Top 10 Product Marketing Courses and Certifications in 2024

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    Home / Growth / Top 10 Product Marketing Courses and Certifications in 2024

    In today's world, bringing a product to market is no easy job.

    Advancing product positioning, preparing a thorough marketing plan, developing the correct go-to-market strategy, conducting a behavioral analysis of the customer base, and getting customer feedback are essential skills to perform in the name of a career in product marketing.

    Worry not, though!

    Even if you don't have any experience in product marketing, I'm here to help you start somewhere with the help of online courses that get the role of product marketing across.

    In this article, I present the top 10 product marketing courses and certifications that will shape your future for a successful career as a product marketer.

    Let's roll, shall we?

    Best Product Marketing Courses and Certifications

    #1 Product Marketing Transition Bundle by Product Marketing Bootcamp

    Product Marketing Transition Bundle is called a bundle for a reason: It's a 2-in-1 deal. Having two online courses together saves you from spending more money on these two courses individually: Product Marketing Bootcamp and Product Marketing Resume Boost (both taught by a tech marketing leader with 15+ years of experience!).

    The former introduces you to each product marketing principle, such as product positioning, competitive analysis, product marketing metrics and KPIs, and many more. The course curriculum follows a path by first explaining the subject and giving out reasons why it's valuable to product managers. The biggest advantage of this 99-lesson course is that it includes templates, handouts, and quizzes along the way—which all will be applicable to the workflow of most companies.

    Product Marketing Bootcamp

    The latter focuses on tailoring your resume for you to have that product marketing manager title with ease. It has 41 lessons that aim to make your resume shine in the hands of employers, thanks to the examples provided by the instructor on mistakes to avoid, the most relevant terms, and useful tips.

    Product Marketing Bootcamp

    ✔️Price: $325

    ✔️Duration: Finish at your pace, access for 2 years.

    ✔️Type: Online class with pre-recorded video lectures.

    ✔️Certificate? No.

    #2 Become a Product Marketing Manager | Product Management on Udemy

    Harmonizing itself with product management, this course involves diverse aspects, from product marketing strategies to interview skills. The syllabus involving 313 lectures is full of essential content but don't let this scare you; the instructor goes through each subject one by one since it's for beginners looking forward to working as a product marketing manager in the near future.

    Become a Product Marketing Manager on Udemy

    Knowing enough to hold the PMM position of Sony PlayStation, Fraser makes use of his experiences to gather this course which belongs to the collection of top-rated courses that are offered to well-known businesses worldwide, such as Volkswagen.

    ✔️Price: €109.99

    ✔️Duration: 23 hours with lifetime access.

    ✔️Type: Online class with pre-recorded video lectures.

    ✔️Certificate? Yes.

    #3 The Product Marketing Minidegree by CXL

    The Product Marketing Minidegree is the full package. Still, what it actually promotes isn't that—it's the top 1% instructors who are carefully picked to attend your classes according to the area they specialize in. 

    Product Marketing Minidegree by CXL

    The minidegree is divided into 3 tracks: Intelligence and Strategy, Functions, and Working with Other Teams. While the titles might be short, the content doesn't fall short at all. Additionally, I might have to add that this isn't a beginner-level course; it's an advanced training program aimed at the people who are already in the business.

    Having expert advice from the senior-level PMMs is the cherry on top!

    ✔️Price: €921.20

    ✔️Duration: 34 hours with lifetime access.

    ✔️Type: Online class with pre-recorded video lectures.

    ✔️Certificate? Yes.

    #4 Product Marketing Foundations on LinkedIn Learning

    As the name suggests, this relatively short beginner-friendly course focuses on the foundations of product marketing. It starts with a product launch, then visits the other stages of the product lifecycle to make sure that you briefly learn the essentials of product marketing.

    Product Marketing Foundations on LinkedIn Learning

    This is a great start to achieving product-market fit or at least knowing how each step develops in theory. With that being said, this course is entirely aimed at beginners to see how a day of product marketing team goes by.

    ✔️Price: €24.57

    ✔️Duration: 54 minutes

    ✔️Type: Online class with pre-recorded video lectures.

    ✔️Certificate? Yes.

    #5 Product Marketing: Meeting the Needs of Your Customers by Stanford University

    Stanford's Product Marketing course

    This course focuses more on the customer expectations and how to reach them—which belongs to the duties of product marketing specialists. Knowing how to position your product in line with consumer behavior and analytics is the first step toward a successful launch that will display the value proposition without any problem.

    That's exactly why this course of Stanford School of Engineering accelerates the whole process by making sure you get a good start with drawing in your target customers effortlessly, thanks to both product strategy and market segmentation.

    P.S. I must mention that this course asks each participant to pass a final exam to earn the right to a digital record of completion and has a required course evaluation right after the final exam.

    ✔️Price: $675

    ✔️Duration: 4 hours with 60-day access.

    ✔️Type: Online class with pre-recorded video lectures.

