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How GhostwriterAI Spends 63% Less Time in Creating Stellar User Onboarding Experiences with UserGuiding




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User Onboarding doesn’t have to be boring

As we all know, a user can lose interest in a product quickly if not nurtured correctly. Long articles and videos explaining your product as your onboarding process can bore your users and harm your product adoption.

GhostwriterAI was searching for a way to grasp the attention of their users while educating them with interactivity.

Also, GhostwriterAI is a recent startup. Therefore, they are constantly changing their product, adding new features, and regularly updating them in the light of their customers’ feedback.

When you use articles and videos as your onboarding, updating them according to changes can be torture, sometimes you might have to re-write an entire article or shoot a brand new video.

Customer Success Stories - GhostWriterAI UserGuiding

They’ve found UserGuiding

So they were searching for a solution that could help them with all these onboarding problems and improve their user experience. They found UserGuiding via Google Search.

Userguiding helps GhostwriterAI show their platform to their customers slowly and carefully in a fun way with interactive guides and many other onboarding elements.

As the CEO & the founder of GhostwriterAI, Ester Liquori puts it:

“Every platform needs onboarding and starting something new is always boring. We are attempted to try new things and not stay in our comfort zone. Innovation needs bravery!

Nevertheless, bravery doesn’t mean boring! With Userguiding we have smoothed our onboarding process.”

Ester Liquori, Founder & CEO at GhostwriterAI

UserGuiding helped GhostwriterAI significantly improve their onboarding process and create many product guides and feature highlights to educate their users.

Thanks to UserGuiding; with every new product update or feature release, they can easily change the guides and other onboarding elements with a few clicks.

See for yourself how and where GhostwriterAI used UserGuiding, below are screenshots from their new user onboarding flow:

Customer Success Stories - GhostWriterAI UserGuiding
Customer Success Stories - GhostWriterAI UserGuiding 8
Customer Success Stories - GhostWriterAI UserGuiding
Customer Success Stories - GhostWriterAI UserGuiding
Customer Success Stories - GhostWriterAI UserGuiding

And here are the guides they have created to explain features to users:

Visible growth with UserGuiding

After they have signed up with UserGuiding, GhostwriterAI has improved their finalization of the first onboarding steps to 80%.

Also, they have seen a saving of 63% in terms of hours spent on updating the old and inefficient onboarding system from their technical department.

The completion rate of their guides is between 53% and 84%. It means that their users are using the onboarding flow and that they find it beneficial for them!

Ester also has shot a short video talking about the relation between their platform and UserGuiding, which you can watch below:

If you are looking to increase your product adoptionfeature adoption, retention,  and conversion rates; aiming to minimize churn by improving your user onboarding, UserGuiding is the right tool for you.

With UserGuiding, you can create interactive product walkthroughs, onboarding checklists, hotspots, feature highlights, NPS surveys,

and interactive help centers easily. Also, whenever there is a new feature or an update, you can change your onboarding elements with a few clicks.

And no coding or technical knowledge is required.

Interesting, right? Let’s talk it over:

You can improve user onboarding with UserGuiding as well.


  • GhostwriterAI’s user onboarding process was boring to most users, and they needed a more interactive and attention-grabbing way to educate new customers.
  • The solution they were searching for also had to be as least demanding as possible, in terms of the time it would take to create and maintain an onboarding process.
  • With UserGuiding’s no-code guides and easy-to-manage UX elements, they’ve saved 62% time in creating and updating user onboarding material, while also improving their completion rates.

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