9 Tools Every Growth Marketer Needs

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    Growth marketing is a process of evaluating your business strategy, to acquire more customers and to increase the reach of your business in every step throughout the marketing funnel.

    It is a sustainable way to develop brand awareness and constant increase in various key performance metrics. The importance when working on growth marketing is focusing on growth strategy rather than trying to see a fast and clear uptrend in conversions or revenue.

    So, a growth marketer needs to be equipped with the best skills, insights, and tools to force long-term growth and improvement of business processes. In this article, I've compiled 9 tools every growth marketer needs to use.

    1- Woopra - End-to-end Customer Journey Analytics

    growth marketing tools woopra 1

    Woopra is a customer analytics tool in which you can visualize detailed data over retention, trends, and journey reports.

    It also allows integrations with many other apps and to build custom triggers and getting quick actions through automation from real-time insights.

    Analyzing data is crucial when it comes to defining how to interact with your audience. With a good customer analytics platform and detailed reports, it is possible to define new KPIs for achieving growth, understand your audience, and catch them at the right point in the funnel with the right strategy.

    growth marketing tools woopra 2

    Woopra Pricing Information:

    Good news!

    Woopra has a free Core version including many functions.

    You can upgrade your account regarding the data you need to store, action quota, and user limit. Pro version costs 999$ monthly and if you need further quotas, you can go with the Enterprise Plan by contacting the team.

    Highlight features of Woopra:

    • Detailed Analytics Reports
    • Customer Journeys
    • Trends
    • Automated Triggers
    • AppConnect Integration
    • Two-dimensional Funnel Analytics

    2- Panintelligence - Visualise, Report and Predict: Built to Embed

    growth marketing tools panintelligence 1

    Panintelligence is a self-service, easy-to-use, data visualization, predictive analytics, and reporting solution that software vendors can embed into their applications and make available to their customers to improve data insights and access to information without moving data from your transactional live system.

    Another impressive feature of Panintelligence is it allows users to manage databases without storing any data on local stores and it is completely no-code. You can choose different types of ways to visualize data, apply all sorts of attributes, legends and even create a drill path behind that so they can get to that transactional line data. And once you have built these simple charts and reports you can put these into a library and any user that selects those charts will only see the information that is allowed to see.

    growth marketing tools panintelligence 2

    Pantintelligence Pricing Information:

    Panintelligence offers 24 hours of free access to their product for you to decide whether it is worth paying or not.

    After you decide to go on, it has three different pricing plans as Developers Licence, Pilot License, and Deploy Live. The price of the minimum plan is 250$ per month.

    Highlight features of Panintelligence:

    • Real-time data visualization
    • Dashboard customization
    • No stored data on the local client
    • One-click Cloud Deployment
    • Elastic Commercials and AWS Metering

    3- Lemlist - Send cold emails that get replies

    growth marketing tools lemlist 1

    Lemlist is a cold email marketing platform that supports your outreach strategy with customized images and videos.

    It automatically generates personalized content for each recipient and allows you to add dynamic text and custom logos to creatives.

    To achieve your growth marketing strategy, it is vital to connect with your prospects and interact with ice-breakers. With interesting and catchy personalized cold emails, you can attract a higher percentage of your target group, increase open rates and clicks.

    growth marketing tools lemlist 2

    Lemlist Pricing Information:

    Lemlist offers free trial access for 14 days.

    It does not charge you until you complete your trial and pick a pricing plan to proceed on. It has two pricing plans as E-mail Outreach and Sales Engagement. The prices start from 59$ per month.

    Highlight features of Lemlist:

    • Personalization
    • Ready to use cold email templates
    • Targeted follow-ups
    • Fine-tuned sending algorithm for maximized delivery
    • Automated delivery plan
    • Integrations with other marketing tools

    4- UserGuiding - Perfect your user onboarding with minimum effort

    UserGuiding is a no-code user onboarding software for building interactive product walkthroughs for easing product usage, improving user onboarding, and lowering customer support costs.

    It allows you to offer a better in-app user experience and improve product adoption.

    When it comes to achieving growth, it is important to educate your users to retain them. With better user onboarding, you can make your users feel more acquainted with your product and drive them to spend more time on your product with higher retention rates, organically. 

    userguiding growth marketing tool
    UserGuiding on LinkedIn, in action

    Highlight features of UserGuiding:

    • Interactive User Guides & Onboarding Checklists
    • In-depth Analytics
    • User Segmentation and Targeting
    • Tooltips and In-App Messages
    • NPS
    • Surveys & Customer Feedback Gathering
    • Self-help Centers

    5- Flourish - Leadership and Effective Teams through Feedback

    growth marketing tools flourish 1

    Flourish is a feedback software that eases managing a team by asking automated smart questions to team members and helping managers become more effective leaders.

    It is an intelligent chat robot that helps you identify ways to improve team performance and well-being. 

    Especially nowadays, while most businesses have switched to home offices, it is more difficult to motivate teams to put more to work and focus on ways to grow your business. With this smart feedback tool, teams can focus on important issues about business. It is also perfect for quick pulse checks and maintaining a positive environment in teams. 

    growth marketing tools flourish 2

    Flourish Pricing Information:

    Flourish lets you use their product for 30 days at no cost.

