Top 23 UX Blogs Every Designer Should Follow in 2024

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    Home / UX / Top 23 UX Blogs Every Designer Should Follow in 2024

    The world is changing fast, and industry trends change even faster. As a result, UX design is getting more important each day. If you want to learn more about UX design, there are many valuable sources on the internet. 

    To guide you to the best resources, I've prepared a list of top UX blogs every designer should follow, so you can improve yourself and reach your goals faster.

    Without further ado, let's begin.

    1. UX Planet 

    UX Planet is a one-stop resource with plenty of content. The Editor in Chief, Nick Babich, also publishes his work to Smashing Magazine.

    There are unique and interesting blog posts on UX Planet, such as getting design ideas from lucid dreams and using an application to track those dreams. However, awkward but creative methods can create something outstanding when it comes to UX designs! That's why UX Planet is eye-catching with its unconventional ideas. 

    It's also a pretty good UI design blog.

    If you're a beginner, UX Planet is a great option for you! The blog posts are written in a non-complex way, and the language is friendly so you can learn new things without feeling the burden of jargon. 

    In addition, you know that a user experience blog is worth visiting when numerous professional UX designers share their works regularly there.

    2. CareerFoundry

    CareerFoundry is well-known because of its online learning platform for UX designers. Never forget that people can learn UX design online, and CareerFoundry's online education is one of the ways to dot that! But also, their UX blog is a valuable resource.

    On the CareerFoundry blog, you can find informative articles on Design and use them as supporting material for your studies. Topics of blog posts differ: from introductions to key concepts like user-centered Design or UX strategies to even more advanced topics like task analysis; you can find anything you need on the blog.

    In addition, CareerFoundry's UI design blog cover key topics that aren't necessarily UX-design-related but still offer valuable knowledge to designers. These topics include informative articles focused on professional UX designers, their careers, and how they try to change the world of UX. You can also learn more about User interfaces, web development, and product design. 

    3. The Nielsen Norman Group 

    The Nielsen Norman Group is one of the excellent resources that post informative articles about certain and helpful UX design topics like UX and psychology, how to write for the web, user testing, etc. 

    As you might well know, Nielsen Norman is one of the OG UX designers, so it's not a surprise that the blog lives up to its name. The blog's co-founded by Don Norman and contains educational UX design posts which are data and research-driven, and super informative.

    User testing and user behavior are the most mentioned topics on the blog, but they also publish posts on UX for eCommerce and mobile Design. Although the posts are research-driven, they are easy to read and grasp for people. 

    Also, I have to mention that research posts on the Nielsen Norman Group's UX blog can assist you in shaping your product to be more friendly. How, you might ask? Since the blog contains data from previous research and UX designs, you can improve your product design. The blog is also great for UI design.

    4. Adobe XD Ideas

    XD Ideas is Adobe's UX design blog where UX designers can share their works. Adobe XD Ideas are relatively a new blog but still one of the helpful resources. It was specifically created for beginners and people who don't know much about UX design. However, it's growing every day and turning into a comprehensive UX hub. 

    The blog has different sections, so you can easily find any topic you want to read about. XD Ideas have blog posts about handy guides, basic terms, key design concepts, career tips, and visual design ideas. And all of the posts are beginner-friendly!

    Like UX Planet, XD Ideas have a wide range of contributors, so you'll see different perspectives and benefit from different styles.

    5. UserGuiding Blog 

    UserGuiding is a user onboarding software, and its blog is a great resource for designers and product teams who want to focus on product adoption and onboarding UX.

    If you're designing a SaaS website, user onboarding is crucial to improve your user's experience and avoid churn. Userguiding has blog posts over UX design hacks, guides, researches, tools, industry trends, and so much more.

    If you want to read entertaining yet informative User Design articles written in a friendly tone, don't forget to check out UserGuiding blog. Our authors deliver fresh content every week and keep you updated on the newest industry trends and designs!

    6. The UX Collective

    The UX Collective is one of the largest UX blogs on the blogging platform Medium. From all over the world, contributors share various topics related to UX design every day. The blog is a great resource for designers who want to think about what they create as much as they want to make a change.

    Award-winning designers Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga founded and edited the platform. The UX Collective helps you reach numerous insights and learnings posted by professional designers, UX design strategies and ways to apply them in the real world, and comments on the Design of well-known products and services.

    Don't forget the career advice, portfolio tips, and general tricks to assist you on your journey to become a better UX designer. 

    With over 300k followers, it's a UX blog with plenty of content you need to check out. If you want a blog with an active online community, The UX Collective is the one for you! Also, if you want to read more about the UX design industry, consider signing up for UX Collective's weekly newsletter.

    7. Inside Design

    Preferred by Netflix, Amazon, and many other well-known brands, Invision is a prototyping software. Its blog is Inside Design, and the blog has a wide range of topics such as mockups, best practices, guides, and tutorial videos. 

