Segmentation Tool

A segmentation tool helps you group users and time actions so that you show the right thing, to the right user, at the right time. UserGuiding offers a segmentation tool to improve the effectiveness of your user onboarding guides by personalizing the user experience.

How can you use UserGuiding as a Segmentation tool?

UserGuiding offers a segmentation feature that you can use to personalize the experience of each and every one of your users. You can group different types of users according to their requirements and time all the events that are going to happen. This way, each user goes through a unique experience they need to get to their “Aha!” moments.

Grouping types of users with UserGuiding will make it easier for your customers to discover the features they can adopt. You can group your users according to their actions, referral URL, browser language, etc. This provides you with different groups of people that will engage with your products more when you provide them with specialized guides to different features they might be interested in or need.

Timing the events users encounter also will increase engagement and improve user experience. When you use UserGuiding to correctly time the events and guides your customers encounter, they will be likely to find what they need, when they need it. UserGuiding helps you time events according to the time from a certain point or according to the user’s progress.

Why should you have a Segmentation tool?

A segmentation tool allows you to personalize each user’s experience so every user goes through a unique journey. Unique experiences for customers are highly crucial because even though you might have a certain audience you design your products for, each user is extremely different from one another. Although their ultimate need is the solution you are offering with your product, they will have minor needs along the journey, and these needs will be different every time.

When you invest time, effort, and research into segmenting your users, you will be there when these needs occur. In some cases, you will be aware of their needs before they even think of it. You should use a segmentation tool if you are aware that some of the events you have created are not being completed or even viewed by a certain type of people. Creating personalized experiences with UserGuiding will increase engagement and activation.

Which companies trust UserGuiding as a Segmentation tool?

Our customers use the segmentation feature of UserGuiding to show different created guides to different users at different times. This way, they experience an improvement in the engagement and activation rates.

Foriba offers a wide variety of features for an even wider variety of people. After deeper research and feedback from our success team, Foriba built the user onboarding process with highly personalized content with UserGuiding’s segmentation feature. Unique experiences based on different user personas resulted in 50% higher completion rates.

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