Top 20 Content Marketing Tools You Need in 2024

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    Home / Growth / Top 20 Content Marketing Tools You Need in 2024

    There are so many content marketing tools out there for different needs. These tools help you create better content in various ways. These tools will contribute to your content marketing efforts by enabling you to leverage data, make use of writing assistants,  and create more SEO-friendly content that meets the search intent. 

    We categorized content marketing solutions into different categories. These tools are related to content marketing hubs, editors and AI assistance, SEO tools, grammar and tone-related writing assistants, publishing platforms, and social media management. 

    If you are a content marketer, you can benefit from these content marketing tools. Start using them to create better content and reach out to your target audience!

    Content Marketing Hubs

    1- HubSpot 

    hubspot crm

    Being among the most used content marketing tools, HubSpot provides all-in-one marketing solutions. HubSpot has live chat, prospect tracking, meeting, email marketing solutions for your website. There are also scheduling options for emails in this CRM tool.

    HubSpot shows analytics and reports of your website so that you can improve it and make your visitors happier.

    Pricing: Has a free plan option. The premium plan starts from $45 per month.

    2- Backlinko

    Content Marketing Hub content marketing tool

    Backlinko offers comprehensive content marketing-related posts in its “Content Marketing Hub.” There are many resources in this hub that can be useful for content marketers. Content marketing fundamentals, content production, blogging, and written content, multimedia content are among Backlinko’s valuable content resource categories. 

    Backlinko, as a content marketing platform, provides interesting content with statistics after further research and useful strategies to apply to your own platform.

    Editors and AI-Assistance

    3- content marketing tool is a content marketing tool that helps writers to write content faster and more efficiently. With Frase, you can plan your digital content beforehand by using its outline and SERP features. It also shows your competitors’ content and related questions about a specific topic.

    It can be used during the outline and research process when you struggle to find ideas about a topic to write high-performing content. Frase also helps to create SEO content and optimizes your content after you have written it.

    Pricing: The basic plan starts from $44 per month. The team plan starts from $114 per month.

    4- content marketing tool

    Jasper, which was formerly named Jarvis, is an AI tool that helps you to create a blog, website, and social media content. Original and creative content can be created by using Jasper during the content marketing process. It also gives blog content ideas and improves written content to make it more engaging.

    Pricing: The starter account starts from $29 per month with limited access. The boss mode starts from $99 per month.

    5- content marketing tool is an AI content marketing tool that helps you to increase content performance in a short period. So, if you are having a hard time finding ideas and experiencing writer’s block, can assist you. There are many options in this tool that you can choose from, such as blog posts, advertisements, email campaigns, social media content, product descriptions, and so on! 

    Pricing: Free trial is available with limited access. The premium account starts from $35 per month.

    Search Engine Optimization Tools

    6- Ahrefs

    Ahrefs content marketing tool

    Ahrefs might be one of our favorite tools for content marketers. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps you search for keywords about a specific topic. In addition, you can examine your website’s and your competitors’ traffic, search volume, and organic keywords.

    Pricing: It has a trial option for $7 for seven days. It starts from $99 per month.

    7- SEMRush

    Semrush content marketing tool

    SEMrush is a topic research tool that shows you keywords and backlinks of your website and your competitors. It offers a comprehensive analysis of keywords and gives you ideas about how to increase your website traffic.

    It shows keywords according to different locations. Besides, this content marketing platform gives reports about a domain or a keyword. 

    Pricing: It has a free trial option. Other plans start from $119 per month.

    8- AlsoAsked

    AlsoAsked content marketing tool

    AlsoAsked is a useful tool for keyword research and preparing an outline for a blog post. It offers frequently asked questions about a given term. In addition, AlsoAsked prepares a visual map including related questions in a specific language and region. 

    You can shape your content around these frequently asked questions to reach out to your target audience.

    Pricing: Free to use with limited access. Other plans are coming soon since it is in beta currently. 

    9- AnswerThePublic

    Answer The Public content marketing tool

    AnswerThePublic shows you what people ask about a specific topic as well. You can select a location and a language to see questions about the topic you entered specifically. It shows questions related to “why, when, how, what, which” WH question words. 

    It gives a visual map of questions that can be helpful while writing your content.

    Pricing: It has a free plan with limited access. It starts from $99 per month.

    10- BuzzSumo

    Buzzsumo content marketing tool

    If you are looking for current trends and specific sectors’ interests, BuzzSumo can assist you. It shows the content of a keyword or domain you have entered and gives you their traffic. This tool can be great since it shows what your competitors do about a given topic. In that sense, you can optimize your content and stand out in your industry.

    Thanks to domain reports and content analysis reports, you can evaluate your content’s current situation to make necessary changes.

    Pricing: It has a free trial plan for 30 days. Other plans start from $99 per month.

    (Grammar and Tone) Writing Assistants

    11- Grammarly

    Grammarly content marketing tool

    Grammarly is one of the greatest tools for content writing. Creating error-free content is crucial and Grammarly helps you to accomplish that. It checks your content and marks misspellings, grammatical errors, plagiarism and hard-to-understand sentences. Also, you can set the tone and the audience of your content to optimize your text accordingly.

    Apart from writing blog content, you can use Grammarly on each platform while writing anything to create quality content. It becomes handy while typing an important email or social media posts as well.

