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5 Headway Alternatives If You're Looking for More Than Just Changelogs

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    Home / User Onboarding / 5 Headway Alternatives If You're Looking for More Than Just Changelogs

    Looking for a simple standalone changelog page for a simple price and quick deployment?

    Look no further than Headway, because it offers just that.

    And only that.

    As you start to aim for more ROI from your product and feature launch campaigns, it will start being insufficient quickly.

    So, here are 5 alternatives that will level your product marketing up:


    • UserGuiding is the ultimate tool for user adoption of your existing and new features with a versatile yet simple-to-use product adoption platform.
    • ReleaseNotes provides the same standalone changelog page feature, but it adds several options to announce new features in your app or through email, getting more engagement and adoption from the get-go.
    • Frill brings two new features to the table in addition to changelogs - feature request collection and public roadmap sharing. It's perfect if you want to take a slower approach towards progress.
    • AnnounceKit is great if you're just in it for product and feature launch campaigns. It allows for in and off-app announcements, and also adds a segmentation feature that allows you to reach out to custom audiences.
    • Beamer offers even more functionality in addition to segmentation, announcement widgets, roadmaps and feedbacks; such as off-app push notifications that drive your launch campaigns even further.

    1. UserGuiding - all-in-one product adoption platform

    UserGuiding excels far beyond Headway by offering a full suite of tools designed to maximize user adoption and engagement. It's not just about announcing new features; it's about ensuring they are seamlessly integrated into the user experience.

    UserGuiding's new changelog feature

    ‎UserGuiding's New Changelog Feature

    UserGuiding introduces a dynamic changelog feature that goes hand in hand with its robust product adoption platform.

    Create a standalone changelog for your product and integrate it into your in-app experience through boosters and more.

    UserGuiding Core Features

    • Interactive Onboarding Tools: Step-by-step guides, tooltips, and checklists help users discover and understand new features effortlessly, reducing the learning curve and boosting overall engagement.
    • Advanced User Segmentation: Tailor the user experience by segmenting users based on their behavior, preferences, or demographics, enabling targeted communication and personalized user journeys.
    • In-App Feedback Collection: Directly gather user insights and feature requests through in-app surveys, fostering a continuous feedback loop to prioritize development efforts effectively.
    • Enhanced Product Updates Communication: The dynamic changelog feature, coupled with personalized onboarding experiences, ensures users are not only aware of new features but are also encouraged to adopt them.

    UserGuiding Pricing

    • Starter Plan: At $89/month, this plan provides access to all basic features, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses focused on enhancing user adoption.
    • Growth Plan: For $389/month, offering advanced functionalities including unlimited content and the removal of UserGuiding branding, suited for larger organizations with complex needs.

    2. ReleaseNotes – Engaging Feature Announcements

    ReleaseNotes steps up from Headway by offering a similarly straightforward approach to changelogs but enriches it with enhanced communication tools for better engagement and feature adoption from the start.

    ‎ReleaseNotes' Changelog and Announcement Features

    ReleaseNotes not only provides a platform for creating standalone changelog pages but also integrates features for announcing new updates directly within your app or via email, engaging users right where they are.

    ReleaseNotes Core Features

    • Standalone Changelog Page: Like Headway, it offers an easy-to-use platform for maintaining a changelog but with added functionality for broader engagement.
    • In-App and Email Announcements: Directly notify users about new features through their preferred channels, increasing the likelihood of adoption and engagement.
    • Customizable Announcement Templates: Tailor your communication with customizable templates that fit your brand and message, making every feature launch noticeable and memorable.

    ReleaseNotes Pricing

    ReleaseNotes offers a transparent pricing model that scales with your needs, ensuring you have access to all essential features without overcomplicating your budget.

    3. Frill - Integrating Feedback with Roadmap Visibility

    Frill offers a unique combination of features that extends beyond simple changelog management to include feature request collection and public roadmap sharing.

    ‎This platform is especially suited for teams looking to engage their user base in the product development process, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a more interactive approach.

    Frill Key Features

    • Feature Request Collection: Allows users to submit ideas and requests directly, facilitating an open line of communication between the product team and its users.
    • Public Roadmap: Shares the future direction of the product with users, making the development process transparent and building anticipation for upcoming features.
    • Customizable Feedback Channels: Offers various channels for collecting user feedback, enabling product teams to gather insights and prioritize development efforts based on user needs.

    Pricing and Plans

    • Starter Plan: At $25/month, Frill is accessible to startups and small teams wanting to integrate user feedback into their product strategy.
    • Advanced Features Plan: For $49/month, teams gain access to unlimited idea collection and more sophisticated roadmap features, suitable for businesses with a growing user base.

    4. AnnounceKit - Introduce Segmentation

    AnnounceKit shines in the realm of product and feature launch campaigns, providing tools for both in-app and off-app announcements. Its standout feature is the ability to segment audiences, allowing for tailored communication strategies that significantly increase engagement and adoption.

    AnnounceKit Key Enhancements

    • Segmentation for Targeted Campaigns: Enables precise targeting of announcements to specific user segments, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of communication.
    • In-App and Off-App Announcements: Expand the reach of feature announcements beyond the app, ensuring users are engaged wherever they are.
    • Public Roadmap and Feedback Collection: Engages users with a visible product roadmap and collects their feedback, fostering a community around your product.

    Pricing and Plans

    • Basic Plan: Starting at $89/month, suitable for small to midsize businesses focusing on enhancing their announcement strategies.
    • Pro Plan: At $129/month, includes advanced segmentation and roadmap visibility, ideal for businesses requiring detailed user engagement analytics.

    5. Beamer - Comprehensive Engagement and Notification Platform

    Beamer extends the capabilities of a standard changelog tool by incorporating advanced features like segmentation, announcement widgets, roadmaps, feedback collection, and off-app push notifications. It's designed for teams that want to maximize user engagement through various communication channels.

    Beamer Key Features

    • Advanced Segmentation and Analytics: Offers detailed insights into user behavior, allowing for highly targeted communication strategies.
    • Off-App Push Notifications: Engages users outside of the app, driving attention to new features and updates.
    • Interactive Roadmap and Feedback Widgets: Keeps users informed about what’s next and collects their input, ensuring the product evolves in line with user expectations.

    Pricing and Plans

    • Starter Plan: Free, with basic features for startups looking to begin their engagement journey.
    • Pro Plan: Priced at $49/month, offering a comprehensive set of tools for businesses ready to take their user engagement to the next level.

    Each platform we've discussed offers unique advantages to elevate your product marketing and user engagement strategies beyond simple changelog management.

    While UserGuiding, ReleaseNotes, Frill, AnnounceKit, and Beamer stand out for their comprehensive features, don't overlook other valuable tools like Noticeable, ChangeCrab, and LaunchNotes, which also offer tools to communicate product updates to your user base.

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