8 Best No-Code Website Design Tools to Create Responsive and Interactive Pages in 2024

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    Home / UX / 8 Best No-Code Website Design Tools to Create Responsive and Interactive Pages in 2024


    👉 No-code website design tools offer a simple and cost-effective solution for your business.

    👉 Consider web hosting options, collaboration opportunities, and drag-and-drop features when looking for website design software.

    Website design tools have become essential for businesses to establish a robust online presence. With the rise of social media and e-commerce, having an attractive and user-friendly website has become crucial for success. Our list of website design tools can take your business to the next level!

    Utilizing these tools allows you to create visually appealing websites optimized for user experience, contributing to increased engagement and conversions. Let's begin!

    What features do website design tools have?

    If you are a designer or business who does not want to write codes for hours to create entire websites, choosing a no-code website design tool is essential. Most no-code tools include a drag-and-drop feature to create intuitive and responsive design in minutes.

    Animations like fade-in and zoom-in also make your website more dynamic and engaging. You can also check out the web hosting options the tools offer. You can use your existing domain or use the tool's free hosting.

    What to look for in website design software?

    When choosing a website design software, you should check if it fits your needs. If you want minimalistic design and layout, you won't use animations. If you already own a domain, looking for software that allows you to use your existing one would be better. Additionally, no-code design tools help you save time so you can focus on actually designing your website.

    Best 8 Website Design Tools

    1- Wix

    best no code website design platform wix

    Do you want to build an online presence without the hassle of designing a website from scratch or redesigning your entire website? Then Wix is the best option for you! Championed as the industry leader in website design, Wix's intuitive interface and responsive layout make building a website much more effortless. 

    Wix Best Features

    The drag-and-drop feature is a user and graphic designers' favorite for a reason. It's a no-code tool that delights users because you can create custom web pages without exhausting yourself with HTML during the design process. You can also access 900+ designer-made templates to bring your vision to life and boost your business.

    Additionally, you can upload your own fonts to keep your brand image consistent or use built-in font options. Fade-in or zoom-in scrolling is also available to add a flare to your design and interactive elements like animations, video backgrounds, and icons to make your website more visually pleasing.

    Wix also offers secure web hosting, so you don't have to look for another solution to keep your data safe. You can connect Wix to your own business domain as well.

    Wix Pricing

    • Light: $16/month for 2 collaborators
    • Core: $27/month for 5 collaborators
    • Business: $27/month for 10 collaborators 
    • Business Elite: $159/month for 15 collaborators 
    • Enterprise: Contact the sales team for detailed pricing.

    2- Squarespace

    best no code website design platform squarespace

    Squarespace is one of the most user-friendly website builders, especially if you're looking for a clean, minimal design that will take your branding to the next level. Whether you want to create a personal blog or business website, Squarespace offers pre-built templates and customization options for your next move.

    Squarespace Best Features

    One of the key features Squarespace offers is certainly 24/7 customer service. If you are stuck at any point in your design projects, Squarespace is only a few clicks away. Squarespace is also exceptional when it comes to responsive web designs. You can build flexible, relevant, easy-to-use web pages with endless design elements like color palettes, font packs, and more!

    You can change the look of your website with a click to test which graphic design elements best fit your branding. With hundreds of mobile-optimized templates, you will showcase your products at their absolute best for potential customers and create a seamless customer journey.

    And the best part is that you can test Squarespace's key features for free for 14 days!

    Squarespace Pricing

    • Personal: $16/month when billed annually
    • Business: $23/month when billed annually
    • Commerce (Basic): $27/month when billed annually
    • Commerce (Advanced): $49/month when billed annually

    3- Webflow

    best no code website design platform webflow

    Webflow is another no-code website design and builder tool that writes the code for you—HTML, CSS, JavaScript, you name it. What separates Webflow from the other tools is that you can generate clean, semantic code ready to publish or hand to developers.

    However, this might create an extra step for you and can be time-consuming. Evaluate your goals and decide on your visuals before making a decision.

    Webflow Best Features

    Webflow is more than a graphic design tool for your website. If you want perfect precision with your web pages, then Webflow is an excellent product for you. Think about your website as a visual canvas. At first, it will be blank. But with Webflow, you will get a drag-and-drop website builder that will translate unstyled HTML elements into beautiful visuals.

    You can also modify common website structures quickly with Webflow or opt for pre-built complex elements like sliders, tabs, and background videos to combine minimal design with flexibility and ease of use. You can reuse these elements, create variations, or apply the changes to the entire website with a single click.

    Webflow has two pricing categories: General and E-commerce. Let's look at their breakdown:

    Webflow Pricing


    • Starter: Free
    • Basic: $14/month when billed annually
    • CMS: $23/month when billed annually
    • Business: $39/month when billed annually
    • Enterprise: Contact Webflow for detailed pricing.


    • Standard: $29/month when billed annually
    • Plus: $74/month when billed annually
    • Advanced: $212/month when billed annually

    4- Adobe XD

    best no code website design platform adobe xd

    Adobe XD is a designer tool for websites and mobile apps that can help you design stellar vector images to improve your layout. However, Adobe XD is a little different from the other tools that we've mentioned so far. Why? Because Adobe may pull the plug on it.

    Part of Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe XD served as a remote team alignment tool with its collaborative nature and vector-based design experience. But since Adobe is pending an acquisition with Figma, Adobe XD as a standalone app might come to an end. Therefore, make sure to check out recent updates. 

