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4 AnnounceKit Alternatives to Communicate Product Updates (free tools included)

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    Home / User Onboarding / 4 AnnounceKit Alternatives to Communicate Product Updates (free tools included)


    • UserGuiding is a big upgrade from Canny for your product team - it covers most of the functionality of Canny and offers additional tools to boost user engagement and improve onboarding with data-backed insights.
    • Shiplog is great if you're looking to cut down on costs and just put a simple changelog out there - its free plan is viable and the product is very straightforward.
    • AnnounceKit provides additional announcement widgets to display in your app alongside public roadmaps and changelogs. The biggest upgrade from a tool like Canny is the segmentation feature that allows you to customize your outreach campaigns.
    • Frill has the same core functions as Canny in terms of changelog management, feature request collection, and update announcements; so it serves as an identical alternative.

    AnnounceKit has all the right tools and functionalities to communicate each and every product update with customers.

    Standalone changelogs, in-app widgets and announcements, off-app outreach - the whole package.

    But it might not be the best fit for your business; it can either be too pricey for a more basic use case you're looking for or a little too basic if you're looking for end-to-end capabilities for user education.

    Let's take a look at 4 alternatives that perfectly complement both of these reasons.

    1. UserGuiding - all-in-one product adoption platform

    UserGuiding goes beyond the basic functionalities of a changelog tool by offering an extensive suite of features aimed at not only keeping users informed about new updates but also significantly improving user engagement and the onboarding experience.

    UserGuiding's new changelog feature

    UserGuiding is particularly beneficial for product teams that seek to leverage interactive guides, in-app messages, and personalized user journeys to foster product adoption and retention.

    UserGuiding Core Features

    • Comprehensive Onboarding Tools: UserGuiding provides an array of interactive onboarding tools such as step-by-step guides, tooltips, and user checklists. These tools are designed to help new users navigate through the app more effectively, thereby reducing the learning curve and enhancing the overall user experience.
    • Advanced Segmentation and Insights: With UserGuiding, you can segment users based on their behavior, preferences, or demographics to deliver more personalized experiences. This level of segmentation, combined with detailed analytics and insights, enables product teams to make data-backed decisions to improve user engagement strategies.
    • Feature Request Collection via In-App Surveys: Similar to Canny, UserGuiding allows for the collection of user feedback and feature requests directly within the app through in-app surveys. This immediate feedback loop is crucial for understanding user needs and prioritizing product development efforts accordingly.
    • Dynamic Product Updates Changelog: UserGuiding offers a dynamic and easily manageable changelog to keep users informed about the latest product updates and features. This not only ensures transparency but also engages users by showcasing continuous improvement and responsiveness to user feedback.

    UserGuiding Pricing

    • Starter Plan: At $89/month, this plan offers access to all basic features, making it suitable for small to medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their user engagement and onboarding processes.
    • Growth Plan: Priced at $389/month, the Unlimited plan caters to larger organizations requiring advanced features such as unlimited content, multiple product management, and the removal of UserGuiding branding.

    2. Shiplog

    Shiplog distinguishes itself by its simplicity and ease of use, catering to businesses that require a direct and uncomplicated method to manage and publish changelogs.

    shiplog's ai powered changelog tool

    It's particularly suitable for startups and small businesses that value straightforwardness over complexity, allowing them to maintain transparency with their user base about ongoing updates and improvements.

    Shiplog Core Features

    • User-friendly Changelog Creation: Shiplog offers an intuitive interface for creating and managing changelogs, making it easy for teams to quickly update their users about new features, bug fixes, and improvements without a steep learning curve.
    • Free Plan Viability: One of Shiplog's most attractive offerings is its viable free plan, which includes the core features needed for effective changelog management. This is particularly appealing for businesses with limited budgets or those just starting to explore the benefits of maintaining a changelog.
    • Premium Plan for Advanced Needs: For businesses that outgrow the free plan, Shiplog offers a premium option that includes additional features such as the ability to add unlimited editors and manage multiple products. This scalability ensures that Shiplog can continue to meet the needs of growing businesses.
    • Autopilot Service for Hassle-Free Management: Recognizing that some teams may not have the time or resources to manage their changelogs actively, Shiplog provides an autopilot service. This premium offering allows businesses to have their changelogs updated by experts, ensuring that users remain informed with minimal effort from the product team.

