7 Customer Experience Best Practices You Should Know About in 2024

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    Home / UX / 7 Customer Experience Best Practices You Should Know About in 2024

    When was the last time you were blown away by such an extraordinary experience as a customer that you just had to tell everyone you know about it? Post about it on your social media channels, tweet about it, and drop comments about it? Happy customers are doing them all!

    A good Customer Experience is one of the most important aspects of a solid marketing strategy and a necessity for achieving business goals.

    Offering lousy and lazy customer experiences makes your product seem worthless and can create a horrible reputation for your brand that won't be easily forgotten. 

    After all, you should never take the power of buying experiences for granted, especially now that everybody is talking about theirs on their social media. 

    So, you better invest in offering flawless customer experiences, and you better do it quickly. Here we'll talk about some of the best practices for great Customer Experiences for inspiration!

    Let's go!

    1-  Prime Video - now it's easier to find your favorites!

    The newly updated and redesigned Prime Video has been introduced to the customers this summer. First, they rolled out a brand new, redesigned experience with their app on connected home devices, including Fire TV and the Android app. Later in the summer, they made this positive experience available for all Prime Video customers worldwide, with upcoming iOS and Web implementations. 

    So, what's new about the content?

    ❗️ A more user-friendly navigation menu

    They have introduced a simplified main navigation menu, and they made it easily accessible, helping their users browse a broad selection of content - including sports, TV shows, movies, and premium digital channels- and easily find what they're looking for in no time. 

    They have also relocated their navigation menu to the side of the screen for better access, also providing the users with sub-navigation options to better browse by content or category.

    ❗️Appealing visuals

    The New Prime Video experience presents rich and glorious content in terms of quality and visuals. With immersive details, detailed imagery, and a brand new color palette, the new carousel now shows titles to take less time browsing and less space on the screen.

    ❗️ Faster and seamless experience

    The new Prime Video app came with new carousels -mentioned above- that are great for presenting content with better, richer, and more cinematic imagery. They also allowed customers to easily and swiftly find content to stream - the ''Top 10 Chart'' for instance. It instantly showcases popular and trending content worldwide. 

    prime video customer experience best practice

    2- Apple as a town square?!

    Apple is known to be always aiming for more. There's no limit to the brand's new announcements, brand new products, laptop chips; you name it. 

    Millions of people visit Apple stores every month to keep up with the coolest and newest computer equipment, accessories, and phones and take a glimpse of technological innovations. 

    The products come and go; they naturally change a lot due to the consistently-evolving needs and requirements of the customers. But one thing never changes, which is the environment of Apple stores. I mean the colors, the minimalism, the feeling of being involved in a community full of people with the same interest. 

    apple town square cx example

    And that feeling encouraged Apple to announce that they're becoming a kind of ''town square'', a lively part of the community. This approach supports the idea of Apple turning itself into an ''consistent experience'' and just incredibly shows how committed they are to the idea. 

    Their Senior Retail Vice President says this new approach is a part of Apple's ongoing effort just to make people buy things, but to progressively become a central community, a ''town square'' in which you can have a seat, eat out, watch your kid play, and so on.

    3-  Starbucks, faster delivery and a smoother experience 

    Recently, Starbucks did something quite innovative. And that innovation was the Grande Mocha Frappuccino. 

    Obviously, the coffee itself was not the extraordinary part - but rather how it was made. Generally, it takes an average barista almost 87 seconds and 16 steps to make this drink. But this specific Mocha Frappuccino took only 36 seconds and 13 steps - meaning that the exact same great and wildly loved coffee can be delivered faster to a client while also making the process easier for the barista. 

    starbucks renovations customer experience best practice

    Their new implementation that made the difference was a brand new Siren System with a milk-dispensing system and faster blenders that helped the barista reduce bending and heavy lifting. It was also found to make it easier to navigate crowded spaces since it eliminated the need to move constantly. 

    4- Spotify 

    Here's a personal Spotify example that I have experienced recently. I had to deactivate my account to make a simple change to my account plan. I wasn't planning on leaving the app for good. But Spotify didn't know that. 