    The blog share posts under five main categories: Teams, Collaboration, Remote work, Design resources, and Product Updates. You can also check older posts by month and year easily from their archive.

    8. The UX Blog

    As you can understand from its name, The UX Blog does what a UX blog is expected to do. The one-stop resource provides up-to-date UX design, user research, and design thinking.  

    You'll discover informative articles on just about anything design-related, including interviews with industry leaders, interesting, innovative approaches to traditional UX practices, and a healthy amount of visual and interactive design content for people interested in UX. The UX Blog also includes a podcast, with all episodes accessible directly from the blog. 

    The UX Blog is a must-read for anyone interested in keeping up with the latest industry trends in UX and learning how other designers operate.

    9. Awwwards

    The blog might appear quite UI-focused at first sight. However, it's a great resource for UX designers as well. You'll find plenty of articles and case studies in the blog's UX / UI section to awaken your muses. For example, you can start with a post that focuses on innovative and unconventional e-commerce experiences or UX portfolio case studies. 

    Every post includes visual examples and images with writings so you can come up with a model for the theory in your head. If you're interested in both UX and UI design and how they interact with each other in different contexts, Awwwards is an excellent place to start.

    10. Muzli 

    The Muzli blog is chock-full of UX design case studies, which means that it's a great place to visit if you want to see how UX theory is applied in real-life projects or get some inspiration from great examples. The case studies on the blog come from a wide range of designers, and they deliver firsthand insight into how a UX case study should be structured and what type of issues UX designers often confront while working on a design.

    If you're new to UX design and building your portfolio, the things I've mentioned above will be extremely helpful to you. You can also find weekly design inspirations and informative articles providing tips and advice on the UX design process on the blog.

    11. Facebook Design (now Design on Meta)

    The Facebook Design blog is another great source of UX inspiration. This is where Facebook gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at how its design team works so you can think about their creative process and apply what you see fit to your work as a designer. 

    There are dozens of general ideas and insights that everyone may find interesting, so the content isn't only for Facebook users. There are some of the more thought-provoking pieces and image libraries, VR tools recommendations, templates, and sounds libraries.

    12. Justinmind

    Justinmind blog is another blog that contains informative but entertaining posts about several relevant UX design subjects. The blog delivers content regularly, from the latest UX design trends and developments to how-to guides and graphic design advice; you can find anything you need on the blog.

    Also, the blog has great resources for UI as well.

    13. UX Matters

    UX Matters is a UX blog focused on research, accessibility, and of course, Design. It includes practical advice for everyone from novices to experienced designers and those who are just getting started in the field.

    This UX blog provides plentiful information for UX designers, such as staying on budget while conducting research and communicating with developers. 

    It covers a variety of intriguing and relevant issues as well. You'll discover informative articles on topics ranging from creating useful AI apps to book reviews on recently published books in the sector.

    The UX Matters blog has a function where you can send any UX-related questions to UX experts and get the answers. Great right?

    14. UX Booth

    UX Booth is a blog that publishes high-quality articles based on the most recent research in the area. The blog also covers various topics, including voice UX design.

    UX Booth is another that contains content about a wide range of issues that are relevant to UX and UX designers. Do you need help? This blog can assist you with practical solutions and actionable advice.

    User analytics, interaction design, UC business strategy, and accessibility design, there is a post about whatever you need help with! Also, it's one of the blogs with strong UI design and content.

    15. UX Magazine

    UX Magazine is like a magazine like its name suggests; it regularly delivers entries with super catchy headlines on the current hot topics in UX design, just like a magazine. So if you want to read a wide range of intriguing topics related to AI and bot design, don't forget to check UX Magazine.

    Also, this UX blog is a good place to check for updates on local UX design conferences and training options. You can sign up and create an account to connect with the other designers in the sector and exchange ideas.

    16. UX Movement

    If you're looking for a blog that delivers visually stunning and comparative examples of user-friendly website and mobile app design, UX Movement is a great choice for you. In addition, there are a lot of entries about design principles and information here.

    It's also a fantastic UI design blog to visit regularly to stay up to date on the latest industry tools and learn about new UX design training courses. For example, you can find entries about getting the first job in the UX design business.

    Also, UX movement has this one unique feature: it has a section for posts about wireframes with plenty of visual examples. In addition, practical guides on subjects such as site flows and visual hierarchy are included in this section.

    17. Usability Geek

    Justin Mifsud's Usability Geek started as an amateur blog but gained popularity quickly. Usability Geek is a resource for the user experience that offers case studies on a variety of websites and apps and a wide range of User Experience topics such as IA, HCI, and anything else related to User Experience Design.

    If you want to learn new skills and advance in the field, visit this wonderful UX design blog. In addition, if you join Usability Geek, you can obtain up to three months of free UX design classes through IDF.