    Adobe XD Best Features

    One of the best features of Adobe XD is "components." Components help you streamline the design process by reusing common elements like buttons and navigation and keeping them in sync throughout your website. As long as you have a Main Component, any changes made to this component will be reflected in all instances.

    Another key feature of Adobe XD is shareable libraries. Thanks to the power of Adobe Creative Cloud, you can make various assets available to different teams so your team members will know where to look and what to work on. They will also be notified of the changes so everyone can stay in the loop!

    Adobe XD Pricing

    • XD Single App: $9.99/month
    • XD for Teams: $22.99/month
    • Creative Cloud All Apps: $52.99/month
    • Creative Cloud All Apps for Teams: $79.99/month

    5- Shopify

    best no code website design platform shopify

    You may know Shopify as an e-commerce platform for online stores. But we're here to change this idea. With Shopify, you can create websites in minutes and put your products in front of potential customers. All within the reach of a couple of clicks, and voila! You have a stunning website to sell your products securely!

    Shopify Best Features

    While the other tools on our list appeal to both personal and professional use cases, Shopify is directly linked to business. Do you have a product that you love and want to sell immediately? Shopify's website builder does just that. You can set up custom or pre-made web pages and start working!

    Thousands of themes, apps, and integrations will take your company to the next level and give the best experience to your customers. Not only will you create a powerful online presence, but you will also foster relationships.

    You can own your custom domain or use Shopify's custom name generator to start your business! It is suitable for both enterprises and small businesses, so you can scale without worry.

    To hit the ground running, Shopify allows you to try its website builder for free for 3 days.

    Shopify Pricing

    • Basic: $29/month 
    • Shopify: $79/month
    • Advanced: $299/month

    6- Figma

    best no code website design platform figma

    Figma is a collaborative UI interface design tool that can also be used to build beautiful websites. Figma is an excellent option if you don't want to work alone and collaborate with other teammates! It also helps you cut down time on manual tasks, so you can actually work on designing. Win-win situation!

    Figma Best Features

    Do you live by the motto "Work smarter, not harder"? Well, we have good news for you: One of the best features Figma offers is auto layout. With the responsive auto-layout feature, you don't need to waste time manually resizing your work. Instead, you can bring your vision to life in a couple of clicks!

    Another key feature is that you can standardize styles, components, and variables so that everything works seamlessly and consistently for your brand image. You can work with your team members in a multiplayer, version-controlled file to get feedback and leave comments!

    Figma Pricing

    • Free: $0/month
    • Figma Professional: $12/month per editor when billed annually
    • Figma Organization: $45/month per editor, annual billing only
    • Enterprise: $75/month per editor, annual billing only

    7- Canva

    best no code website design platform canva

    Did you know that you can use Canva to build awesome websites? Now you do! And in 5 steps! If you want minimalist, clean designs with fewer animations and more focus on your business, then Canva's online website builder is what you need. The downside might be that you can only create one-page websites, so consider that when deciding.

    Canva Best Features

    One of the best features Canva offers is templates! You can choose from thousands of pre-built templates and layouts to create your websites or customize them according to your needs. There is a huge (and I mean huge) gallery with millions of icons, illustrations, and photos to make your website more dynamic. 

    You can also easily download your website and publish with Canva's free domain or use your own! You can optimize your design for mobile or desktop, add design pages to create multiple sections, and be in charge of the process! With Canva, you're your own designer!

    Canva Pricing

    • Canva Free: $0/year per one or more people
    • Canva Pro: $119.99/year for one person
    • Canva for Teams: $300/year total for the first 5 people

    8- WordPress

    best no code website design platform wordpress

    WordPress is one of the forerunners in the website design industry. You can create responsive and interactive web pages for your website and host your website on a single platform. Whether you want to start a business, personal blog, or a simple webpage for your interests, WordPress quickly publishes your website.

    WordPress Best Features

    Do you want to see your changes in real-time? Well, WordPress does that! That's the beauty of using WordPress: You can see in real-time how your website will look when you edit, add, or rearrange your content. This intuitive design and use of blocks simplify your design process!

    You can also plug in many other tools like a store, mailing list, portfolio, social feeds, analytics, and more! Once you start building up your website, you will be able to customize how it looks more freely. Plus, you will always own the content and data. 

    WordPress Pricing

    What we also love about WordPress is that they have various pricing plans that will fit your budget:

    • Free: $0/year. No expiration date.
    • Personal: $4/month when billed annually
    • Premium: $8/month when billed annually
    • Business: $25/month when billed annually
    • Commerce: $45/month when billed annually
    • Enterprise: Starts at $25,000 yearly

    Final Words

    In short, no-code website design tools have become an increasingly popular option for businesses and individuals looking to create a website quickly and easily. While there may be limitations to what can be achieved with these tools, they offer a simple and cost-effective solution for those who want a website without the expense of hiring a professional web designer. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What tools do you use most when designing a website?

    The easiest and fastest way to design a website is to use no-code designing tools to bring your business vision to life without writing a single line of code. Our list includes Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Adobe XD, Figma, Shopify, Canva, and WordPress.

    What do designers use to make websites?

    Wix is a no-code website designing tool for designers. You can use the drag-and-drop builder feature to create custom websites or choose one of the pre-built templates to save time if you don’t want to code to create a website.

    What is better than Figma?

    Some Figma alternatives are Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Canva, Webflow, Shopify, and Adobe XD. Figma offers more flexibility with vector-based illustrations and designs, but these alternatives work better with animations and pictures.

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