    Here's what it did to say goodbye. 

    spotify customer experience best practice

    I mean... How amazing is this?

    This is completely more than just creating an engaging environment for the user; in fact, this is actually quite a game-changer if you stop to think about it for a second.

    With all those annually wrapped summaries, weekly discoveries specifically tailored to your music preferences, and playlist suggestions, there is still more that Spotify can do to surprise its customers. And for that, they ensure they deliver the best customer experience possible to guarantee overall customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and a great brand reputation.

    Take it from me; I instantly came back after fixing my plan and have no intention of leaving any time soon!

    5- Letterboxd

    Film buffs now about Letterboxd. Are you one of us? Even if not, no worries. I'm here to talk about my favorite platform's customized and fun integrations that provide personalized experiences today.

    Basically, the site is meant for keeping movie diaries and sharing opinions with friends, following popular accounts, cinema news, upcoming movies, and more. Members usually use this app as a diary to keep a record of their movie entries and their opinions and simply to collect movies. 

    Here's a quick look at their regular online review screen. You see the movie's name, you get to like it if you want, give a rating out of 5 stars, and mark ''watched'' if you want the movie to be in your diary. 

    letterboxd customer experience best practice

    Fast forward to one of the most anticipated and discussed movies of 2022. Ladies and gentlemen, I present: 

    letterboxd customer experience best practices

    So, Letterboxd changed their cool icon design in the shape of an eye for the movies you've seen, and for Everything Everywhere All at Once, they replaced it with an iconic googly eye motif from the movie:

    letterboxd cx best practice

    Now that's what I call a great user experience offered by a platform specifically made for movie buffs. It's just impossible not to love how thoughtful it is!

    6- Tumblr

    There's one thing that guarantees an excellent customer experience. And that thing is your customer feedback again. Listen to what they have to say, for therein lies the secret ingredient to your brand's success. They will willingly let you know about the improvements they require, customer concerns, the areas that need fixing, customer expectations, and so on. 

    What's more valuable than that? Nothing.

    And, to collect continuous feedback, you need to make sure the process doesn't seem like a pain to start with. It should encourage the customers to leave a comment, reach out, or fill in a quick survey. How?

    Here's an example from Tumblr that a friend of mine found recently. 

    tumblr customer experience best practice

    Imagine you're the customer. It's always easy to click on a face ''real quick'' to let the website know how you feel. And, it's for your own good as well - you can be sure that your ideas and actionable insights will be heard and taken into consideration. 

    tumblr customer experience best practice


    With a cute font, nice choice of words, and vivid colors, Tumblr attracts visitors and convinces them to leave a comment explaining how they felt about their customer services - making it seem effortless and quick.

    7- Bath and Body Works

    Rewards are another efficient motivators that enable great customer experiences. Naturally, people love rewards, and they feel encouraged to make purchases if they gain something in return. 

    Bath and Body Works knew what they were doing when they decided to give out loyalty rewards for loyal customers - people for sure love those coupons for 20% off!

    bath body works cx best practice

    This kind of approach helps brands foster long-term relationships and motivate potential customers to stick around. After all, would you leave a place you feel appreciated or where you see others being rewarded for their loyalty?

    Wrapping Up

    Customer experience is the cornerstone of any business strategy. I genuinely hope these best practices of up-to-date CX examples will inspire you to deliver an extraordinary experience that your customers will talk about for a long time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the 3 essential pillars of the customer experience?

    1- Engagement

    2- Personalization

    3- Empathy

    How do you build the best customer experience?

    To create a solid customer experience that actually works, you first need to come up with a clear customer experience vision, understand your target audience and focus on customer interactions, study customer behaviors, create emotional connections, create a customer feedback loop, and act accordingly. 

    How do you create a clear customer experience vision?

    1- Make your intentions clear.

    2- Base your vision and your customer experience strategy on customer insights.

    3- Align your vision with your values and brand expectations.

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