    The price of Flourish is 4 euros for each employee. It also offers a Pro Plan with a consult-setup for 3000 euros as a one-time cost.

    Highlight features of Flourish:

    • Actionable feedback through chat
    • Activity schedule
    • Surveys
    • Tool Integrations

    6- Zapier - Connect your apps and automate workflows

    growth marketing tools zapier 1

    Thanks to many successful and handy apps in the market, growth managers need to check many apps and websites to keep themselves in the workflow.

    While switching between apps, your focus on work can be ruined.

    Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can keep your focus on the most critical work and not lose the limited time that you need to find new ways for growth!

    It brings time-efficiency to teams and easiness for following the tasks on different apps in a shorter time. The number of apps integrated into Zapier is higher than 2000, so it is very likely to find the app you use on the list.

    growth marketing tools zapier 2

    Zapier Pricing Information:

    The good news is you can use Zapier as a free-forever option.

    This plan allows you to use the main functions of the product. And if you need to do more on Zapier like creating conditional or multistep workflows you can upgrade to Premium plans.

    You can try 14-day free trial before submitting your payment info.

    Highlight Features of Zapier:

    • Frictionless Workflow Management
    • Smooth UX for fast action
    • More than 2000 apps integrated
    • Simple setup

    7- Outseta: Everything You Need to Build a Recurring Revenue Business

    growth marketing tools outseta 1

    Outseta is an all-in-one platform to build a subscription or membership business.

    It brings many features and functions in a single platform for its user to run their SaaS businesses with just one single login without spending time on integrating many different tools.

    Outseta’s value proposition is speed to market, so explaining its existence can be summed up by delivering faster growth for your business. It offers integrating your subscription billing business to email marketing, customer support, CRM, and reporting tools mix to reduce costs and save time.

    growth marketing tools outseta 2

    Outseta Pricing Information:

    The pricing plan of Outseta is based on the number of contacts you have. Up to 25 contacts, you can use the product at no cost.

    They have Founder, Start-up, and Growth plan starting from 29$ for a month

    Highlight Features of Outseta:

    • Less software, better alignment
    • Lower financial overhead, more scalability
    • One vendor to deal with
    • User/profile management
    • Activity notifications
    • Product engagement tracking
    • Product sign-up (registration) and login (authentication) widget

    8- Makezu: Save Your Time and Discover Hidden Audiences for Your Business

    growth marketing tools makezu 1

    Achieving sustainable growth depends on building a strong online presence.

    Twitter is an important social media platform for a business to interact with its customers and prospects and a good source that drives traffic to your business. 

    Makezu, which is an AI-prospecting engine technology, makes your customer experience and social media management easy by automating your actions on Twitter. They offer highly customizable automation based on selected keywords and topics related to your business. After you all set up Makezu posts for you from credible sources with related hashtags and related keywords for many likes and retweets possible. It also auto-replies mentions and sends welcome messages to new followers. 

    growth marketing tools makezu 2

    Makezu Pricing Information:

    Makezu has a free version for freelancers or fresh-starters.

    The plans are specified based on operation limits. The free version operation limit is 10 for a week. As you upgrade the plan, some other features are added to it. It has 5 different pricing plans as Free, Starter, Standard, Pro, and Advanced. The price of paid plans starts at 29$ per month.

    Highlight Features of Makezu:

    • Auto-posting Articles with Hashtags
    • Automated Welcome DMs to New Followers
    • Auto-Send a Message to Mention Tags
    • Ongoing Prospects Detection
    • Always-on Dedicated Customer Support

    9- Rows: The spreadsheet where teams work faster

    growth marketing tools rows 1

    As a growth marketer, the most complicated and vital part of the job is analyzing the data correctly without drowning in unnecessary tables and sheets.

    Rows makes dealing with data comfortable for faster analysis and more solid business decisions with its simplistic design and enhanced functions with built-in integrations.

    Rows runs with the same basic functions used on Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. In the meantime, it eliminates other add-ons. It has integrations with many tools like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Instagram, and so on and it allows you to get data from your business tools and manage your campaigns through your spreadsheet.

    growth marketing tools rows 2

    Rows Pricing Information:

    Anyone can use Rows because it has a completely free version!

    If you want to improve some features like your integration tasks and automation frequency, you can upgrade your plan to Plus, Pro or Business starting from 59$ a month.

    Highlight Features of Rows:

    • Collaborating with your work
    • Getting data effortlessly
    • Buttons and checkboxes for ease of operations
    • App Integrations
    • Automation for performance alerts

    I've selected the tools I think are essential for establishing a versatile stack for a growth marketer. Hope you find these tools useful for your growth marketing efforts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should you expect from a growth marketing tool?

    A tool that is designed for growth marketers should be efficient, simple, and easy to integrate. Complexities in the product might cause growth marketers to struggle with the implementation and adoption of the tool.

    What is the best growth marketing tool?

    Products such as Woopra, UserGuiding, Zapier are the best tools non-technical growth marketers can use.

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