    ✔️Certificate? No (record of completion, yes).

    #6 Product Marketing: Product Research, Pricing, Personas, and OKRs on FutureLearn

    To advance your product marketing core skills, this micro-credential (which is divided into two parts on the site) endorsed by the CPD Certification Service, Institute of Product Marketing, and Chartered Institute of Marketing would be a great choice.

    Product Marketing Course of FutureLearn

    Upon completion, you'll not only receive a professional certificate that will set your resume apart but also up-to-date training regarding modern-day product marketing techniques—both in theory with examples and in practice with experts at HubSpot, Microsoft, IBM, and more.

    Another advantage this micro-credential offers is that you'll receive a seat in the exclusive PMMC Alumni Slack channel forever. Don't forget that network is one of the greatest product marketing powerhouses!

    ✔️Price: $654

    ✔️Duration: 5 weeks with lifetime access.

    ✔️Type: Online class with pre-recorded video lectures.

    ✔️Certificate? Yes.

    #7 Product Marketing by Cornell University

    This certificate program takes you from the very first start and leads you til the end—developing plans to bring products to market will no longer be an unknown process for you with the aid of the exclusive content of this program.

    Here are the main four titles of the syllabus:

    • Value Creation and Profitability
    • Change, Disruption, and Growth
    • Market Research and Analysis
    • Pricing Strategy

    I am not only talking about hours of content here; there'll be two highly participatory live events called Leadership Symposium and Marketing Symposium, which can only be accessed via a Symposium account. And of course, anyone enrolling in this program will have a year of free access to Symposium sessions where product experts will be talking about the most pressing topics of digital marketing.

    Cornell's Product Marketing Course

    ✔️Price: $1,960

    ✔️Duration: 2 months.

    ✔️Type: Online class with pre-recorded video lectures (plus two live sessions).

    ✔️Certificate? Yes.

    #8 Product Marketing: Product Positioning, Sales Enablement, Onboarding, and Analysis on FutureLearn

    Bening the second half of #6, this course deserves a spot on our list due to the interactive exercises that weekly workshops by April Dunford provide. There'll be an in-person training in this course where you'll put what you've learned so far to test and practically implement the strategies and theories this course presents.

    Product Marketing Second Course on FutureLearn

    Also, you'll get all the same perks that the first course provided, and you don't have to finish the first part of this course in order to attend this one, yet it's advised to do so for better background information.

    ✔️Price: $654

    ✔️Duration: 6 weeks.

    ✔️Type: Online class with pre-recorded video lectures.

    ✔️Certificate? Yes.

    #9 Product Marketing: Fundamentals by Product Marketing Alliance

    This self-paced course is a great start for anyone looking for a place to start learning product marketing fundamentals because it begins with what a product marketing manager actually does—it even compares PMs to PMMs to make sure that the audience knows the differences.

    Product Marketing Fundamentals by PM Alliance

    With the templates and frameworks it provides, the learning modules are short yet full of product opportunities for the people who are ready to start their adventure in this field of work.

    ✔️Price: $149

    ✔️Duration: 3+ hours.

    ✔️Type: Online class with pre-recorded video lectures.

    ✔️Certificate? Yes.

    #10 Product Marketing Certified: Leadership by Product Marketing Alliance

    So, learning everything from head to toe isn't the only goal of PMMs—it's also being a spectacular team leader that enables team collaboration to skyrocket by picking the members of the product team carefully.

    That's why this course mainly focuses on being the leader your team deserves by explaining what PMMs do when they aren't after a successful product strategy. Thanks to Richard King, assuring business growth has never been easier.

    PM Leadership course by PM Alliance

    ✔️Price: $1,499.00

    ✔️Duration: 12+ hours.

    ✔️Type: Online class with pre-recorded video lectures.

    ✔️Certificate? Yes.


    The critical role that courses and certifications play in our resumes isn't going to stop anytime soon, so it might be a good time for you to start a brand new adventure in product marketing.

    This article pinpoints the locations of these courses—most with an official certification upon completion—for you to check them out!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I study for product marketing?

    To have a career in product marketing, a degree in Marketing or Business Administration might do the trick; however, product marketing is commonly learned by working on products since most people from various departments get to transfer into this field of work after having enough experience to bring something to the table. Yet, it's highly recommended to enroll in courses and earn certifications that support the idea of you getting the position you want.

    Is it hard to get into product marketing?

    After studying the right material, getting into product marketing is rather easy. However, it's no secret that the doors of product marketing only open to people who have experience within the industry. That's why you should focus on activities that will help you become the next professional certified marketer, thanks to online courses, certifications, training, workshops, etc.

    How is product marketing different from marketing?

    Product marketing and marketing differ in two main aspects: their designated responsibilities and the stages they address. Marketing is done til the acquisition era, where the main objective is to draw in prospects. In contrast, product marketing goes way beyond that, such as pushing users into activation, driving product adoption, and retaining customers over a long period of time.

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