How UserGuiding helps companies fight churn during the COVID-19 pandemic

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    Home / Growth / How UserGuiding helps companies fight churn during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Hello, this is Mert from UserGuiding team.

    We are all bored with companies trying to relate their irrelevant products with COVID-19.

    I am too. So I'll try to keep this post as short as possible and explain how we can really help.

    Here are 5 ways you can use UserGuiding right now to reduce churn

    COVID-Meter: Our Free Survey Tool

    COVID-Meter Surveys to fight churn during pandemic

    We've been discussing ideas that we can offer society for free that will also help them keep their business going. So we've tweaked our NPS survey feature so that you can get quick feedback from your users with this standalone survey tool.

    It's 100% free without any limits. You can ask how much their business is affected by the Coronavirus and offer special promotions to the most affected by setting automated messages via Intercom.

    Click here to create your survey now.

    Sticky Headers & Footers

    Sticky headers and footers perform perfectly for making your COVID-19 announcement and telling your users about your special campaign for them.

    Here's a live example in our playground domain - where we experiment our ideas:

    Sticky headers and footers with UserGuiding
    Click here to check it out on live website.

    Announcements with Modals

    You can create popups(aka modals), target different segments and users with personalized messages as well with UserGuiding.

    Announcement with Modals
    - What am I seeing here?
    - An example for announcement popup in our dashboard.

    Get Feedback & Take Action

    There is a lot of research if the Net Promoter Score correlates with the churn rate. It's not a direct churn predictor. But NPS surveys are a great way to find unhappy customers and get their feedback. So that you can keep building what people actually want.

    NPS Surveys with UserGuiding
    - What am I seeing here?
    - NPS creating & settings in our dashboard.

    We were working on integrations for a while. Currently, Intercom integration ready to set automation with your NPS surveys. So you can easily set messages on Intercom based on your users' NPS ratings.

    Automated messages based on NPS survey results with UserGuiding and Intercom
    - What am I seeing here?
    - The actual email we are sending to our users if their NPS rating is either 9 or 10.

    PS: More integrations are on the way!

    Increase Product Adoption with Tooltips, Hotspots, and Help Centers

    Now it's the perfect time to do something you and your team have been postponing for a long while: go over your user journey to improve UX and product engagement.

    The longer this uncertainty continues the more companies will start cutting off their costs. And they'll start from the software that has the least effect on their business.

    UserGuiding at its core is a product adoption software that you can create tooltips for contextual onboarding, hotspots to add information icons to your panel, and create help centers for your users to get instant help with interactive guides.

    Product tours to increase adoption with UserGuiding
    - What am I seeing here?
    - An example of a 1-step tooltip you can trigger for users that suits with the rules you've set.

    PS: Are you a startup? We want to help you grow your business.

    Click here to apply for our startup discount!

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