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User Onboarding – everything you need to know about it

What is User Onboarding?

User onboarding is the process that starts with a user’s first interaction with your business and it’s an ever-ongoing process that helps users find out how they can benefit from your product and make the most out of it.

Why is User Onboarding important?

User onboarding is your first chance to make a great impression, which can end up in higher retention, adoption, and satisfaction for your product.

What is User Onboarding Software?

A user onboarding software is a 3rd-party tool that you can use to create in-product experiences to onboard users to your platform or service. These tools are usually no-code, which means you don’t need extra help from developers to create interactive content in your product.

How do you measure the success of an onboarding?

One of the most efficient ways to measure the success of onboarding is to collect feedback from users. Apart from collecting feedback, there are some metrics and KPIs that you can track in order to understand whether you are successful with your onboarding or not.

What are the most common mistakes during the user onboarding process?

Thinking that user onboarding starts once users start using your product >>> NO! It starts with the first interaction of users with your business. Narrowing down user onboarding into a product tour >>> Product tours are crucial but user onboarding is much more than product tours. Making it hard for users to download and sign-up for your product >>> This will lose you many potential customers..

Why does a user onboarding fail?

There are various reasons that a user onboarding fails. You need to first understand that there is no size that fits all! You need to create personalized and well-targeted onboarding experiences to help users better relate to your product.

What is an effective user onboarding?

An effective onboarding is an ever-ongoing process that helps users find out how they can benefit from your product and make the most out of it.

Who is responsible for customer onboarding?

The responsibility of onboarding users is not only one team’s job. The marketing team, technical team, and customer support teams work together. Customer onboarding analysts also work with sales and account managers to resolve key problems.

What are the best user onboarding tools?

There are many user boarding tools. You can find our top picks here.

Why should you use User Onboarding Tools?

Your product is precious, and taking away the developer time to build elements for your user onboarding might harm your business more than you think; use onboarding tools to avoid starting from scratch.

What kind of tools can help improve my User Onboarding?

In-product user experience tools, related open source libraries, video marketing platforms, email marketing tools, user behaviour tools, user testing solutions, user feedback tools, livechat and knowledge center platforms are the main tool categories regarding user onboarding.

How can users improve onboarding?

The user alone won’t be willing to improve their onboarding process. It will be your job to make sure that the process is smooth enough for them to complete without friction. But don’t worry, it takes only 3-4 key things to turn any onboarding process into a butter-smooth one.

How do you design a better user onboarding experience?

1- You do research about the user persona of your and your competitor’s products. 2- You invest in UX, and you solely design for your target audience and not the whole market. 3- You never leave the customer alone in the product, you make sure that they have access to all help channels, and they enjoy using your product.

How long is the user onboarding process?

Although people don’t refrain from giving a specific time frame for the onboarding process, user onboarding experts suggest that it is an ever-ongoing process.

What is a user onboarding checklist?

A user onboarding checklist helps you organize steps through the onboarding process. It is crucial in helping users manage their time and steps through the journey.

Is Sign-up part of user onboarding?

Sing-up is definitely a part of onboarding. Matter of fact, onboarding begins even before sign-up. Helping users easily download your app is also a part of their onboarding.

What is the goal of user onboarding?

The goal of User Onboarding is to engage with the customers in the best way possible and make them adopt the product. To be able to do that, you have to keep them excited and informed from the start, till they reach the ‘’Aha!’’ Moment.

What is new user onboarding?

New User onboarding is the process of introducing your product to the new user, making sure they get the hang of your product and how it benefits them, and turn them into promoters by getting them to like the product.

What are user onboarding flows?

User onboarding flows are lines of actions that are designed during the onboarding design phase. These flows often have a starting point, touchpoints, and an end point.

How do I onboard new suppliers?

Onboarding suppliers is an intricate process that requires preparation beforehand, clear communication, and a fair load of research.

How long does it take to onboard a new supplier?

In general, the supplier onboarding process can take less than a day and up to several weeks.

How do you optimize user onboarding process?

Make the onboarding process goal-specific. Tear those goals down into steps, and collect feedback after each completed step. Let the customer see the outcomes by the time they reach the goal. This way, they will feel less exhausted and feel more accomplishment.

What is a good product walkthrough?

A good product walkthrough is one that answers all the questions for users before they can ever ask them to customer support. It is easy to see that bad user onboarding becomes a burden on customer support teams. A good solution is making sure to adopt app walkthroughs.

How do you create a product walkthrough?

When creating a walkthrough, the first question to ask is whether to go in-house or use a third-party tool. While in-house requires intense work from the developers, third-party tools are almost always no-code and most probably more affordable than coding in-house.

How do I create a walkthrough for a website?

Creating a walkthrough for a website is easier than ever thanks to no-code user onboarding tools like UserGuiding.

What is another word for a product walkthrough?

Although terms like product tour, or guided tour are often used interchangeably with the term walkthrough, a walkthrough is known for being more extensive while a tour’s main goal is to show you around.

How do I create an online user guide?

You can create an online user guide using no-code third-party tools or you can do it in-house. Of course, since most companies don’t have developers that can focus on anything other than their product, a third-party tool is the way to go.

What is an interactive walkthrough?

An interactive walkthrough or an interactive guide is an onboarding mechanism that focuses more on engaging the users than a traditional one. By actively including the users in the learning process, an interactive walkthrough/guide can achieve better and long-lasting user education.

What is onboarding in UX design?

Onboarding UX design is a way of utilizing UI and other elements of UX to match the users’ needs and expectations when onboarding.

How do you improve onboarding process in UX?

Improving onboarding UX depends on reducing the cognitive load of the flow, analyzing data, and testing the process regularly. But overall, the main focus should always be on understanding user needs.

Can I improve user onboarding without coding?

Thanks to no-code user onboarding tools like UserGuiding, yes, you can.

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