Easily onboard your users with UserGuiding features

User onboarding guides, interactive manuals,
templates, analytics, hotspots, NPS surveys, and more.

userguiding resource center feature

Resource Center

All your resources in one center: Blog posts, webinars, help center articles…

Showcase your work and let your users browse it all without ever leaving your app.


Turbocharge your user onboarding with the power of analytics. Leverage data to create more effective product walkthroughs.

userguiding analytics feature


Create a personalized onboarding experience for each user with our segmentation feature. Make your users feel unique with segmented product tours.

Net Promoter Survey

Capture important user insights and measure satisfaction with NPS surveys. Make important product decisions based on user feedback.


Guide your customers step by step and turn them into power users. Increase product adoption and create a wholesome experience.

Goal Tracking

Set goals for your users and help
them track their own progress with checklists. Gamify, and generate motivation to complete goals.


Use simple emojis, images, GIFs and videos to enhance modules and tooltips. Customize designs to create a native experience within your current interface.


Create static info-boxes to give users quick tips about an element within
your product. Mix them with guides for a better onboarding experience.

No Coding Required

No technical knowledge is necessary! With UserGuiding, you can create and design user onboarding flows effortlessly. Highlight new features and create tutorial popups in minutes.

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