10 Best Popup Software That Will Boost Conversions in 2024

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    Home / Growth / 10 Best Popup Software That Will Boost Conversions in 2024

    Popup builders are a great solution if you are looking for an efficient way to contact your visitors and increase sales. Popup builders offer lead generation solutions and help companies boost conversions and interactions.

    We prepared a complete guide that includes the 11 best popup builders. By exploring their key features and pricing details, you can find the one that meets your business needs.

    Each of these best popup software provides distinct values, and quickly comparing them can help you to get a better insight:

    ✅ The best cost-effective popup builder for small businesses: Popupsmart

    ✅ The best popup software that suits the enterprise’s needs: Sleeknote

    ✅ The most user-friendly popup builder: Popupsmart

    ✅ The best popup builder with different marketing solutions: Privy

    ✅ The best solution for personalized campaigns: Optimonk

    Keep reading for further details on these best popup builders and their top features! 

    Consider These While Choosing a Popup Software

    Choosing the best popup builder might seem overwhelming at first. However, it would be best if you considered various factors while selecting the suitable popup builder to help you create remarkable campaigns. 

    Here are a few things that you should keep in mind: 

    • A popup builder should be able to create popups easily and quickly without any issues or errors. 
    • Various ready-to-use and campaign-driven popup templates should be included so that you don’t have to start from scratch.
    • Popup templates should be highly-customizable so that you can create suitable popups for your website’s design and brand identity.
    • A popup builder with many advanced targeting solutions can help you to create more effective campaigns and reach the target audience properly.

    Best Popup Builders to Use

    popup builder comparison

    We gathered the 11 best popup builders along with their top features and pricing details. By exploring these, you can find the best popup software for your business quickly!

    1. Popupsmart

    Popupsmart popup software

    Popupsmart is the best no-code popup builder that provides various solutions to boost conversions and engagements for small businesses. With its simple and user-friendly user interface, anyone can create remarkable popup campaigns without any coding or designing experience.

    With Popupsmart, you can:

    • Grow your email list
    • Collect form submissions
    • Boost user engagement
    • Promote your products
    • Make announcements
    • Increase phone calls
    • Gamify campaigns
    • Facilitate social sharing 

    Key Features: 

    • Any element can be added to popup campaigns and customized independently with the drag-and-drop feature. 
    • Thanks to various highly-customizable popup templates, you can create converting popups according to your brand identity in under 5 minutes. 
    • Multi-step popups and gamification features increase the chances of getting more leads.
    • Popupsmart doesn’t slow down your website and provides a faster and more straightforward experience.
    • Advanced audience targeting solutions include visitor devices, browser language, URL browsing, traffic source, HTML targeting, geo-location, site data targeting, new or returning visitors, and operating system.
    • User behavior targeting options like after scrolling x %, in activity mode, after x seconds, exit intent, and on click targeting help users create effective popup campaigns.
    • Improved integration solutions include Popupsmart JS API and

    Pricing: Free plan is available if you want to test it out first. It includes 5.000 page views monthly, one website, and one popup.

    The basic plan starts from $24 per month, and it provides 100.000 page views monthly. Also, it offers unlimited websites and unlimited popups per month. It is the most suitable plan for marketers and small businesses.

    The pro plan starts from $66 per month, and it can be considered the best solution for professionals. Since it includes 500.000 page views per month, big companies that have a lot of website visitors can benefit from this plan. It also includes unlimited websites and unlimited popup options.

    The expert plan is for pros that have 1M page views monthly. It starts from $108 per month and offers unlimited website and unlimited popup options.

    Those who have more than 1M page views can schedule a meeting to get a custom pricing plan.

    Popupsmart is suitable for:

    • Small businesses that are just getting started
    • Big companies with high expectations and page views
    • Online stores that want to reduce cart abandonment rate
    • Anyone who wants to customize each element of a popup independently

    2. Sleeknote

    Sleeknote popup software

    Sleeknote is a popup software that is powered by Drip. It offers many features to create attractive popup campaigns. Without any design or coding experience, complete beginners can build their popups with Sleeknote.

    Using Sleeknote, you can:

    • Collect email addresses
    • Increase product sales
    • Connect with visitors
    • Guide your visitors

    Key Features:

    • The advanced analytics page allows users to evaluate the performance of campaigns.
    • With goal tracking and performance comparison solutions, improving performance and getting better insights become easier.
    • A/B split testing feature allows you to find the best-performing popup campaigns.
    • With the drag-and-drop editor and customizable templates, you can design suitable campaigns for your business.   

