, streamline your onboarding and hiring process, get detailed insights and reporting, and support your employees with statutory benefits and pensions.

    You can contact HR experts to avoid compliance errors, calculate your tax filings, automatically sync hours overtime, and more with its payroll tool.

    Gusto Pricing

    • Simple: $40/month plus $6/month per person
    • Plus: $80/month plus $12/month per person
    • Premium: Contact Gusto for detailed pricing
    • Contractor Only: Discounted $0/month for 6 months. Then, it costs $35/month plus $6/month per contractor.

    10- ADP Workforce Now - Best EOR Service for Employee Self-Service Accessibility

    best eor services adp workforce now

    ADP Workforce Now is an intuitive HR suite providing extensive reporting, data-driven insights, action items, and employee solutions. But what puts ADP Workforce Now ahead of its competitors is that it optimizes every tool and solution for your business.

    ADP Workforce Now Core Features

    ADP Workforce Now allows you to manage your entire workforce from a single dashboard, so you don't have to enter data each time as it pre-populates it across all workflows for you. It also sends alarms and notifications so you are always ahead of possible misclassifications and errors.

    Employees can have self-service access to their information thanks to ADP Workforce Now's intuitive payroll. It is an excellent employment solution for tax issues and compliance regulations. You can leverage machine learning and AI for confident decision-making with tailored insights.

    ADP Workforce Now Pricing

    While ADP Workforce Now offers packaged solutions, namely Select, Plus, and Premium, you need to provide additional details, such as your affiliation with ADP, services you're interested in, company info, etc., to get a custom quote.

    11- OnPay - Best EOR Service for Custom Employee Checklists

    best eor services onpay

    If you're looking for an alternative employer of records company, OnPay is a great one! Not only do they make the switch from your previous company more effortless, but they are also doing it for free! With OnePay, you can customize your payroll and HR to fit your business needs.

    OnPay Core Features

    If you're a small business and want to make your HR run more smoothly, then OnePay is best for you.

    With OnePay full-service payroll, you can run unlimited payrolls throughout the month, manage all your tax filings and payments on one platform, handle unemployment insurance withholding, and integrate OnePay with other payroll software to avoid mistakes.

    OnePay also gives you the essential HR tools to stay organized, save time, and increase efficiency. These tools include automated onboarding flows, in-app offer letters, custom employee checklists, and more!

    OnePay is available for free for the first 30 days, and setup is provided at no additional cost to you.

    OnPay Pricing

    • $40/month plus $6/month per person

    12- Paycor - Best Digital Solution Offering Both Employee Onboarding and Payroll Services 

    best eor services paycor

    Paycor is an EOR provider that helps with employee hiring, onboarding, payroll, scheduling, and more for the client company. Using Paycor as an employer of record can simplify your business administration because it simplifies the HR and payroll process and keeps you compliant.

    Paycor Core Features

    One of the core features of Paycor has become important over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Paycor launched a feature to track employees' health status, vaccination reports, and risk analytics and provided expert HR advice to manage workplace safety. 

    Paycor also has an AI-powered recruiting and onboarding technology that takes the stress off your shoulders so you can focus on adapting your new employees to their jobs. Thanks to Paycor, you can access their 1.5 billion talent pool, use automated job posting, and create custom workflows!

    Paycor Pricing

    • Paycor has flat-rate packages for client companies. However, you need to fill out a form with your company information to learn the prices.

    13- Patriot Software - Best EOR Service for Data Transfer and Accounting

    best eor services patriot software

    Patriot Software is here for you if you need more accounting-heavy software with cheaper plans. With its easy client onboarding and data transfer, Patriot Software makes aspects of employee management so much easier and stress-free!

    Patriot Software Core Features

    What we like the most about Patriot Software is that you have the flexibility to choose between payroll and accounting features without having to purchase them both. On the accounting side, you get an unlimited number of users and unlimited invoicing to unlimited customers, and you can choose either (or both) cash-basis or accrual accounting. 

    When it comes to payroll for employees, Patriot Software, as an employer of record, will help you with onboarding and setup, and you don't have to commit for a long time! There are no long-term contracts, so you can quit anytime you want. Additionally, you can use the unlimited payrolls for 1 monthly price with no hidden fees.

    Thanks to its expert team, there's always free support available, so you don't have to worry about solving a problem. Here's the pricing structure:

    Patriot Software Pricing

    • Payroll Software: Starting at $17/month plus $4 per employee (or 1099 contractor)
    • Accounting Software: Starting at $20/month

    14- Factorial - Best Digital Solution Offering Both OKR Tracking and Shift Management Services

    best eor services factorial

    First things first, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial to test Factorial's features. However, we think you'll love it if you're looking for an all-in-one HR software that takes care of multiple aspects of employee management.

    Factorial Core Features

    One of the best features of Factorial is undoubtedly shift management. If you're struggling with employee scheduling, you can keep track of shifts without the hassle of spreadsheets by assigning shifts to your talented employees, creating shift schedules, and monitoring attendance.

    The other feature that stands out is goals and OKR tracking. You don't need another software to see how your business has been doing. Factorial is an excellent tool for that, as well! You can set your OKRs, track your progress, identify bottlenecks, and address challenges so your company keeps improving!

    Here's Factorial's pricing details:

    Factorial Pricing

    You can choose one of the bundles for your business or create one on your own. Offered bundles also have mini-packages in them:

    • Operations Hub: Business package costs $6.20 per seat if billed annually, Enterprise package costs $8.35 per seat if billed annually
    • Finance Hub: Business package costs $5.25 per seat if billed annually, Enterprise package costs $6.75 per seat if billed annually
    • People Hub: Business package costs $7 per seat if billed annually, Enterprise package costs $9.30 per seat if billed annually
    • Complete Hub: Business package costs $10 per seat if billed annually, Enterprise package costs $13.35 per seat if billed annually

    Final Words

    Using an employer of record company can be a smart choice for businesses that want to expand their operations into new countries or regions. By partnering with an EOR, companies can take advantage of the EOR's expertise in local employment laws, regulations, and HR practices. This can help businesses avoid costly legal issues and compliance problems while also streamlining the hiring and onboarding process for new employees.

    Additionally, using an EOR can allow businesses to focus on their core operations rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks related to HR and employment. Overall, partnering with an EOR can be a valuable way for businesses to expand their global reach while minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does EOR mean in business?

    An Employer of Record handles and provides employer-related services to clients. These services usually include meeting all legal obligations on your behalf, including hiring and paying employees, as well as keeping track of taxes, compliance requirements, and more.

    Why do we use EOR?

    Using an Employer of Record, you can free up time from repetitive tasks and let the EOR company handle HR, onboarding, and payroll issues on your behalf. Using an EOR is a cost-effective way of ensuring your company keeps on growing.

    What are the pros of EOR?

    An Employer of Record company can help you hire global talent without setting up a legal entity in that country. It also takes care of onboarding, payroll, benefits, HR, accounting, and local legal requirements for you, so you don’t have to worry about misclassifications or compliance risks.

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