    Shiplog Pricing

    • Free Plan: Offers the core features needed for basic changelog management, suitable for small projects or businesses beginning to implement changelogs.
    • Premium Plan: Priced at $39/month, this plan is designed for businesses needing more flexibility, such as adding unlimited editors and managing multiple products.
    • Autopilot Service: For $999/month, Shiplog's autopilot service provides a hands-off approach to changelog management, where updates are curated and published by professionals.

    3. AnnounceKit

    AnnounceKit extends beyond the traditional boundaries of changelog tools by offering a comprehensive suite of features that facilitate dynamic interaction between businesses and their user base.

    announcekit's standalone changelog page

    This platform is particularly suited for companies looking to deepen user engagement through segmented announcements, interactive feedback collection, and transparent roadmaps.

    AnnounceKit Core Features

    • WhatsNew Widget with Notifications: This feature ensures that users are always in the loop with the latest updates through engaging notifications within the app, enhancing the visibility of new features and improvements.
    • Segmented Announcements: With AnnounceKit, businesses can target their announcements to specific segments of their user base, allowing for more personalized communication that resonates with different user groups' needs and preferences.
    • Public Roadmap and Feature Request Collection: By making the product roadmap public and enabling users to submit feature requests, AnnounceKit fosters a collaborative environment where user feedback directly influences the development process.
    • In-App Feedback Collection: This platform simplifies the feedback collection process by integrating it directly within the app, making it easier for users to share their thoughts and suggestions without disrupting their experience.
    • Email Notifications and NPS Surveys: AnnounceKit enhances user engagement further by incorporating email notifications for updates and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to gauge user satisfaction and loyalty.

    AnnounceKit Pricing

    • Basic Plan: Starting at $89/month, this plan includes the essential features for businesses to launch engaging announcements and collect user feedback.
    • Pro Plan: Priced at $129/month, the Pro plan introduces segmentation features and a public roadmap, catering to businesses looking for more targeted communication and transparency.
    • Premium Plan: At $339/month, this plan offers advanced features, including off-app notifications and the removal of AnnounceKit branding, designed for larger enterprises seeking comprehensive engagement solutions.
    • NPS Surveys: Available for an additional $42, NPS surveys provide valuable insights into user satisfaction, complementing the platform's engagement capabilities.

    4. Frill

    Frill stands out by facilitating a collaborative environment where users can actively participate in the product development process.

    This platform is ideal for companies seeking to not only communicate updates but also to gather, prioritize, and implement user feedback in a structured and efficient manner.

    Frill Core Features

    • Idea Capture and Voting: At the heart of Frill is its ability to capture ideas from users, allowing them to vote on features they find most valuable. This democratic approach ensures that product teams are working on updates and features that genuinely resonate with their user base.
    • Standalone Roadmap and Changelog: Frill provides a public-facing, standalone roadmap that gives users a transparent view of what’s coming next. Coupled with an easy-to-navigate changelog, businesses can keep their users informed and engaged with upcoming developments.
    • Update Announcements: Similar to Canny, Frill enables businesses to announce new updates directly. However, it enhances this feature by integrating it with its idea and feedback management system, creating a seamless loop from user suggestions to implementation announcements.
    • Customizable Feedback Channels: Beyond collecting feature requests, Frill offers customizable feedback channels that can be tailored to gather insights on specific aspects of the product or service, enabling more targeted improvements.

    Frill Pricing

    • Basic Plan: Starting at $25/month, this plan is geared towards small businesses and startups looking to engage their users in the product development process without a significant investment.
    • Advanced Plan: For $49/month, businesses gain access to unlimited idea collection, making it suitable for companies with a larger user base or those seeking extensive user involvement.
    • Premium Plan: Priced at $149/month, this plan removes Frill branding and adds privacy options, catering to enterprises requiring a more branded experience and additional control over their data.

    In conclusion, while offers a solid foundation for changelog management and user feedback collection, alternatives like UserGuiding, Shiplog, AnnounceKit, and Frill provide varied functionalities tailored to different business needs, from enhancing user engagement to simplifying update announcements.

    If you want to further explore similar tools, Beamer, Headway, and ReleaseNotes also offer unique features worth considering, expanding the array of options for effective product update communication and user feedback integration.

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