    Pricing: 7-day free trial is available.

    The lite plan starts from €49 per month, and it is suitable for websites that have 25,000 visitors and 75,000 pageviews monthly. It includes one custom-made campaign.

    The basic plan starts from €59 per month, and it is for websites that have 50,000 visitors and 150,000 pageviews monthly. It provides one custom-made popup campaign.

    The plus plan starts from €114 per month and can be great for websites that have 125,000 visitors and around 375,000 pageviews per month. Three custom-made campaigns can be created with this plan.

    The pro plan starts from €225 per month, and it is suitable for websites with 300,000 visitors and around 900,000 pageviews monthly. It provides three custom-made campaigns.

    The premium plan starts from €369 per month, and it is made for websites that have 500,000 visitors and around 1,500,000 page views monthly. It includes three custom-made campaigns. 

    You can get a custom quote by contacting the sales team if your website has more than 500,000 visitors.

    Sleeknote is suitable for:

    • Middle-sized businesses with higher budgets and website visitors
    • Big companies that have many customers and page views
    • Ecommerce businesses that need various targeting options

    3. Optimonk

    Optimonk popup software

    Optimonk is among the most used popup builders with user-friendly features. With its no-code editor, Optimonk allows users to build popups and customize them independently. 

    With Optimonk, you can:

    • Build your list
    • Collect feedback
    • Stop cart abandonment
    • Guide your visitors
    • Promote special offers
    • Recommend products 

    Key Features:

    • Theme kit is great for following a brand template and creating consistent designs according to brand identity.
    • Point and click placement, custom input fields, and saved styles features help you to create your popup campaigns quickly and easily.
    • Multi-step flows, countdown, and teaser features can increase visitors’ interaction.
    • Segmentation and targeting solutions can help users to get the most out of their campaigns.

    Pricing: Free plan is available, and it includes unlimited campaigns, one domain, and 15,000 pageviews. 

    The essential plan starts from $39 and provides unlimited campaigns, 30,000 pageviews, a maximum of 2 domains, A/B testing, and unbranded features per month.

    The growth plan starts from $99 per month and offers unlimited campaigns, maximum of four domains, 100,000 pageviews, A/B testing, and unbranded and custom variable solutions.

    The premium plan starts from $249 per month and includes unlimited campaigns, 500,000 pageviews, a maximum of ten domains, A/B testing, unbranded, priority support, and custom variable solutions.

    For the pricing details of the master plan that offers unlimited campaigns and unlimited domains, you can get in touch with the sales team of Optimonk.

    Optimonk is suitable for:

    • Middle-sized and big companies with higher budgets
    • Anyone who is looking for advanced direct integrations

    4. OptinMonster

    optimonster popup software

    OptinMonster is a popup software that offers various features to boost conversions. It has many customizable popup templates and targeting solutions that can help businesses to reach their audience.

    With Optinmonster, you can:

    • Grow your email list
    • Reduce cart abandonment
    • Increase sales conversions

    Key Features:

    • The drag-and-drop builder and pre-made templates can save a lot of time.
    • Multi-step campaigns and custom success messages are valuable features to boost engagement.
    • Targeting solutions include referrer detection, page-level targeting, onsite follow-up, onsite retargeting, cookie targeting, and geo-location targeting.
    • It integrates with many platforms, such as Mailchimp, Drip, Shopify, Salesforce, HubSpot, and so on.

    Pricing: The basic plan starts from $9 per month and includes one website, 2,500 pageviews, unlimited campaigns, and subscribers.

    The plus plan starts from $19 per month and provides 10,000 pageviews, use on two sites, and everything in the basic plan.

    The pro plan starts from $29 per month and includes use on three sites, 25,000 pageviews, and everything in the plus plan.

    The growth plan starts at $49 per month and provides use on five sites, 100,000 pageviews, and everything in the pro plan.

    OptinMonster is suitable for:

    • Large businesses since pricing plans are a bit expensive, and the free plan is not available

    5. Getsitecontrol

    Getsitecontrol popup software

    Getsitecontrol is a simple and easy-to-use popup builder that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. It has a large template gallery and several integration options.

