Resource Centers

All your resources gathered in your app

Use UserGuiding’s Resource Centers to provide users with all the necessary educational and engaging material, without leaving your app.

Your Knowledge Base
is One Search Away

UserGuiding’s Resource Centers allow you to connect your knowledge base and provide users with the ability to search all your support articles, in your software.

Access to Your
UserGuiding Content

With Resource Centers, your users will be able to access their interactive onboarding material and user guides anytime they need.

Here are 7 ways UserGuiding’s Resource Centers can help your product’s UX:

  1. Contain an interactive onboarding checklist
  2. Promote discount/upsell campaigns in your app
  3. Enable users to watch any video inside the resource center
  4. Showcase external web pages through the widget
  5. Keep users in the loop by providing the latest release notes
  6. Allow users to create support tickets when they need your help
  7. Enable your users to search and read any article from your knowledge center

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“With UserGuiding’s Resource Center feature, the process of getting help is pretty straightforward.

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Join 10,000+ teams creating better experiences

14-Day Free Trial, with an extra 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Resource Center?

A Resource Center is a UX widget that can be used inside your app, to display helpful content or allow users to search support articles with ease.

What knowledge base software is compatible with UserGuiding’s Resource Centers?

All knowledge base providers are supported for the Resource Centers, you only need to know its URL.

What else can I display in my Resource Center outside UserGuiding guides and my support articles?

You can use the Resource Center to display any type of content to your users; blog articles, YouTube videos, promotions, discounts, product updates, news…

Can I have different resource centers for different pages?

Yes, you can create multiple resource centers that have different content and is triggered based on different user segments and URLs.

Can I trigger the resource center from a link/button click?

Yes, you can add these UserGuiding JavaScript API commands to the element you want to trigger the Resource Center: userGuiding.launchResourceCenter(resourceCenterId) userGuiding.expandResourceCenter()