6 A/B Testing Examples You Can Use for Your Growth

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    Home / Growth / 6 A/B Testing Examples You Can Use for Your Growth

    Here's some bad news for those who thought they were soooo done with 'testing' after all those years passed since high school. 

    No, no, no, my friend. Testing is EXACTLY what you should be dealing with if you're interested in owning and running a successful SaaS website through bounce rates, conversion funnels, email campaigns, content marketing, and more. 

    This time you have no chance of failing, though. Because you are the one running the test. The product testing. 

    Okay, explain already! 

    Here's what I mean.

    As a business owner, you need to test everything - I mean everything- you put out there to present to the public. You need to conduct an in-detail examination of the elements of your website and your digital marketing materials. And to make sure everything is going smoothly, AB testing tools are your best option. 

    AB product testing offers you the data you need to correct and improve your site content and marketing strategies as you proceed. It also allows you to test conversion rates.

    And, if you're not exactly sure what your A/B testing should look like, you have come to the right place. With this article today, I will be providing you with 6 real-life examples of A/B product testing that managed to create a solid difference for the companies and the involved target market. I hope they inspire your tests as well!

    saas ab test examples

    Let's see what they are. 

    1- HubSpot's Increase in Conversions

    Hubspot’s Lead Conversion, ab testing examples

    HubSpot is a well-known name in the marketing and SEO field. They have an enormous online identity, and they run a popular blog. My list's first A/B testing example shows how HubSpot managed to attach a lead generation magnet to their blog content.

    At the end of some of their posts, HubSpot decided to offer free a practical guide to inbound marketing. To access this informative gift, the readers had to fill in a contact form. Before getting any results, HubSpot made sure to test if they wanted to provide a link to the form or embed the form in their posts.

    With the help of this test, HubSpot figured out that their in-line CTA option (form being embedded) improved their conversion rate by 71%. What a statistical significance! This indicates an extreme boost to lead generation that any owner with big business goals would love to have.

    2- Groove's Landing Page Redesign

    Groove’s Landing Page Redesign, ab testing examples

    When we talk about the overall success of any SaaS business, we need to take a moment to appreciate the importance of landing pages.

    Groove is a provider of excellent customer support solutions and is also fully aware of the significance of what I'm talking about. In fact, that is exactly why they decided to conduct a comprehensive AB test of their own landing page design.

    With a great product and a blog, Groove company was slightly unsatisfied with its conversion goals. They reached out to experts, friends, and colleagues and decided that what they needed was a redesign of their landing page to understand better how their target audience sees it.

    From that moment, the company talked to the power users of their products; they took the time to learn about what the target audience finds interesting, what they wanted to see more, and how they could come up with a more relevant marketing campaign. 

    With the help of this extensive qualitative study, Groove gathered informative results and used this information to write the landing page copy using their clients' own words and finalized the testing process.

    3- Humana's Banner Test

    Humana, a health insurance provider, developed a highly simple yet effective A/B product testing practice with tremendous results. 

    At first, they realized that they had a banner with a basic headline and CTA in addition to an image. With the help of their testing ideas, they figured they needed to make some improvements, to enhance the power of the banner. Their primary goal was to achieve an increase in clicks on this banner. There was nothing completely wrong with its current version, but they felt like some simple changes could improve the click-through rates, and they were right.

    The first banner had a lot of text, a number, and it talked about a lot of benefits, features, and qualities. Sounds about right, huh? Well, here's the thing. Simplicity often creates miracles when it comes to creating a solid marketing campaign. Naturally, and understandably, companies wish to talk about all their insanely amazing features and qualities, but that's not necessarily what the target market wants to face all the time.

    Humana's A/B testing example

    On the contrary, customers respond to 'cropped' copies and more straightforward CTAs. And in this case, Humana created a second variation of the copy that changed the CTA from ''Shop Medicare Plans'' to ''Get Started Now.'' In addition to some other changes, including the visuals, colors, and shapes, Humana was able to experience a 192 percent boost in CTR.

    A/B testing example Humana

    4- WallMonkeys

     WallMonkeys is a company that provides a good variety of wall decals for homes and workspaces. They wanted to enhance their homepage to gain more clicks and conversions. Their original version featured a stock-style image with a simple headline. Here's what it looks like:

    WallMonkeys A/B testing example

    With the first test, they replaced their image; they went for a unique version, displaying one of their real-life products. They got amazing results right after this move. Their website got a 27% upturn in conversions and succeeded in surviving in the target market. And WallMonkeys was not ready to settle down with their marketing efforts just yet. They had a search bar to include.

    AB testing example WallMonkeys

    They conducted a second A/B test. This time, they replaced the headline with a big and clear search engine, gaining a significant boost in their conversion rate optimization -550%- and experiencing firsthand the benefits of great AB testing and the possible advantages of practicing an iterative process. 

    5- RummyCircle Facebook Ad Test

    RummyCircle, is a major Indian gambling firm, and they're quite famous for their smart way of using AB testing on one of their Facebook ads. 

    Before I show you what they did, I want to talk about the importance of social networks here. For a business owner, social media platforms act as tools that should be embraced at all costs for it significantly helps your SEO, keyword research, marketing efforts, your social media ads optimization, and more. 

    So, RummyCircle knew what social media platforms meant for them. They wanted to test if their hypothesis for the ad when viewed on desktop held for mobile devices.

    Later, they found that users were more likely to click through the ad if they commented on it as well. Therefore, the original ad copy included an invitation that encourages users to leave comments.

    The firm decided to test two different versions, one including the invitation and the other not. On mobile, they realized that the option not including a comment section turned out to get better results. 

    In this case, RummyCircle understood different audience segments with the help of their testing program.

    6- Olympic Store Checkout Test

    The last great example on my list shows that AB tests can also cause great alterations.

    The last of our AB testing examples shows that tests can also lead to significant changes. In the lead-up to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, the official merchandiser decided to test two different kinds of e-commerce checkout.

    The first option that was offered had several pages. The audience needed to work through each page for a complete checkout. It made them feel slightly bored and overwhelmed. 

    On the other hand, the alternative checkout provided everything on one common page, allowing the viewers to enter all the necessary information, including the email address, in one place. After reaching 606 transactions, the owners thought they could stop right there and end the test. 

    The result was obvious. The alternative checkout plan had outperformed the original by 21.8%. They immediately took action and decided to go with their new and improved version. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is AB testing done?

    To perform an AB test, you need to create two separate versions of a feature, make them up and running, introduce them to your audience, and figure out which version works more efficiently. 

    How do you write an AB test?

    To write an AB test report, there are several things you should keep in mind:

    • Include the time period of the test
    • Conduct pre-analysis
    • Visually demonstrate your AB test variations
    • Clearly describe your reasoning behind the test
    • Gather results
    • Study your learnings

    What industries use AB tests?

    AB tests' primary goal is to understand user engagement of a certain product or a service and the ways to improve it. This is usually why popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram perform AB testing to provide better user experiences for the users of their services. In addition to these areas, many other fields such as data engineering, marketing, designing, and software engineering also use AB tests.

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