16 Best Graphic Design Software of 2023 (Free & Paid)

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    Home / UX / 16 Best Graphic Design Software of 2023 (Free & Paid)

    I am taking my baby steps into the world of graphic design nowadays, and I came across this quote from David Carson in an interview:

    "Good design comes from the most basic decisions - cropping, font choice, the overall design. If you haven't got the eye, no program will give it to you." 

    David Carson

    Yeah, sure, we all agree with it. 

    But, how about choosing between the thousands of software programs? It is essential for executing my ideas, but which one serves for what?

    For example, can I realize complex design ideas with each and every graphic design software and depend solely on my EYES while doing it? 

    Well, I don't think so. 

    I took a walk around to discover some of them and created this well-rounded list for graphic designers.

    Before We Start

    Before I go into the details of them, though, here are the seven distinct areas where graphic design can be of use:

    1. Product Design
    2. Branding Design
    3. Website Design
    4. Print Design
    5. Publishing Design
    6. Environmental Design
    7. Animation Design

    If you are busy with one of these areas or you are interested in one of them, you can decide which one of these tools is a good fit for you.

    Also, it would be helpful to know these two key terms while reading this article:

    Raster Graphics (a.k.a. Bitmaps)

    Raster graphics are images made up of tiny little squares colored by an infinite range of hues. These tiny squares are pixels, and together they compose raster graphics. The quality of these types of images depends on the number of pixels in an inch. 

    Vector Graphics

    Vector graphics are images made of vectors, as the name indicates. These vectors are like carts filled with information about shape, color, and border. They are mathematical formulas, just like you learned in geometry class in high school. 

    If these terms are clear, let's start looking at graphic design software programs...

    16 Best Graphic Design Software

    1- Adobe Illustrator 

    Adobe Illustrator graphic-design-software

    It is the best and probably the most well-known product for graphic design if you are working with vector images. You can create logos for industry purposes or beautiful pieces of art for aesthetic aims. 

    Adobe Illustrator Top Features

    • You can work in infinite scales, be it small or big
    • Customizable, freedom to move each element and layout across the page
    • Panels are editable to increase efficiency
    • Compatible with other software
    • User-friendly interface

    Adobe Illustrator Pricing


    Adobe Illustrator Pros & Cons

    2- Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop graphic-design-software

    Another well-set product by Adobe is this. It is best used for photo editing as opposed to Adobe Illustrator. It is designed for pixel-based graphics (raster images) instead of vectors.

    Adobe Photoshop Top Features

    • A large number of design tools
    • Adobe Creative Cloud libraries and assets such as royalty-free designs
    • Successful user interface

    Adobe Photoshop Pricing


    Adobe Photoshop Pros and Cons

    3- Adobe InDesign

    Adobe InDesign graphic-design-software

    Adobe describes this product as "layout and page design software for print and digital media." It is a handy tool if you are designing for printed or digital publishing, such as flyers, posters, or business cards. 

    Adobe InDesign Top Features

    • AI-powered Sensei technology to make changes to images
    • Export your design in HTML format
    • Puppet Warp feature enables you to change a definite portion of the image

    Adobe InDesign Pricing


    Adobe InDesign Pros and Cons

    4- CorelDraw Graphics Suite

    CorelDraw graphic-design-software

    It is one of the most famous and used design software, especially for marketing purposes. If you are working with vectors, it is a good choice. 

    CorelDraw Graphics Suite Top Features

    • A highly customizable user interface
    • A huge database of digital images and templates available
    • Various payment plans
    • Compatible with other graphic design tools and formats

    CorelDraw Graphics Suite Pricing

    Annual plan: €26.17/mo

    One-time purchase: €659.00

    CorelDraw Graphics Suite Pros and Cons

    5- Affinity Designer

    Affinity Designer graphic-design-software

    Affinity design is the best alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It offers almost the same features for a lower price. You can conduct vector-based design projects without feeling overwhelmed. 

    Affinity Designer Top Features

    • Work in both vector and pixel environments
    • Thanks to the grid system, you have total control of your design
    • Collaborate with your team via the Zoom feature

    Affinity Designer Pricing

    $54.99 on PC

    $9.99 on iPad

    Affinity Designer Pros and Cons

    6- Canva

    Canva graphic-design-software

    It is one of my faves. Canva is a perfect match for you if you want to edit photos, create social media posts, flyers, or well-designed e-mail content. 

    Canva Top Features

    • Photo editing
    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • Plan your content calendar
    • Store your branding elements in one place

    Canva Pricing

    Canva Free — $0 per month

    Canva Pro — $12.99/mo or $119.99/year

    Canva Enterprise — $30 per user

    Canva Pros and Cons

    7- Inkscape

    Inkscape graphic-design-software

    If you're looking to experiment with graphic design but are halfhearted about entering Adobe's orbit full of advanced features and high costs, Inkscape is for you. It is definitely software for beginners with a low learning curve. Plus, it is free! 

    Inkscape Top Features

    • Create and edit SVG files
    • Effortless node movement with Bezier tools
    • Boolean operations

    Inkscape Pricing

    Free (YAAY!)

    Inkscape Pros and Cons

    8- Figma

    Figma graphic-design-software

    Figma is where design is combined with fretless workflow. It is an easy tool for product design and allows you to test them.

