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Flourish is the perfect product for managers.

It is a software that helps you build high-performing teams through the power of feedback.

With Flourish, you can easily gather feedback from your team regarding various subjects, not with a survey, not on an additional webpage, but right in the work environment: in Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Facebook Messenger.

Since Flourish is a product that promises to be simple, new and curious users need to understand the product before losing interest. That’s why they’ve been using UserGuiding to quickly onboard users, without any coding.

Listen to Mårten and John, as they talk about how UserGuiding is utilized for Flourish and the effects of no-code tools in the business.

An Onboarding has to be quick

As a business, you have a brief time to catch a user’s attention and even less time after that to tell them what you offer before you lose that attention.

Therefore, the part of their journey where you show them the value you offer, user onboarding must be as quick as possible.

As I’ve mentioned before, Flourish is a simple product that gets integrated into your already existing workplace easily.

So their customers want to learn the product right away and get it working. On a podcast with UserGuiding’s John Ozuysal, Mårten Andersson, the CEO and founder of Flourish said:

“The onboarding of our product must be really fluent and really easy to understand. They need to get going in 5 minutes, otherwise, they will quit.”

Creating an interactive onboarding process with different UX elements that connect to each other was on their mind, and they didn’t have any spare developer time to do it from scratch. Aware of the existence of user onboarding tools, they’ve started searching.

They’ve found UserGuiding

“We did our homework looking at different user onboarding software and comparing them. We are really happy working with UserGuiding.”

UserGuiding has helped Flourish speed up the onboarding process for good, quickly onboard users before they lose interest with interactive elements and right-to-the-point onboarding process.

No Coding, at all

Mårten, as the CEO of a recently established startup, was deeply involved with their customers and very aware of their onboarding problem. He came from a non-technical background, concerned with the traditional requirement of coding knowledge in creating UX elements, had doubts using 3rd-party tools.

As a product that has adopted the no-code approach in its core, UserGuiding helped Mårten himself integrate what they’ve created into their product.

“I didn’t have to have any coding knowledge to get things started. In the end, I was the one implementing UserGuiding into Flourish.”

With a solid product that didn’t need a developer to run, Flourish had plenty of time at their hands to try various iterations and get a better onboarding in place.

Here are some examples from Flourish’s quick onboarding:

  • Their welcome modal and initial product tour:
flourish product tour
  • Their onboarding checklist:
  • A feature tour directly triggered from the onboarding checklist:

Visible Growth with UserGuiding

UserGuiding enabled Flourish to quickly onboard their end-users to their platform, increasing conversion rates and retention.

“UserGuiding is helping us to get the onboarding in place and get our users to understand our product directly.”

UserGuiding is the perfect product for both technical people that want to save time and non-technical people trying to get things into their own hands while creating the best interactive onboarding processes possible.

With UserGuiding, you can create interactive product walkthroughs, onboarding checklists, hotspots, feature highlights, NPS surveys, and interactive help centers easily. Also, whenever there is a new feature or an update, you can change your onboarding elements with a few clicks.

Interesting, right?

You can improve user onboarding with UserGuiding as well.


  • Flourish needed a quick way to onboard users to their platform, since the integration of the product with the user’s stack was supposed to be fast.
  • They’ve decided that interactive and assisted guides in their platform were the fastest way to value for new users.
  • They’ve used UserGuiding’s self-serve product walkthroughs to quickly onboard users and help them as they achieve instant value.

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