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Top 10 Marketing Podcasts to Listen in 2024

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    Home / User Onboarding / Top 10 Marketing Podcasts to Listen in 2024

    Podcasts are a part of our daily lives.

    We learn from them, laugh, and relax while listening. It’s great to learn something new while cooking, cleaning, or going to work; in a matter of minutes at that.

    According to research by Oberlo, podcasts are listened to by more than half of the US consumers older than 12, and the rise of the podcast has been consistent since 2013. Considering how easy and affordable it is to listen to them, the other half is ought to start catching up with some of the most famous podcasts as well.

    Business is a podcast category on every platform, and there are many marketing podcasts on charts today. Although they are all great to listen to, I have prepared a selection of my favorite marketing podcasts which I find to be most helpful and least time-consuming.

    Before we start, you might also want to check this list out for podcasts on startups and growth.

    Also, do you like to read books as well? Here are the marketing books you are looking for!

    Let’s dig in:

    #1 The Digital Marketing Podcast

    The Digital Marketing Podcast by Target Internet, as stated on their website, is a weekly digital marketing podcast with listeners in over 190 countries.

    digital marketing podcast 2020

    With episodes of 20-30 minutes, the hosts, Daniel and Ciaran, talk about the latest news on business and technology while also discussing marketing strategies and marketing trends. 

    Why Listen?

    The podcast’s atmosphere is friendly and based on conversation.

    It is not particularly informative; probably not the marketing 101 class that some may look for, but it definitely offers a new point of view for those who are familiar with marketing and are in the field of work.

    Some podcasts in business and marketing prefer to release episodes every month, some even every quarter, but the Digital Marketing Podcast comes up with new and original topics every week.

    In most episodes, Daniel and Ciaran have a guest on the show.

    While most marketing podcasts do the same, the Digital Marketing Podcast hosts small businesses and entrepreneurs as well. This gives the listeners the opportunity to not only hear about the expert view but also the experiences of small businesses.

    One more good point, although it is about marketing, the podcast is ad-free.

    Don’t even try to deny, we all skip the ads.

    #2 - No-code Growth Stories - hosted by John Ozuysal

    Have you ever asked yourself:

    "How do people with no technical background realise their ideas?"

    John Ozuysal, the host of this first podcast has also wondered that, and was fascinated to meet the world of no-code.

    no code growth podcast

    John is the ex-Growth Manager of UserGuiding (a no-code user onboarding software SaaS marketers can finally use). But before he became a full-time growth marketing freak, he was an investment banker, so he is a spreadsheet guru.

    Yet that doesn't make him anywhere near capable for building and improving products or automating processes.

    In his growth marketing journey, he has discovered a new approach to SaaS. No-code refers to doing stuff that would normally require heavy programming, without programming.

    That means you can easily do most things that used to require developers.

    In startup world, the no-code approach is adopted by many, and John is on a mission to find all about how people adopted no-code.

    "I want to do this podcast to learn more about how people are using no-code tools with their growth marketing efforts."

    Listen as John and various growth people from the SaaS industry explore how no-code is used to achieve growth. You can find the podcast here or listen directly on John's website.

    #3 Copyblogger FM

    Copyblogger FM is not necessarily a marketing podcast, but it has a lot of marketing content.

    marketing podcasts copyblogger fm

    The host Sonia Simone and her co-hosts Darrell Vesterfelt and Tim Stoddart explore content marketing, copywriting, business mindsets, and more every week.

    Why Listen?

    This podcast has a lot to offer, not only in terms of marketing but on all aspects of business, waiting to be listened to by anyone who wants to be a prominent part of the business world.

    If you don’t have the time to sit down and read that blog article about how to do something, just hit the play button. The episodes follow the hosts discuss the topic or take the opinion of an expert.

    On the website, you can choose to listen to featured episodes, which is divided into sections. A good feature if you are looking for reference.

    #4 Marketplace

    Marketplace is a podcast that started broadcasting in January 2020. It is a business podcast hosted by Kai Ryssdal, that focuses on providing context on the economic news of the day with episodes of exactly 26-27 minutes.

    marketing podcasts marketplace

    Why Listen?

    Marketplace broadcasts an episode every day.

    In such a busy time for the economy and a not very busy one for business, getting news is important.

    Marketplace has a preset run-time. It lasts 25 minutes at least and 27 at most. Many of us skip episodes just because they are too long, well, at least I do.

    With this default runtime and episodes every day, it offers a must-listen podcast experience.

    The podcast does not offer marketing tips and strategies and the titles are not necessarily blog post kind, but it offers discussions on topics that most people don’t feel too comfortable talking about and does so in a critical manner.

    Let the truth be told!

    #5 Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

    Looking for marketing 101?

    This is the class.

    Well, it doesn’t start you off with “what is marketing?”, but Amy Porterfield offers you knowledge on how to generate more profits and to make sense of the online marketing space, implement the strategies that really get results and turn that hustle into a business that lasts.

    marketing podcasts online marketing made easy

    At least the podcast description says so.

    Joking aside, she really can.

    Why Listen?

    It is the #3 most listened to marketing podcasts on apple podcasts. Why not?

    Amy Porterfield has been offering tips, strategies, tactics, techniques, advice, and expert interviews since the first episode of Online Marketing Made Easy in 2013. And yes, it is easy.

    Listening to Amy is like listening to a YouTuber. She is quite descriptive and informative about her work and experiences. If you are used to the cozy feeling of watching a YouTuber, you may learn a thing or two from this podcast.

