E1 – Not another SaaS podcast!

Selman and Serhat introduce On Board, what the podcast is going to be about, and why you should care.

Key Points 🔑

➡ Our new podcast On Board will revolve around business growth through creating products and ideas people fall in love with.

➡ Instead of rediscovering basic concepts, we’ll try to look for the most novel and innovative strategies.

➡ The episodes will consist of stories of the significant names in product and growth space and their biggest wins/losses.

Here’s What Our Customers
Say About Us

UserGuiding is quickest and easiest solution to implement.
UserGuiding was the easiest to technically implement compared to other onboarding tools.
It took us literally 2 minutes to add new feature to our initial product tour as step.
Showing the benefits of the product listed out in the UserGuiding checklist was enough to do the trick.
Today, our product team has autonomy thanks to UserGuiding.

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