Top 7 Customer Loyalty Management Software in 2024

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    You should never waste a potential that you see, they say: This is how it works in life, education, business, etc.

    Customer loyalty is one of these potentials.

    It is one of the top 5 most important things a new business should pay attention to.

    But, what if you miss something, even if you pay good attention?

    Well, you have to use the right tool. A tool that will tell you everything you have to know.

    Then, the question arises; “What is the right tool?”


    Loyalty Management Software – at least it is one of them.

    OK, this begs another question we have not answered yet. This question is;

    What is Loyalty Management Software?

    To put it simply, Loyalty Management Software (or customer loyalty programs) are tools that aid businesses to better understand customer loyalty. This includes managing, creating, and analyzing a customer loyalty program.

    What is Loyalty Management Software meme

    With a loyalty management software, you can see the number of potentially loyal customers and stimulate them to be regular on your website by just rewarding them for their loyalty.

    For example, you can segment the customers depending on the benchmarks you created and see who's been loyal enough for an X-tier gift. You might gift them with a sale coupon based on their spending this year or choose to offer free shipping depending on the number of orders.

    Simple, yet effective!

    Why Should You Use Customer Loyalty Management Software?

    Because, why wouldn’t you?

    No, in all seriousness, what makes it reasonable to use customer loyalty software but not use any other plan to attract customers?

    It is a valid question. We can count several reasons, and let’s dig into them.

    Why Should You Use Customer Loyalty Management Software?

    1- Finding New Customers is Quite Hard

    Am I right, or am I right?

    Finding new customers requires too much.

    You have to grab their attention. You have to spend money to grab their attention.

    You must put an advertisement campaign that will show how your tone, style, and brand are different from others.

    And we can keep listing so much more...

    Now, look at the potential loyal customers. They have already passed these stages.

    With less monetary expense, you can have at least the exact conversion rate. The incentives – such as gifts, discounts, etc. – will make your loyal customers spend more money on your product.

    2- Loyal Customers Provide Consistency

    Since they are loyal, your customers will spend more money on the products you offer them on the long run.

    New customers, on the other hand, do not guarantee that high rates of consistency. They can get service from you and then disappear.

    Your loyal customers, in such a case, become the audience you can rely on.

    3- A Less Competitive Demographic

    This is closely related to the first reason.

     The customer onboarding process also requires you to compete with other brands.

    You and your competitors try to get water from the same pool, and the bigger your bucket more water you will get. Imagine how much effort that takes.

    However, your loyal customers resemble a pool that is for and only for you. You can get the required amount of water without any competition. You just need the right strategy.

    4- Loyal Customers are Walking Ad-Campaigns

    There is more to a happy customer.

    Not only they will come back again for another purchase but also they will recommend your products and services to other people.

    Getting new customers in such a way may be the most efficient way.

    People trust their friends and close circle. When they see a person who recommends the product face to face, their chances of getting that product will be higher.

    5- Who does not Love Rewards?

    Everyone loves rewards.

    Even this alone is a reason for people to stick to your brand and purchase products – at least every now and then.

    With the right strategies, your loyalty campaign can be something that you should not make light of.

    These are the main reasons you should have loyalty management software. As one can see above, your loyal customers can be a valuable “asset.” There is no question about that.

    However, there is another question that demands an answer and this question is the reason why you are here in the first place:

    What are the best customer loyalty program software?

    Let’s find out.

    Best 7 Customer Loyalty Program Software

    1- TADA

    Customer Loyalty Program Software TADA

    Working with more than 400 companies, TADA has been one of the leading customer loyalty program software around the world. It has everything you can expect from loyalty management software.

    For your customers’ experience, you can find many essential tools in it. These are;

    • Loyalty Engine. Thanks to this, your customers can find the best loyalty program according to their purchases.
    • Rewards are flexible and you can customize them.
    • Memberships are segmented and tiered by the system.
    • Personal rewards and messages are based on a customer’s purchasing history and profile.
    • Gamification and providing of badges, achievements, etc.
    • Digital or physical loyalty cards.

    However, you also need to understand how they behave. So TADA offers you;

    • Built-in communication tools to send your customers personal messages or notifications.
    • Customer relationship management (CRM) tools to view and manage customer profiles.
    • Analytics to see your return on investment (ROI) value and customers’ engagement with your program.
    • Translation to many languages and currencies.
    • Integrations from other software, such as e-commerce platforms.

    These are the benefits of getting TADA as your leading loyalty management software. If you liked what you have seen, you could contact them now to see their pricing.

    2- Zinrelo

    Customer Loyalty Program Software zinrelo

    Zinrelo takes data seriously – like no other brands.

    This software benefits highly from data science and machine learning. Zinrelo is the software you should choose if you want to have different types of customer loyalty – like emotional or behavioral.

    The team behind it claims that you can have an “80% increase in repeat sales, a 50% improvement in profitability and 2.4 times per-customer revenue”.

    Let’s see the features that make it so successful.

