Chris Gale – Using Video Perks to Increase Engagement and Educate

In this session, Chris Gale – CEO of Vieworks – talked about:

Who is Chris Gale?

Chris Gale is a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in digital marketing and advertising technologies.

He has founded various companies that achieved success, including Odyssey, a mobile advertising platform with a portfolio of iconic companies, and Verasity, a video sharing platform powered by Blockchain.

He is also the Founder and CEO of Vieworks, a platform that helps businesses turn video content into a powerful tool for sales and marketing teams to attract, educate, and nurture users.

If you’re interested in tech startups especially in the blockchain era, you can follow and connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

How can videos help improve Customer Success processes?

Customer success, especially for SaaS companies that have high customer lifetime value, should be more than emails and other types of text communication.

Communicating through text is helpful when you need a direct answer, but it becomes ineffective and unengaging if you’re trying to actively communicate or build a meaningful relationship of trust with your customers.

Of course, since you might not be able to video conference each of your users to chat with them, you need another way to automate some sort of audio-visual communication with them.

And this is where videos come in:

What is Vieworks?

Vieworks allows you to seamlessly add videos to your customer’s lifecycle, whether it is directly in your product, in an email, on a chat messenger, or through a QR code.

You can integrate Vieworks with your existing tech stack to implement videos that provide additional benefits to your users. This allows you to replicate the effects of a one-on-one call in which you directly help solve their problem.

Especially for customer success teams that need to better engage and educate their users, Vieworks works as a great solution, which is what Chris talks about in his presentation.

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