    Using Getsitecontrol, you can:

    • Collect emails
    • Promote news & deals
    • Upsell & cross-sell 
    • Conduct surveys
    • Be open to contact
    • Stop cart abandonment

    Key Features:

    • There are various popup templates that can be customized depending on different needs.
    • With real-time results, tracking the interactions of popup campaigns becomes easier.
    • Exit-intent targeting solution can be used to reduce the cart abandonment rate.
    • It integrates with many third-party applications so that marketing campaigns can be organized effectively.

    Pricing: The creator plan starts from $9 per month and includes 20.000 monthly widget views. 

    The pro plan starts from $19 per month and provides 100.000 monthly widget views.

    The pro max plan starts from $29 per month and includes unlimited widget views.

    Getsitecontrol is suitable for:

    • Small businesses and startups that are just getting started since it offers affordable plans
    • People who are looking for a rich popup template library

    6. Adoric

    Adoric popup software

    Adoric is a popup software that provides various advanced features and a customizable template library. It offers solutions for ecommerce, publisher, travel, and agency industries.  

    Using Adoric, you can:

    • Recommend products
    • Grow your email list
    • Gamify your user’s experience
    • Reduce cart abandonment
    • Increase sales conversion

    Key Features:

    • With the countdown tool, fear of missing out can be triggered since it creates a sense of urgency.
    • The on-screen position allows you to choose a place to add a popup quickly.
    • Animation effects, GIF library, and video embedding solutions are significant for designing interactive popups.
    • Time frame, event, exit intent, click, page scroll, and schedule triggers help to display popups to the right people at the proper time.

    Pricing: Free plan is available and includes 1,000 pageviews and one domain per month. 

    The basic plan starts from $9 per month and provides 7,000 pageviews and one domain.

    The essentials plan starts from $29 per month and offers 25,000 pageviews and one domain.

    The standard plan starts from $79 per month and includes 100,000 pageviews and two domains.

    Adoric is suitable for:

    • Startups and freelancers with lower expectations
    • Middle-sized and bigger companies, if they use the essentials & the standard plans
    • People that need advanced design capabilities

    7. Picreel

    picreel popup software

    Picreel is a popup builder that offers solutions for ecommerce and SaaS companies. It provides a template library that has more than 100 popups and advanced targeting options.

    With Picreel, you can:

    • Grow sales with special offers 
    • Reduce cart abandonment rate
    • Grow leads and lists 
    • Engage with exit intent overlays
    • Make announcements

    Key Features:

    • Targeting solutions include referral sources, site content, and new or returning visitors.
    • Popups are desktop and mobile-optimized.
    • Reports and analytics solutions help users to monitor their campaign performance for improvement.
    • By personalizing popups with collected data, users can reach their target audience.

    Pricing: The 15-day free trial is available. The starter plan starts from $14 per month and includes up to 30,000 pageviews.

    The basic plan, which is the most popular one, starts from $52 per month and provides up to 100,000 pageviews.

    The plus plan starts from $112 per month and includes 500,000 pageviews.

    The pro plan starts from $299 per month and provides 3,000,000 pageviews.

    For the enterprise plan’s custom pricing details, you can contact the sales team of Picreel.

    Picreel is suitable for:

    • SaaS companies with higher website visitors
    • Ecommerce businesses that offer special discounts
    • People who need different popup template library

    8. Poptin

    Poptin popup software

    Poptin is a no-code popup builder that offers lead-generation solutions for various industries. With its simple and user-friendly interface, you can create eye-catching popup campaigns quickly.

    With Poptin, you can:

    • Increase visitors’ engagement
    • Get more email subscribers
    • Capture more leads & sales
    • Reduce cart abandonment

    Key Features:

    • Triggers that can be used in popup campaigns include exit intent, page count, time delay, page scroll, page count, inactivity, on-click, and autopilot.
    • Poptin offers various targeting options like page, OS and browsers, traffic source, geo-location, cookie, title tag, date and time, JavaScript targeting, and so on.
    • The list segmentation feature allows you to build segmented email lists with ESP integrations.
    • Built-in analytics provide real-time insights.
    • With the autoresponder feature, you can send emails to visitors when they interact with popups.

    Pricing: Free plan is available and includes 1,000 visitors, one domain, and unlimited popups per month.

    The basic plan starts from $20 per month and includes 10,000 visitors, one domain, unlimited popups, and 1,000 autoresponders.

    The pro plan starts from $47 per month and provides 50,000 visitors, four domains, unlimited popups, and 5,000 autoresponders.

    The agency plan starts from $95 per month and provides 150,000 visitors, unlimited domains, unlimited popups, and 15,000 autoresponders. 