    • 360 Degree Customer Engagement that will make your customers loyal to your company in different ways.
    • Built-in Referral Program to make your customers suggest your company to their families and friends in the exchange for rewards.
    • Reward Tiers. This will make your customers determined to be more loyal.
    • Powerful Marketing Promotions Engine to let your customers know your promotions immediately.
    • Fully Customizable & Fully Brandable Member Dashboard to easily manage your customer profiles.
    • Omni-Channel Program Implementation includes all the channels you can imagine.
    • Flexible Rewards. This enables you to customize your rewards in accordance with your data.
    • Detailed Reports with Downloads to have a better grasp of your customers’ behavior.
    • 100 Currencies Supported Including USD, EUR. This feature helps your customers from all around the world to have an easier experience to see the value of your product.
    • Multi-language Support within a Single Loyalty Program. This is incredibly important to have if you aspire to globalize your brand.

    If you think Zinrelo’s style to approach the issue in your hand is the best, it is high time you checked them out and requested a demo.

    3- AI Trillion

    Customer Loyalty Program Software AI Trillion

    For the newly founded companies out there, AI Trillion is a great choice to look for.

    AI Trillion incorporates artificial intelligent technology – hence, the name AI Trillion.

    The community edition offers starters an incredible opportunity to have decent loyalty management software. The artificial intelligence features, sadly, are only for enterprise clients.

    However, the community edition has essential features a starter company might need to get the initial momentum.

    And, it also operates in three languages – these are English, French, and Hindi.

    You can get paid plan at a reasonable price and have all of the features every other software offers you.

    4- Goody

    Customer Loyalty Program Software Goody

    Goody’s aim is quite a simple yet effective one. It tries to encapsulate three governing bodies of digital marketing - loyalty program software, marketing, and CRM.

    Initially, Goody offers you the following;

    • Digital rewards and loyalty program based on your customers
    • Automatically sending the right rewards and offers to the right people at the right time
    • Integration of different POS software
    • Real-time tracking of your loyalty program

    Goody is the software that we can call standard. However, that does not mean that you can not accomplish remarkable programs with it. See other details yourself.

    5- Clutch

    Customer Loyalty Program Software Clutch

    Clutch aspires to be a software that helps its users exhaust the information provided by their customers.

    With the help of Clutch’s perspective, you can identify the most valuable customers and act upon that knowledge.

    This encapsulates a flexible rewarding program, meaning it can be a structured or an initiative-based program.

    As a platform to bring you the best solution possible, Clutch has the following features;

    • Analyze and segment your customers
    • Manage their data
    • Design your campaign and create your strategy
    • Incorporation of multi-channel delivery – such as SMS and MMS
    • Gamification
    • Stored value – i.e. coupons and promotions.
    • Adaptation to different locations and currencies.

    Clutch is an example of being oriented to a solution. There is no doubt about that. If you think that Clutch is your cup of tea you have to give it a try.

    6- Kangaroo Rewards

    Customer Loyalty Program Software Kangaroo

    Are you looking for loyalty management software that is both easy to use and has an extraordinary performance?

    If your answer is yes, Kangaroo Rewards is the software you must consider.

    Kangaroo Rewards mainly focuses on ease of use and performance.

    Without breaking a sweat, you can start using it and see the results.

    They promise you to show a holistic performance regarding loyalty management. Features aim towards accomplishing the following;

    • Loyalty Features are designed to increase average order values and share of wallet spend.
    • Customer Retention Features use customer profiles, purchase histories, and brand preferences to engage your customers in a personalized communication
    • Customer Acquisition mainly incorporates a referral system to grow your business and find new customers
    • Custom Branded App enables your customers to have a unique experience. It creates a controlled environment for your customers, this way they can interact with your brand and loyalty program easily.
    • Robust Reporting is especially important to have a grasp on your loyalty program. It gives you automated in-depth reports.

    Every marketer should be amazed by Kangaroo Rewards. If you think you belong to this category, you can book a demo anytime you desire.

    7- Vyper

    Customer Loyalty Program Software Vyper

    Vyper leans more on the loyalty management and user experience aspect of the issue.

    The tool presents its users with a variety of loyalty management options and different user interactions, including referral programs, contests, and landing page designs.

    With Vyper’s templates, you can achieve the loyalty rates you aim for easily.

    Also, these opportunities can be displayed to your customers in different ways.

    Vyper offers you the freedom of choosing among a website chat widget, landing page, or embedded form. This way you can choose the best style that suits you according to your customer behavior.

    Another point goes to its pricing, they offer a discount if you purchase software for a year. Definitely worth trying.


    If you are – or were – a stranger to customer loyalty management software, you can use this blog to better comprehend the issue on your hand.

    The thing is: your customers do not just purchase and go away. They hang around if they like your product.

    The ones that do so need your attention and need to be rewarded for your brand’s growth. Paying attention to your loyal customers has lots of great details in it.

    However, accomplishing such a task is not as challenging as it first seems.

    With the right loyalty management software on your side, you can easily tackle this issue.

    These 7 tools are the ones that got high praises from their users. You can always search and find the best one that suits your customers and your brand, anytime.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you track customer loyalty programs?

    There are certain key performance indicators (KPIs – for short) to help you in this regard. For example, repeat purchase rate, redemption rate, average order value, and revenue per user are some of the most important ones.

    How big is the customer loyalty market?

    According to a recently published report by Fortune Business Insights, “the global loyalty management market size stood at USD 2.47 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 10.02 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 19.9 % during the forecast period.”

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