Ken Peterson – The Impacts of Employee Experience on Customer Success Teams

In this session, Ken Peterson – CX @ QuestionPRO – talked about why companies should consider employee experience as much as customer experience.

Who is Ken Peterson?

With over 2 decades of experience in Customer Experience research, Ken Peterson is a CX expert that focuses on providing companies with actionable insights through data.

After working as a COO and Managing Director at respectively at Ipsos and Nepa AB, he currently is the President of CX at QuestionPro, an online survey software. At QuestionPro, Ken and his team help businesses generate the insights they need to make better business decisions, fitting his own experience.

He actively shares helpful content for CX and customer success teams on his LinkedIn, so you might want to follow and connect with him.

Can Employee Experience Affect Customer Success?

Most would argue that the biggest reason businesses become successful is not their efficient processes or skilled employees, but the work environment and company culture each member of every team adopts to help the company move forward.

Especially for customer-facing teams whose primary task is to communicate well with customers, these variables become even more crucial.

If you agree with the saying “Happy Employees, Happy Customers”, you’re well aware of this concept. The happier a customer service employee, the better service and benefits they’ll provide to customers.

Listen to Ken as he explores this concept in-depth, with various insights any team can use to take a step forward as a company.

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