    Pricing: It has a free plan with limited features. Other plans start from $12 per month.

    12- Hemingway Editor

    Hemingway editor content marketing tool

    Hemingway Editor is a grammar checker similar to Grammarly. It helps you to create precise content without grammar errors. It is a very simple tool with a minimal user interface. This easy-to-use tool gives you a readability grade to improve your digital experiences as you are writing amazing content. 

    Hemingway Editor gives simpler alternatives and shows passive voice and adverbs. It also indicates hard-to-read sentences and helps you to correct your mistakes while writing content.

    13- CoSchedule Headline Studio

    CoSchedule Headline Studio content marketing tool

    CoSchedule Headline Studio is a great tool to write eye-catching headlines. When you type your content’s headline, it checks whether or not it is suitable for SEO. It also gives you a score based on your headline’s word count, clarity, tone, and so on.

    It is very easy to use and has a Chrome extension that you can download. 

    Pricing: Headline Studio has a free plan. Other plans start from $9 per month. 

    Publishing Tools and Platforms

    14- WordPress

    Wordpress content marketing tool

    WordPress is one of the most popular website builders for marketing teams. It allows you to create forums, websites, blogs, and many different platforms. It is effortless to use and you don’t have to have coding knowledge and experience while creating your website.

    WordPress has built-in tools to use while creating your content and publishing. It integrates with many other tools and platforms. In addition, the platform is customizable, so you can create your unique websites by using it.

    Pricing: It has a free plan. The premium plan starts from $4 per month. 

    15- Webflow

    Webflow content marketing tool

    Webflow is a CMS and publishing platform that helps you build your own website. It is a visual web development platform with many customizable features. Webflow allows its users to design and build entirely custom sites with visual content. 

    You don’t have to worry about coding since it is an easy-to-use tool for beginners who are not experienced in coding. It allows you to manage your content with a rich text editor. User community and flexible navigation structures are useful as well.

    Pricing: It has a starter plan which is free to use. The basic plan starts from $12 per month.

    16- Strapi

    Strapi content marketing tool

    Strapi is a headless CMS platform that allows you to create your own website. Since it is an open-source headless CMS, it is easy to customize websites. It has a practical and straightforward user interface. Strapi integrates with many other platforms, so it makes content marketing functional.

    It offers a rich text editor, asset management, and content authoring features, making the content creation and publishing process more manageable. It gives personalized analytics about your website as well.

    Pricing: It has a free trial option.

    17- Directus

    Directus content marketing tool

    Directus is a highly customizable headless CMS platform for content marketers who do not know complex coding. You can create your website with Directus easily. Apart from that, Directus is an open data platform. 

    It turns SQL databases into an API and helps you manage your content properly. Directus has an easy-to-use API and customizable features. 

    Pricing: Free plan is available forever. 

    18- Ghost

    Ghost content marketing tool

    Ghost is another headless CMS platform that makes creating a website and digital experiences very accessible. It is often used for e-commerce websites and blogs. Ghost has a modern and straightforward admin panel that helps you customize your content. 

    Configurations, installations, and integrations with other platforms are practical in Ghost. Moreover, since it is an open-source platform, you can adapt to it easily and start publishing your content for your target audience with Ghost.

    Pricing: It has a free plan option with limited features. Other plans start from $25 per month.

    Distribution and Social Media Management

    19- HootSuite

    Hootsuite content marketing tool

    HootSuite is a great tool for managing your social media accounts. Thirty-five different social media profiles can be tracked by using HootSuite. It has a scheduling social media posts feature as well.

    By using HootSuite, you can monitor your competitors’ content in detail as well. In that way, you can compare your competitors’ social media platforms with your own to build your own strategy for content marketing. 

    Pricing: It has a free trial option for 30 days. Other plans start from $39 per month.

    20- Sprout Social

    Sprout Social content marketing tool

    Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management platform that shows current trends to its users. It also helps you see your competitor’s social media platforms to improve your own according to your target visitors. 

    Sprout Social has social analytics, social publishing, and social engagement features that can be beneficial for optimizing your company’s social platforms. In addition, it has a campaign optimization feature to develop your campaigns as well.

    Pricing: It has a free trial option that lasts for 30 days. Other plans start from $89 per month.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I choose a content marketing tool?

    You can choose a content marketing tool considering which type of content you create. Also, the platforms you use and your target audience are critical factors while choosing content marketing software. We have compiled a number of content marketing tools with both free and paid plans for you. These tools are about managing different parts of your content and achieving your content marketing strategy.  

    Why are content marketing tools important?

    In order to improve your content marketing strategy and get the results of your marketing efforts, you need to use assistive tools. These tools can help you create better content without grammar errors and improve your posts’ tone. Besides these, content marketing tools help you save time since they give you writing ideas and topics. In addition, tools enable you to create SEO content properly to increase your website’s traffic. Content marketing tools allow you to research your competitors’ content as well. Using these tools, you can analyze your own and others’ content.

    Is social media content marketing?

    Yes, social media is content marketing for sure. Social media is a significant and effective way to achieve your content marketing aims. Social posts are helpful to promote your product and services by creating eye-catching content for your target audience. You can promote your blog content on social media to get more traffic to your website.

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