    Poptin is suitable for:

    • Startups, freelancers, and complete beginners
    • People that need various language options

    9. Privy

    Privy popup software

    Privy is an all-in-one ecommerce marketing platform that offers popup-building features. It integrates with many platforms seamlessly and provides adjustable popup templates. 

    Using Privy, you can:

    • Grow your email & SMS lists
    • Sell more products and services
    • Reconnect with inactive customers
    • Interact with subscribers properly

    Key Features:

    • Cross-sell displays allow you to promote related products at the right time to boost conversions.
    • Privy provides A/B test displays that make campaigns more effective.
    • With the free shipping bar and coupon code features, the cart abandonment rate can be decreased, and customers can be encouraged to make a purchase.
    • Gamification popups such as spin-to-win can be great to grab your visitors’ attention quickly.
    • Privy has a Shopify app, making integrating it with Shopify stores easier.

    Pricing: Free plan is available, and it offers unlimited popups, advanced targeting, and up to 100 mailable contacts.

    The starter plan starts from $30 per month and includes up to 250 mailable contacts, and unlimited email sends.

    The growth plan starts from $45 per month and includes up to 3,000 email contacts and 500 textable contacts.

    Privy is suitable for:

    • Small and middle-sized businesses
    • People who are looking for an all-in-one software that includes email and SMS marketing solutions

    10. Wisepops

    Wisepops popup software

    Wisepops is an onsite marketing platform that provides popups and notification feed features. It is suitable for bigger companies with many page views and visitors. 

    With Wisepops, you can:

    • Grow your audience and generate leads
    • Drive sales using rewards, promotions & retention campaigns
    • Collect feedback with surveys and feedback popups, and get to know your customers

    Key Features:

    • Wisepops provides more than 40 one-click and advanced targeting solutions that can help users to reach the right audience at the right time.
    • A/B testing feature can help users to improve popup campaigns.
    • With the analytics feature, popup campaigns’ performance can be monitored and improved accordingly. 
    • It integrates with many CMS and ESP (email service providers) seamlessly.
    • Survey countdowns, spin-to-win, video, and SMS popups can increase user engagement effectively.

    Pricing: Free trial is available. Pricing plans of the Wisepops start from $41 per month for 100k pageviews. 

    The plans vary according to pageviews and go up to $208 per month. If you have more than 1M+ pageviews, you can contact sales for custom pricing. 

    Wisepops is suitable for:

    • Middle-sized and large businesses with higher pageviews
    • People that has experience in this era since guidance might be needed for complete beginners 

    To Cut A Long Story Short…

    Using a popup builder can help you achieve your business goals and reach the right audience. If you don’t have any coding and designing experience, no-code popup builders are the best option, considering cost-effectiveness.

    Considering your business size and needs, what you are looking for in a popup builder might differ. But the key takeaway is choosing a user-friendly builder that gives you a lot of customization and targeting options. 

    After doing comprehensive research, we compiled the 11 best popup builders in this article. Thanks to this popup builder comparison guide, you can find the suitable one for your business needs and boost your conversions!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Different Types of Popups?

    There are various popup types that can be created with popup builders. According to use cases and business needs, people can choose among these different popup types:

    • Full-screen popups
    • Lightbox popups
    • Sidebar popups
    • Floating bar popups

    What Are The Use Cases Of Popup Campaigns?

    Popup builder software offers users various use cases and solutions to increase campaigns’ effectiveness.

    Popup campaigns can be used for various purposes, such as:

    • Generating leads by collecting the contact information of visitors
    • Growing email newsletter subscribers
    • Promoting products and services
    • Making announcements
    • Increasing user engagement
    • Driving traffic to websites
    • Raising a brand awareness
    • Targeting a specific audience

    How to Get The Most Out of Popup Campaigns?

    There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your campaign has the best possible outcome, like:

    • Ensure that your popup is easy to navigate. Don’t make customers click through too many layers or pages; give them a straightforward option to take them where they want to go when they click on the popup.
    • Create popup campaigns that won’t overwhelm your visitors. Instead, display popups that provide value to your visitors.
    • Ensure that your popup is relevant and will help customers make a purchase. It won’t get much engagement if it’s not appropriate or helpful.
    • Use A/B testing to determine what works best with your visitors and target audience.
    • Integrate your email service providers and third-party marketing applications to get the most out of your popup campaigns
    • Make use of advanced targeting features like exit intent or on-click targeting to provide a better experience for your customers.

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