    With episodes 5 times a month and a runtime varying from 30 minutes to 1 and a half hours, Online Marketing Made Easy now has 308 episodes.

    A lot to listen to, but also a lot to choose from.

    #6 The Smart Passive Income Podcast

    The Smart Passive Income Podcast or SPI as the host Pat Flynn likes to call it is the podcast active since 2013 where Pat reveals the online business strategies that he started sharing with the world in 2008 in his blog with the same name. 

    marketing podcasts smart passive income

    As the title of the podcast hints, it is about gaining a passive income through online marketing. It has 417 episodes (excluding specials) as of today and a new episode comes out regularly, sometimes twice a day.

    Why Listen?

    Do you want to have a smart passive income?

    That’s why.

    Pat’s main marketing strategy revolves around a pain-free one, and he’s ready to teach you.

    It has been consistently ranked #1 business podcast. Better take a look.

    With guests every other episode, Pat makes sure the question ‘how’ is answered each time. Not only that but he also discusses all kinds of business questions, case studies included.

    If you still can’t find the answer to a question in +400 episodes of the Smart Passive Income Podcast, Pat has another podcast where he answers listener questions and makes coaching calls with entrepreneurs: AskPat 2.0.

    #7 Marketing School

    This podcast is 100% marketing.

    Hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu, Marketing School is offering you tips to take your business to the next level. Started in 2016, this podcast has 1340 episodes as of today, but don’t worry you’ll catch up.

    marketing school podcast

    Why Listen?

    Because the runtime of the episodes is around 5-10 minutes.

    No scary 1-hour podcast is needed for you to learn marketing. If you want to know the new trends, tips, dos, and don’ts of marketing and don’t have enough time, this podcast is just right for you.

    Business changes and evolves every day, being relevant and consistent is a requirement. Thankfully, there is a new episode of Marketing School coming out every day, and it keeps coming.

    All these reasons why are not enough? Marketing School is the #4 most listened marketing podcast on apple podcasts, and it is climbing to the top.

    #8 The Marketing Book Podcast

    The Marketing Book Podcast is a podcast series that focuses on interviewing business and marketing book authors.

    With episodes every week and approximately 1-hour runtime, the Marketing Book Podcast may be your inspiration to make it into the big marketers’ league.

    the marketing book podcast

    Why Listen?

    The Marketing Book Podcast is not necessarily a tips and tactics kind of podcast, what it does is not to put you right into action but to give you the inspiration to do so, and it might be even better than the former. 

    Because in the world of technology, everyone has the potential of getting informed of the same thing you do, so it’s better to keep it original and make sure you are inspired rather than being ordered what to do.

    The Marketing Book Podcast, as the name suggests, hosts book authors.

    We are talking about real experts here.

    They may not always be the best marketers, but being able to write books for the masses, they sure know a thing or two on marketing and how to put people in action.

    1 hour is such an optimal duration for an author interview. Admit it, it eventually gets boring listening to people talk about their work, thankfully, rather than advertising their books, these authors focus on the main issues of marketing in the framework of their books.

    I say take a look at it.

    9- B2B Weekly by Funky Marketing

    Every Wednesday, Marti Sanchez, the CEO of, and Nemanja Zivkovic from Funky Marketing host a live weekly Q&A where they talk all B2B things: sales, demand gen, social media, personal branding, etc...

    Then, these Zoom sessions are turned into podcast episodes you can find both on Youtube and Apple Podcasts.

    best marketing podcasts b2b weekly

    Why Listen?

    The focus of this podcast is solely on real examples and case studies from the B2B industry.

    Also, you can tune in every Wednesday to the Zoom session, as participants have a chance to turn on the camera, jump in the session live, ask questions, or share their perspective on the topic.

    If you're an executive, a marketer, or a salesperson, this podcast is a great chance to both learn about and participate in B2B marketing.

    10- State of Demand Gen

    State of Demand Gen is a great podcast that highlights innovative strategies, advice, and tangible tactics that work best in our day, from marketers that are actually neck-deep in the field.

    The content is produced from live sessions, interviews and chats with B2B tech industry experts.

    best marketing podcasts state of demand gen

    Why Listen?

    This is a great podcast for anyone in the B2B industry wanting to catch up with the latest trends.

    It has been going on for a live, and in each episode, a new topic is highlighted and discovered. You must definitely listen to State of Demand Gen as it provides a wide variety of topics in different styles including successful B2B names.

    BONUS: Traffic Secrets

    You might recall the name of this podcast from the book its named after.

    The newest arrival to the apple podcasts, Traffic Secrets is hosted by Russell Brunson, the author of the book with the same title and many other books on marketing.

    In the podcast, Russell discovers chapters of his book and makes sure to reveal every single secret through 20 minutes episodes.

    marketing podcasts traffic secrets

    Why Listen?

    There is a new episode every day, and the episodes are quite short. 20 minutes every day is a good deal for filling your websites and funnels with your dream customers.

    The idea is brilliant for people who don’t have time for reading books. Some of us prefer to listen to podcasts instead of reading the actual thing, and it’s no sin. 

    Maybe because it just hit the app on 16 March, but it is the top podcast in marketing as of today. Why not listen?


    I love discovering good podcasts.

    It is tough sometimes because you have to give it at least half an hour to make sure it is the content you are looking for. I hope you will give these podcasts the time to let them grow on you.

    You won’t regret it.

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