    Yes, free!

    18. A list apart

    I wanted to include A List Apart because the posts on this UI design site are entertaining. The tone of these writings is light, and that's great for people who are just beginning to read informative articles on User Experience Design. And even if you're an advanced designer, you probably don't want to read a master thesis in your spare time, right?

    Another nice characteristic of this UX blog is that a lot of the information is focused on creating user-centered websites. However, it also covers other aspects of UX design that are equally significant, such as creating and developing online content and UX copy.

    It's also a great place to see inspiring examples of website layouts and how different businesses can achieve exceptional usability and a great user experience on their websites. In addition, they cover topics such as responsive and multidevice Design and updates from the digital design business and news for designers.

    19. UXStudio

    UXStudio is another bookmark-worthy UX blog. If you're looking for a blog that covers everything about UX design, you're at the right place. This UX blog will provide you with helpful content that is useful and relevant to the UX design profession. For example, agile Design, Responsive Design, and UX research techniques are the topics you can find on the blog.

    You'll also discover blog posts about UX's role in sustainability and tips on everyday design topics like how to design online surveys and travel app design. Interviews with UX designers in the field are also included.

    In addition, this UX blog has many informative and practical entries in the industry, and we guarantee you'll learn something new if you visit it regularly. It's also a great UI design blog.

    20. Dropbox design

    ​​Dropbox decided to use Medium as the venue for their UX design blog. Dropbox Design is an excellent blog if you don't want to spend time reading different blogs for each topic because it covers all of the important subjects in the realm of UX.

    Still, the pieces I enjoyed provided insight into how things are done in Dropbox, rather than the design textbook methods. This part of the blog provides a unique perspective on some of the design obstacles that Dropbox encountered along the way, as well as insight into how their team overcame them. 

    This is amazing material if you want to improve yourself and enhance your skills.

    Dropbox Design's reading material goes beyond the standard topics covered by most UX blogs. It's all about genuine difficulties that design teams will experience in their work, as well as real and practical guidance from Dropbox on how they dealt with them. So don't forget to check it out!

    21. UX Myths

    Like A List Apart, UX Myths stands out with its unique style and distinct perspective. As you can guess from its name, the goal of UX Myths is to debunk the various myths and clichés that exist in the field of UX design.

    This UX blog is designed in a way that will direct your gaze to the list as soon as you arrive at the landing page. As a result, you'll notice a few phrases you recall hearing, such as "Success happens overnight" or "Simple = minimal."

    Common web design misconceptions might affect the usability of your designs, so the UX Myths blog is very helpful in providing information through false assumptions.

    If you click on any of the myths, you'll learn why they're false and how top UX designers in the field prove that they're wrong. 

    You can take a look over the list to see if you can spot any bothersome UX design myths right now.

    22. Scotch.io

    Scotch.io is another great UX blog, but it has a clear focus, unlike Dropbox Design or UX Blog. This site is for UX designers who are passionate about coding and development. Not all designers indeed learn to code because it isn't a requirement for the job. However, that doesn't mean that they can't, right?

    With that stated, Scotch.io is a great place to go for interesting reading material if you want to improve your technical skills. This UX blog gives in-depth guides to the fundamental skills of every developer, including CSS and JavaScript. So it's worth checking out if you're a newbie or a designer wishing to leap into development.

    23. DesignLab

    DesignLab is an online learning platform that also serves as a UX blog. The blog's content is diverse and covers a wide range of topics related to web design in general. One of the aspects of Design Lab that I want to highlight is how the blog's categories are displayed on the site. It makes it simple to identify a certain topic of interest and navigate through the blog easier.

    Designers may expect articles that expose them to basic game concepts and fascinating content, such as interviews with industry professionals. Indeed, their "Success Stories" category on their UX blog is excellent reading material, particularly for those pursuing a career in Design. Seeing how others did things can be both enlightening and inspiring.

    If you're a designer, don't forget to check out Design Lab's blog for step-by-step instructions on practical skills, such as Photoshop tutorials. Of course, the free material that designers can utilize in their work, such as icon sets and typefaces, is the icing top!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between UI & UX?

    UX Design stands for User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design. User Interface design can be seen as the things users view (for example, posts, letters, headers) when navigating a digital product. User Experience Design is the process of designing the experience your users will have while using your product.

    Do I need to learn any programming languages to become a UX designer?

    No, you don't need to. You can become a great UX designer without learning to code, but knowing some coding might work for an advantage

    Do I need a degree to get a job in UI / UX?

    It depends. Some companies care about your portfolios more than anything else, and some want degrees. However, there are online courses with certificates, and they're popular nowadays.

    Is UX hard to learn?

    Well, it can be challenging. You can try online courses and certificate problems to learn UX. If you want to learn it yourself, that's fine too. There are many online resources in the field. However, it would be harder to learn on your own instead of going to a course.

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