    Figma Top Features

    • Easy collaboration
    • Create and publish prototypes of your product design
    • Highly customizable

    Figma Pricing

    Figma Starter- Free

    Figma Professional- $12/mo (per editor)

    Figma Organization- $45/mo (per editor)

    Figma Pros and Cons

    Oh, and before we move on, I think this article would help if you are interested in product design. It's a compilation of all the necessary tools for a product designer. 

    9- Sketch

    Sketch graphic-design-software

    You have most probably heard about this one if you are into the web, application, or UI design, as it is mainly the best option for them. 

    Sketch Top Features

    • Easy collaboration and sharing with your design team
    • PNG export option
    • Autosaving (life-saver for designers)

    Sketch Pricing

    $9/mo (per editor)

    Sketch Pros and Cons

    10- Gravit Designer

    Graphic Designer graphic-design-software

    It is a suitable tool for graphic, product, or web design people.

    And a fun fact: some of its developers are CoralDraw's creators, too. So, you can expect a similar experience from this one.

    Gravit Designer Top Features

    • Enables mobility between various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS
    • A large scale of tools: Bezigon tool, Lasso tools, and Pen tool
    • Well-thought and user-friendly dashboard
    • Review version history

    Gravit Designer Pricing

    Basic features are free

    Gravit Designer Pro $49.99 yearly

    Gravit Designer Pros and Cons

    11- Adobe Creative Cloud Express (CC Express)

    Adobe Creative Cloud graphic-design-software

    You might be familiar with Adobe Spark. Creative Cloud Express is its new name with plenty of changes. It is a good option for small business owners, content creators, and beginner-level graphic designers. It is like the Canva of the Adobe family. 

    Adobe Creative Cloud Express Top Features

    • Smart resizing for each platform such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
    • Excellent templates and layouts
    • Simple interface

    Adobe Creative Cloud Express Pricing

    Free (forever)

    Premium account for $9.99/mo and $99.99/year

    Adobe Creative Cloud Express Pros and Cons

    12- GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

    GIMP graphic-design-software

    Mostly used by designers to produce script images and icons it is, as the name indicates, a manipulation program. It doesn't support vector designs but is a perfect free solution for working with photos. 

    GIMP Top Features

    • Integration with programming languages such as Scheme, Python, and Perl.
    • Color management features for digital and printed media.

    GIMP Pricing


    GIMP Pros and Cons

    13- Xara Designer Pro X

    Xara Designer Pro graphic-design-software

    It is an ideal tool for digital and print designs of illustrations, editing photos, and creating web pages. 

    Xara Designer Pro X Top Features

    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • Fast and all-over-the-board performance simultaneously

    Xara Designer Pro X Pricing


    Xara Designer Pro X Pros and Cons

    14- Krita

    Krita graphic-design-software

    I had a chance to discover this software when I got my first design tablet. It is the best free tool if you are interested in design as a hobby. It is a good choice for beginners.

    Krita Top Features

    • Mirror mode and multi-brush tool make your work easier and more perfect
    • Drawing assistant for perspective
    • Create custom brushes

    Krita Pricing


    Krita Pros and Cons

    15- Procreate

    Procreate graphic-design-software

    It is the most popular graphic design software tool in artist circles nowadays. You can think of it as a more developed version of Paint in Windows. 

    Procreate Top Features

    • QuickShape for polishing your manually created shapes
    • StreamLine for automatically creating more smooth curves

    Procreate Pricing


    Procreate Pros and Cons

    16- Vecteezy

    Vecteezy graphic-design-software

    It is a good one to edit vector images in your browser, especially for beginners. 

    Vecteezy Top Features

    • Access to bundles made up of free vector graphics
    • Image editing

    Vecteezy Pricing

    Basic features are free

    Vecteezy Yearly Unlimited Subscription $6.00/mo

    Vecteezy Monthly Unlimited Subscription $9.25/mo

    Vecteezy Pros and Cons

    To wrap up...

    Professional designers defend that powerful eyes and hands create powerful designs.

    But I think powerful tools are as much important. Nobody can sew their trouser without a needle, right?

    So, ask yourself the following questions before losing yourself among graphic design software options.

    • What is the field of your design?
    • Which device and operating system do you use while working?
    • Which type of graphics are you working with? Is it vector or raster?
    • How much design knowledge do you have? Are you a beginner or an expert?
    • How much would you pay for a graphic design app or software?

    When you answer them, you will navigate within this expansive world of design and find the most suitable one for yourself to enjoy your design process!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What software do most graphic designers use?

    It's a tricky question as it depends on your purpose of designing. The main three areas might be like these:

    Suppose you are looking for what most product designers use for graphic design. In that case, it is Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or their alternatives such as CorelDraw and Affinity Designer. If you are looking for what publishing designers use mostly, it is Adobe InDesign. But if you are asking with marketing communication, web design, and content creation aims in mind. The answer is Sketch, Gravit Design, or CC Express.

    Which software is best for graphic design for beginners?

    If you are a beginner like me and don't want to pay several hundred dollars to create your first pieces of design, you can go for Inkscape. If you have a certain budget dedicated to it, you can prefer Affinity Designer.

    What are the two main tools of graphic design?

    Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are the two main tools of graphic design. They are the most used by graphic designers and have become the industry standard. 

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